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									Liabilities in Today’s Society
   You can be held responsble!
     Accidental injuries on your property
     Accidental damage to other’s property
     Accidental loss of life
   You can be sued for
     Things you do
     Things you don’t do
     Accidents that are not your fault

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Financial Effects of Being Sued
 You can loose everything, even if you’re
 You can be in debt for the rest of your life
 You can be forced into bankrupcy
 You can owe thousands in legal fees even if
  you win a suit against you

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You Can Be Held Liable If . . .
 Your dog bites and injures a neighbro
 Car slides off slippery road and injures a
 Postman falls on ice on your driveway
 Fellow board member accuses you of
 Many other things!

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What Is an Umbrella Liability
Insurance Policy?
   Covers you and your famly
   Covers accidental injury or death to another
   Covers damage to another person’s property
   Supplements primary protection on standard auto
    and homeowners insurance
   Gives extra layer of protection
   Provides liability coverage over and above other
    policy amounts
   Provides $1 milion or more in coverage
                           PLI, Inc.                   4
   Covers large negligence awards
What Does Personal Liability
Insurance Cover?
   Provides broad coverage
   Protects against, for example:
   Libel
   Slander
   False arrest
   Invasion of privacy
   Defamation of character
   Doesn’t apply in profesional situations
                          PLI, Inc.           5
How Can You Get Personal
Liability Insurance?
 PLI, Inc., is the largest and most respected
  carrier of umbrella libability insurance
 You can be covered starting today
 Inexpensive: $100 to $200 per year

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