Uploading Podcast on Google SitesDocuments by alihaider1023


									                       Uploading Podcast on Google Sites/Documents
Log into your Google account for which your site is located. Select More and then Sites from the top drop down
menu. Select your site.

Once in your site you will have the ability to edit your pages. On your main page, Google gives you the option
to add attachments. To add an attachment just select Browse under the attachment tab. (I have included the
attachments section to my site – has a few extra items that I added).

Once you select Browse, it will ask you to locate a file. Select your podcast and click Open.

The file will automatically load and be placed in your attachments. You can now download or open this file at
any point. Anyone linked to your site can now take that file off of your Google site. To download just click the
Download button at the end of each attachment.

You can place a Podcast on Google Documents for certain users to listen. Log into your Google account and
select Documents from the drop down More menu. Once you have entered your Google Documents you will
need to upload your podcast. Select Upload from the top left of the Documents main page.

Once you select Upload it will take you to the next site. To pick your file, click on Select files to upload. A
dialog will pop up asking you to locate your file.

                          This box will appear, select your podcast file and click Open.

You also have the ability to change what folder you would like to put your documents into in order to organize
your files. Just select Destination Folder and you can put your file into another folder that you have previously
Next you will click Start Upload and your file will be placed onto your Google Documents. Once it has finished
uploading, select Back to Google Docs.

Once back in Google Documents, you will have the ability to share your document with anyone you would like.
Gather any email addresses that have Google Accounts and add them. To do this, select your podcast by
checking the box to the left of the file. It should be the first file in your list.

Next, click on Share right above the file. In the drop down menu, select Sharing settings… and you will be
prompted to add fellow Google account members to the people that can view or edit your file.

From here you will add the email addresses of anyone you would like to share this file with. They can be chosen
to have the privilege of editing the file or just being able to view it. You can also send yourself notifications of
who has received your document or file. You can even include a message to all those you send it to.

Once you have added your contacts, click Share and you will successfully allow those people to view your
Podcast in Google Documents.


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