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unit plan imovie - authoring tools by niusheng11


									Unit Plan

First and Last Name                     Christopher Graber & Melissa Mcentee

School Name                             School ABC

School District                         Hudson

School City, State                      New Jersey

Classroom Information
Subject Area
Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology
Middle school / Social Studies
Unit Overview
Unit Title
Rights and Responsibilities: Past, Present, and Future
Unit Summary
Students will complete research on an aspect of history that illustrates a topic involving rights and
responsibilities, including historical events, issues and ideas, and the people involved. Students will
interview people who are/were associated to the issue of human rights. They will also study articles, books,
and other documents from the library and the Internet. The incorporation of iMovie will be used for the
culminating project. Students will use this authoring tool to create a historical documentary based on their
research. This project will enable students to explore human rights through a historical perspective and than
to present their findings in the form of a brief documentary. This format will encourage students to
investigate the current issues of human rights in this country and abroad.
Building the Foundation

Habits of Learning Taxonomy
Lesson Goals:
       Students learn about an aspect of history that illustrates rights and responsibilities.
       Students use technology to enrich the process.
       Students learn hot to effectively interview and than to incorporate that interview into a movie.
       Students present their documentary to their community.

Learning Objectives: Academic & Technical
    After completing this project, students will be able to:
           Share an aspect of rights & responsibilities in history and discuss how it affects the country and its inhabitants.
           Understand how it effectively research a topic.

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              Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will help them manage and utilize information.
              Express and reinforce the learning processes through technology.
              Use communication, research, and creative skills to produce a documentary.
              Understand and demonstrate effective documentary techniques.
              Arrange media to develop a persuasive presentation to advocate positive change.

     After completing this project, students will be able to:
              Use a word processing application to create a script and narration.
              Use a digital video camera to record images, interviews, and onscreen narration.
              Use the Internet to research a topic, locate information, and download images.
              Use a scanner to copy pictures.
              Use iPhoto to import, organize and edit photos.
              Use iMovie to record narration.
              Use iMovie to import video clips and edit and export a completed movie.
              Use iDVD / other authoring software to create a finished DVD for presentation.

              Essential Question
              How has the past shaped our future?


              Unit Questions

              Content Questions

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Student Assessment Plan
Assessment Summary
Assessment of students will be based on presentations, research and final result of iMovies. We have not had good
results by allowing peers to evaluate themselves or others, therefore evaluations will be made by adults only. We will
use rubrics throughout the project as well as checklists to ensure that students are completing projects in a timely
manner. The final product (iMovies) will be scored by all Middle School Technology and Social Studies teachers. At
the end of our unit we will dedicate class time for students to present their completed iMovie project. During this time,
teachers will assess what students have learned.
Assessment Timeline

       Before Project Work Begins                  While Students Work on Projects             After Project Work Ends

   Students plan their goals and                      Power Points – Using iMovie &         Rubrics
   objectives for the project, including:              sample activities
            How they will research their topic.                                             Teacher Checklist
            How they will find, prepare for,         Concept maps                          Teacher and Student
             and interview someone with               Research of human rights and the       Collaboration
             information regarding human               people who contributed.
             rights.                                                                         Quizzes/Final Test
            How they will develop their              Guest speakers
             interview techniques.                    Class trips to museums (pending
            How they will incorporate their
                                                       board approval)
             research into their documentary.
            How they will present their point        IMovie – completed documentary
             of view as well as presenting
             other points of view.
            How they will demonstrate their
             understanding of the topic.

   Students will also create their own rubric to
   assess their work on these goals and
   objectives. ( Teacher led)

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Unit Details

Approximate Time Needed
2 weeks, 50 minute sessions at least 3-4 times weekly
Prerequisite Skills
Researching Internet, keyboarding is helpful, use of PP and iMovie
Intro: Oral discussion, United Streaming: Diversity:   The World of Ethnic Man!

Activity 1: Discuss human rights issues that are reported in the news and use those as an introduction to the
exploration of the history of human rights and responsibilities.
Activity 2: Introduction: The idea of documentaries and documentary details.
           Teacher created rubric to assess outcomes
Activity 3: Discuss different kinds of interview questions and explore open-ended questioning
           Students must have examples
Activity 4: Demonstrate an interview within the classroom, without a camera.
             Teacher checklist (student receives one ahead of time for criteria of project)
Activity 5: View historical documentaries from PBS & Interview people involved/associated with human rights record
their historical happenings and create an iMovie
             Teacher created rubric
Final Assessment:
Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction
                  Accommodations are provided for most students with special needs, shortened
Resource Student:
                  assignments, extra time, peer mentors and oral tests given if needed “Every Child Learns”
English Language  ESL support provided, peer mentors, shortened assignments, extra time and oral testing
Gifted Student:          Webumentary: documentary embedded in student created web page.

Materials and Resources Required For Unit
Printed Materials:       books, Maps, Pictures, Magazine & Newspaper Articles
Supplies:                CD’s & DVD’s to burn iMovie’s on, student production binders
Technology –
                         Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, Computers (Mac), external microphone, Scanner
Technology -             Internet browser, iLife tools (iMovie, Itunes, iPhoto, iDVD) PowerPoint, Word processing
Software                 software.
Internet Resources:, Grolier-Online
Other Resources:

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