; September 2009 (PDF)
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September 2009 (PDF)


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									                      Riverside County
            Fourth District Youth Advisory Council
                       Coachella Valley
                   Thursday, September 3, 2009 5:30pm
                                 Meeting Agenda
                             Riverside County Fourth District Office
                               73-710 Fred Waring Dr, Suite 115
                                    Palm Desert, CA 92260

                                           TBA, Commissioner
                                          TBA, Co-Commissioner
                                             TBA, Secretary
                                           TBA, Parliamentarian
                                   TBA, Youth Summit Representative
 Jesse Wallis (11)          Desert Christian                 Dylan Walsh (12)              Palo Verde
 Briana Jakell (12)         La Quinta                        Monica Bullock (12)           Palo Verde
 Brandy Lucrecio (12)       La Quinta                        Jacob Shoemate (12)           Palo Verde
 Brittany Boiko (12)        La Quinta                        Adam Kehl (12)                Palo Verde
 Jonny Bernstein (12)       La Quinta                        Marysol Perez-Peralta (12)    Palo Verde
 Brittny Eisenman (12)      La Quinta                        Laura Hurst (11)              Palo Verde
 Cassy Santamaria (12)      La Quinta                        Yesenia Keller (11)           Palo Verde
 Jenan Shukry (12)          La Quinta                        Allen Black (12)              Palo Verde
 Sierra Fasano (12)         La Quinta                        Steven Ruvalcaba (12)         Palo Verde
 Cody Long (12)             La Quinta                        Elizabeth Korner (11)         Palo Verde
 Alyssa Granados (12)       La Quinta                        Elise Bishoff (11)            Palo Verde
 Raine Armstrong (12)      Palm Desert                       Kaelin Sprawls (11)           Palo Verde
 Zach Rubin (12)           Palm Desert                       Brittney Navarro (12)        Palo Verde
 Jacob Rubin (10)          Palm Desert                       Ryan Resendez (11)           Palo Verde
 Jonny Rohrbaugh (12)      Palm Desert                       Mathew Ramos (11)            Palo Verde
 Ross Shore (12)            Palm Desert
 Amelia Sullivan (10)       Palm Desert
 Sarah Azody (11)           Palm Desert
 Denise Barradas (11)      Xavier Prep
 Bridgette Barradas (10)   Xavier Prep
 Frankie Alvarez (11)      Xavier Prep
 Kylie Daniels (10)        Xavier Prep

1.0     Call to Order

2.0     Pledge of Allegiance

3.0     Welcome Remarks from Fourth District Staff

4.0      Roll Call

5.0      2009-20010 Officer Elections

6.0     Council Business
        6.1       Individual School Updates                                  Report

        6.2       YAC Policies                                                    Update

        6.3       2009- 2010 YAC Goals                                            Action

                VISIT OUR WEBSITE: http://www.rivco4.org/web/yac/
       6.4        PSA Topics                                             Action

       6.5        Jr. Fair Board                                         Action

       6.6        September Service Project                              Action

       6.7        October Service Project                                Action

       6.8        Upcoming Blythe Service Projects                       Update

7.0    Commission Business
       7.1 Commission Meeting                                            Update

                 The Youth Commission training will be held on Tuesday, September 15 at 5pm
                  in Riverside. Mandatory attendance for Commissioner and Co-Commissioner.
                 The first Youth Commission Meeting for this term will be held on Thursday,
                  September 24 at 5:30pm at the County Administrative Center in Riverside. All
                  YAC members are invited to attend these meetings, if you would like to attend
                  please contact Noel.

8.0    Intern Update, Noel Loughrin

       9.1 Public Comments (3Min)
       9.2 Council Comments

10.0   Items for the Next Agenda

11.0   Next Meeting Date

12.0   Adjournment

                 VISIT OUR WEBSITE: http://www.rivco4.org/web/yac/

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