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For a cleaning contractor to complete their cleaning tasks and to complete them to a high standard, the best cleaning equipment must be used. Pressure washers are stealing the spotlight now more than ever, and an increasing number of cleaning contractors are turning to them to make short work of their otherwise difficult cleaning jobs. However, there are many options to choose from and choosing the right pressure washing equipment is essential to the success of a cleaning business.

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									Pressure Washers For Cleaning Contractors

Due to the rising demands on people’s domestic lives, it is becoming more common
for homeowners to hire third-party cleaning contractors to help keep their carpets
and homes clean. For prospective or established cleaning contractors wishing to
start or upgrade their cleaning arsenal, there are multiple types of pressure washers
to choose from; hot water and cold water machines, electric models, mobile units as
well as diesel and petrol powered pressure washers.

First of all, what type of business are you? Do you specialise in a niche area, such as
graffiti removal or concrete cleaning or do you intend to be a general purpose
operation, willing to clean homes, commercial environments and all of the above?
Deciding what type of cleaning you will be carrying out will help to determine what
type of pressure washer will be suitable for your cleaning needs. Below are just a
few things one needs to consider before selecting a pressure washer:

      While there is a long running debate as to whether hot water units are
       superior to cold water units, for a professional cleaning company, there is no
       argument. Buy hot water. If you were a professional company cleaning
       dishes, you wouldn’t use cold water would you? And the basic rule applies to
       cleaning contractors. Hot water pressure washers are more versatile, clean
       more efficiently and are quicker than cold water machines.

      Perhaps one of the main mistakes companies can make is under sizing their
       equipment. In this scenario, more is better. For commercial applications, the
       unit must consist of a powerful engine. Smaller engines will not be able to
       withstand daily prolonged use. And while businesses are often intimidated by
       the higher costs of these more powerful machines, remember that this
       purchase is an investment. Pressure washers with larger and more powerful
       engines are specifically designed to withstand continual and regular use.

      Cleaning contractors will also need to decide whether or not to use electric
       units or fuel-powered models. Electric pressure washers are considerably
       lighter than petrol and diesel units, but there portability is somewhat limited
       to the length of their extension cords. Fuel-powered machines, on the other
       hand, can be used in the most inaccessible locations but, due to their fuel
       tanks, can be quite heavy.

      Cleaning contractors will also need to consider how much noise they wish to
       generate completing a job. If the answer is “none at all”, then a fuel-powered
       pressure washing machine would not be suitable. Electric versions emit
       almost no noise, which makes them perfect for cleaning jobs that require a
       low decibel range.
If you’re a cleaning contractor looking to invest in a quality pressure washer, then
cheaper machines are invariably not the most suitable for commercial applications.
Moreover, businesses are recommended to purchase their pressure washing
machines from established cleaning equipment outlets. Not only will businesses
profit from professional advice but the majority of machines sold at most home
improvements warehouses are not designed for commercial work. Furthermore,
make sure that any pressure washing equipment comes with a warranty. This will
guarantee that the costs of any future repairs are covered.

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