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									                                                                                Cohen/Miller 2008
                                  Creating a Simple Podcast
                                    BHS November 2008

Directions for Students:

1. Research your topic, collect your images, put them in IPhoto, and write your script

   A. Make a folder on the desktop. You should save all your images for your podcast in this
      folder. Name this folder with your last name and project title.

   B. Go to Safari or Firefox,

   C. Go to Google images, find an image, drag or Save it to your project folder on your desk

             Note 1 : Be sure the images from Google are large, at least 500X 500 or else the
              image will be blurry, pixilated.

             Note 2: You need a place to note the source of the picture, so open a word
              document and copy that info for each picture and save that file to be used as a
              bibliography. It helps if you label your pictures as you put them in your folder and
              use that label on your list of sources.

   D. Once you have your all your images in your project folder drag the folder to the iPhoto
      icon on your dock. The images will be loaded into iPhoto as an “event” that will take the
      same name as the folder you created. (very easy!)

   E. Write your script that you will read to go along with the photos you have selected. You are
      now ready to create your Podcast.

2. Record your script in GarageBand and sync it up with your images.

   A. Go to GarageBand, choose Create New Podcast Episode and name your project

   B. Select a voice track, record the words from your script

   C. (In garage band, click on two separate sound pieces with shift. Then go to edit and select
      “join” and they will merge)

   D. If the the Media Browser is not showing to the right of your screen…Click on the Media
      browser icon (small blue icon in lower right). Click on the photos option at the top of the
      browser (if needed) to see all your image in Iphoto, including the event you just created .
      Find the event for your project.

                                                                                Cohen/Miller 2008
   E. Drag your images to the Podcast track in the order that will go with your script. Once in
      the track you will need to drag the edge of the photo to adjust the time it stays on the
      screen…so it is in sync with your script.

   F. To preview your Podcast as your are making it, click on View/Hide track Info Icon (the
      blue “I” next to the Media browser icon). When you click the play button your images will
      appear as you listen to your recording. You can then make adjustments to sync up your
      images with your script.

   G. As you work on your Podcast save it to your folder on the desktop.

4. When you are all done….Export your Podcast for viewing by others

   A. Go to “Share” menu, (you will save your podcast at this point, and name it.) Choose
      “Export Podcast to disk” and choose to put it on your desktop**.

   B. Exit GarageBand

         (NOTE: When you saved the project in Garageband you can come back and work on
          it. Once you “Share it”, the shared version becomes like a PDF file that you cannot edit.
          So, think of it this way: a saved Garageband file is like a word document, shared
          podcast file, in either itunes or Quicktime, is like a PDF file.)

   C. To view your Podcast as others will see it….Go to your desktop hold down control (CTRL)
      key and click on the Podcast file and choose “Open with” a menu will pop up to the right
      and you will select “Quick Time Player”

   D. The Podcast will open. If the window is small, drag the lower right corner to make it

   ***Alternate method to make sure Podcast can be used with an iPod:
            o Go to Share Menu
            o Choose Send Podcast to iTunes
            o Type in the name of the iTunes Playlist where you want to store your Podcast.
            o The Podcast will export to ITunes and be stored in the Playlist you specified.
            o You can Drag a copy of this Podcast to the desktop or to a flash drive.

                                                                                  Cohen/Miller 2008
For Teachers:
   1. Make a folder for student podcasts on your desktop
   2. Go to each student computer, insert flash drive, students should name/identify their
      project. (Last name and project name)
   3. Drag each project to the flash drive folder for the project
   4. Put flash drive in your computer, drag the project folder onto your desktop
   5. Open iTunes, drag the project folder from desktop to a blank portion in the lower part of
      the right panel. (below Playlists…you might have to create a blank space by minimizing
      the Playlist list….click on the triangle to “shrink” the list)
   6. Your folder becomes its own Playlist with the same name as your folder.
   7. Click on the first podcast and it will play through all of them.
   8. To expand the picture of the podcast in itunes, click on the picture it as it is in the lower
      left corner of the screen, and click on the lower right corner of the screen to enlarge it.

Some other things…
If the images are not displaying correctly in your Podcast, use the “Artwork Editor” in
Garageband to make correction, e.g. if the top part of the image is cut off etc.
           Click on the Track Editor icon (pair of blue) scissors icon to the left next to the
             record button.
           Double Click on the image you want to edit
           The Art work editor appears
           You can drag the image to display what part of the image you want to appear in the
           You can also drag to zoom in and out on the image.
           When you have what you want click “Set”.

To make a Title Slide from Keynote:
      Open Keynote
      Choose a Slide template
      Type your title – add a picture if you want
      Click on the “Document Inspector” (blue I icon) to right on the menu.
      Adjust the size of the title slide to a custom 600 X 600
      Create more slides if you need them
      Choose View and Light Table (like Slide Sorter in PowerPoint)
      Adjust your screens so you can see both the Keynote Ligth Table screen and your
         GarageBand project. Drag the title slide directly from Keynote to your Podcast.

      If you create multiple slide in a Keynote presentation you can also send them to IPhoto
      and access the slides from there.
       Choose File …Send to….Iphoto. You will give it an event name
       Your slide(s) will be added as an image(s) in an event in Iphoto.
       You can now drag your Slide into GarageBand like any other image.

                                                                                         Cohen/Miller 2008

Putting Images in order before working Garageband:
    If you want to put your images in the order that you want them in your Podcast before
      writing your script…just choose Edit and Select All and then File ..New Album from
      Selection. Give the album a name. Then open the album from the left panel and you can
      rearrange the order of your pictures.


Several comments:

Section 1
If they use Safari they can send the images directly to iPhoto. Make sure the image is as large as possible
and then control click or right click on the image. Actually if they control click on the image and first copy
the image address, then control click again and select Add Image to iPhoto Library they can add the image
and the bibliography information in one step. Once the image is in iPhoto, then they open the information
window in iPhoto (letter i in the lower left corner) and with the image selected paste the URL in the
comments section.

In iPhoto, each images comes in as one event. All the images can be dragged and dropped onto the first
image and they will all be merged. With this process there is no need to create a folder or drag the folder
into iPhoto.

Images on the web need to be at least 300 X 300, no need to be 500.

The rest looks good, just needs to be spell checked.

Have a great holiday everyone, see you next week!



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