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					    Crazy Twitter Viral Cash – CPA Munky

                     Crazy Twitter Viral Cash – CPA Munky

Hello and thanks for purchasing my WSO. I am sorry if I took long to release
this WSO but many of my previous customers had asked for something very
simple, 100% online and can get paid directly into PayPal. Thus, I have been
out testing various methods and have found this one to work the best.

I have tried to make this report as simple as I could but if you need any help,
you can contact me on skype: cpa_munky

Here is the mysterious bonus:

Enough of the talking, lets get straight into it so sit back and relax! 


CPA Munky (Hamzah Kalyal)
                     Crazy Twitter Viral Cash – CPA Munky

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you will know
that Twitter is one of the highest ranking websites on the internet, with huge
amounts of traffic reaching millions of people every day.

With Alexa rankings like these the opportunities to jump on board and make
money can’t be missed.

One of the problems with a site like twitter is the fact that it has now become
extremely hard to market to people in the traditional way, let alone be able to
actually sell anything to them. When all we hear is build relationships and the
money will come, all this takes time. What if you don’t want to build
relationships? Well here is the good news – you don’t have to anymore.

Twitter has become a popular platform for advertisers, so for marketer’s this is
a golden opportunity without having to tweet CPA offers or affiliate links in the
usual way. There are now many companies which have big brands in the
market place who are prepared to pay you to tweet about their products and

Before you can start making big money with this there are several things you
need to work on and have in place, once these are done it becomes a crazy
Twitter viral cash machine!

The number ONE thing that is critical to your success is FOLLOWERS!

You have to show you have authority and influence within the Twitter
platform. To show you have this you are going to need a big following. When
                     Crazy Twitter Viral Cash – CPA Munky

you can clearly prove to these big companies with hard facts and statistics that
they will be getting value for money when they pay for your services, you are
well on your way to a crazy twitter viral cash pay day.

So how do we get followers? There are many ways (Paid methods are
recommended), but let’s take a look at a FREE method first, which is very easy
to do.

Free Method of building Followers

This is the number one website for adding followers on Twitter.
                      Crazy Twitter Viral Cash – CPA Munky

It is really straight forward to open a free account on twiends, once you have
completed the registration and signed into Twiends you can then start
following people on twitter and in exchange you will get seeds, which you can
then spend on getting followers to your own account. Now after a few days,
what you will want to do is un follow the people you have followed to get
seeds because if you have less people you have followed and more people
following you, your twitter account is worth a lot more and you will get more
per tweet. This can also be outsourced on fiverr:

It does not take long to build up a big list of followers using this method.

Paid Methods for Building Followers
A much quicker and better way to build up followers is a paid method –
although this will only cost a small amount of money it is still a paid method,
but well worth the initial investment. It is now very easy to do this for those of
you who don’t want to do all the work yourself. is a great place to find people who are willing to build a big
following on Twitter for you for $5. Let’s take a look through some of the
examples here:
                      Crazy Twitter Viral Cash – CPA Munky

As you can see it doesn’t take long to build a big following, if you take a look
around fiverr and take the time to purchase gigs that from sellers who have
                     Crazy Twitter Viral Cash – CPA Munky

good feedback from other customers you will soon have a following of 5,000

Now another easy and quick way to get a following is once again go to and we are going to search for something a little different this
time, we will be looking for gigs like the example below:

These gigs are selling twiends accounts with 1000’s of seeds already loaded in
them for just $5, if you go ahead and purchase some of these you will have a
following of 5,000 in no time.

Once you have at least one Twitter account with a following of 5,000 it is time
to make your move and earn some money with it.

Step # 1
You need to head over to a site called
                      Crazy Twitter Viral Cash – CPA Munky

It is simple to sign up with your PayPal address and your Twitter account.

Once you are on the site all you have to do is fill out the sign up form. There is
one thing that you must do when filling out the sign up form, ensure that you
list US as your location, see example below. This is very important if you want
large numbers of advertisers contacting you.
                      Crazy Twitter Viral Cash – CPA Munky

It really is that easy. You now have to wait for advertisers to call you, with the
amount of followers you have advertisers will see that you have influence on
Twitter and start contacting you.

The formulation for payment per tweet is worked out by Twtmob using their
own metrics. One of the factors in this calculation is determined by the
number of re-tweets the original tweet has. If your tweet gets lots of re-tweets
then that means lots more exposure for the advertiser making it more valuable
to you in working out the payment due to you.

Step # 2
                    Crazy Twitter Viral Cash – CPA Munky

There are many ways to get re-tweets here are two of them:

The next is
                    Crazy Twitter Viral Cash – CPA Munky

Of course there are people who are also willing to do the same on here a couple of examples:

Getting re-tweets is very easy and does not cost too much money. When you
have got your first paid advertiser it would be best to buy a package of re-
tweets this way Twtmob can see that your tweets do actually get re-tweets,
and this will increase the price of your next paid tweet.
                      Crazy Twitter Viral Cash – CPA Munky

When you have Twitter accounts with huge followings of 10,000 or more, it is
possible to achieve from $5 -$10 for a single tweet lasting for up to 7 days.

Now you do the math if you have several Twitter accounts with the same
number of followers earning up to $50 a day is realistic.

We are now going to be looking at another site

This site is one of the largest online for re-tweets.

It is easy and quick to register with sponsored tweets, just log in with your
twitter account details.

One more example:
                      Crazy Twitter Viral Cash – CPA Munky

It really is that easy to make a nice income stream from Twitter, now of course
the amount of money you actually make will depend upon two things, the
number of followers you have and the amount of times your tweet gets re-

So that’s it guys! I’ve tried to get into as much detail as possible but if you are
stuck or need any help, feel free to contact me:
Email –
Skype – cpa_munky

CPA Munky

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