ThriftyGuru_Free_Budget_Spreadsheet by niusheng11


									      Monthly            $       Necessities (envelopes)             $     Upcoming expenses             $       Desires            $

Rent/Mortgage       0        Food                               0        Health Insurance            0       New couch          0
 nd                 0        Gas                                0        Life Insurance              0       New TV             0
2 mortgage
Electric            0        Car                                0        Trip to Disney              0       It's fun to dream!
TV                  0        Gifts                              0        These stand as a reminder
Phone               0        Fun                                0        of upcoming expenses
Water               0        Clothes                            0
Gas                 0        House                              0
Add more here                Dr, health, chiro, meds, etc...    0
if you need to
if you need to                                            Total: 0
if you need to
if you need to

auto debit:
                                                                                                             Be sure to include every little expense you have
netflix             0        <--these are for items that
hulu                0        come out of your account automatically
Car insurance       0        each month.

              Total: 0       <--This number represents
                             your total household bills

Saving Needs                 ←<--these stand as a reminder
Save Health         0        of where you should put your
Save Emergency      0        extra money.

Job 1               0        <--use these fields to enter
Job 2               0        the outstanding monies that
Internet            0        you will bring in this month.
                             Not money you have already been
Currently in acct   0   <--enter the amount currently in your bank account.
     Total income: 0    <--this is how much you have to work with this month.
      Total outlay: 0   <--this is the grand total of your bills.
         Left over: 0   <--this is how much extra you have to apply to debt, savings, wants and needs.
                        If it's negative you have overspent.
                        Debt                   $        Savings              $              Notes

            Mortgage                       0       emergency            0        DON'T SPEND THIS!
            Car 1                          0       Lili gift            0        <--pay to CHASE CARD
            Owe Dad                        0       Disney Trip          0        DON'T SPEND THIS!
            Own John                       0
            these stand as a reminder
            of where you should put your
            extra money

                                                                  Total: 0

ude every little expense you have each month!

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