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					The Interactive
Howard Gunther

           aces Technology Solutions
Where Are We
 Explosion of Information
 Students Can Easily Access Primary Source
 Educators More Comfortable With the Internet
 Educators Now Using Internet in Innovative
 Enhance Your Curriculum and Bring
  Excitement to Your Teaching Through an
  Interactive Classroom
Primary Objectives
 To integrate technology
 appropriately to support effective
 instructional practices across the
 To provide the opportunity for
 students to develop skills which are
 essential to compete in tomorrow’s
 lifelong learning practices.
Identify Technology Use in Classroom

 Collecting, Organizing, Comparing
 and Analyzing
 Numerical Data: Spreadsheet
 Mapping, Drawing, Charting
 Searching for Information: Internet
 Creating a Report: Word Processing
Identify Technology Use in Classroom

 Organizing Information: Concept Map
 Presenting Knowledge : Slides, Web
 Based, Digital Posters with Sound,
 iMovie Documentary
 Creating Digital Stories
 Teaching Writing Skills, Problem
 Solving, and Critical Thinking
Core Set of Tools
 Identify Integrated Package
   Microsoft Office
   Apple Works
 Presentation Software
   PowerPoint, Macromedia Fireworks, KidPix
 Organizational Software
   Kidspiration, Inspiration
 Internet Access
   FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Outlook
Core Set of Tools
 Internet Production
   Dreamweaver, GoLive
   Gif Converter, Gif Builder
 Multimedia Production
   Sound Studio, iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD,
    Macromedia Fireworks, PhotoShop
    Elements, and Adobe ImageReady
   Hardware: Digital Video Camera,
    Scanners, and Digital Still Camera
The Interactive Classroom

 Access Class Schedule and Assignments

 Collaborate Through Threaded

 Participate in On- Line Peer Editing

 Require On-Line Document Submission
The Interactive Classroom

 Use Electronic Mail
 Use Real Time Chat for Collaboration with
 Re-enforce Learning Through Interactive
 Share Knowledge With Peers and Acquire
  Information From Experts Through
The Interactive Classroom
Use to upload, and
 keep, your bookmarks on the web. You can
 access them at any time, from any
 computer... anywhere
On- Line Publishing
  Make a Curriculum Connection
  Evaluate Site:
    Is It Moderated?
     What is the Caliber of Student
     Is There a Timeline?
     What is the Criteria for Contributing?
  Organization is the Key to Success
 Publishing Resources On the Internet
Book Adventure
FREE reading motivation program for children
   grades K-8.
   create their own book lists
   take multiple choice quizzes on the books
     read offline,
   earn points and prizes for their literary
   Create your own classroom
   Monitor what students read
   Monitor which quizzes student take
 Use with Distance Education and Collaborative
  Academic Projects
 Free Site used by K-12 Educators
 Post Class Schedules, Class Assignments and
  Resource Links
 Facilitates Document Submission, Peer Editing,
  Threaded Discussion and Private Email

 Free Service to Find Key Pals Around the
 Furnishes Collaboration Tools and
  Project Ideas
 Furnishes Safe Email Address
 Facilitates Private and Public Real Time
Track Star
 On-line Interface
 Quick Resource for Integrated Lessons
 Allows Educators to Organize/Annotate
  Sites into Lessons
Quiz Star
Quiz Star - a web-based
   Create a custom quiz
   Multiple choice, true/false,
   Taken online
   Password protect access
Note Star
 Online utility to assist project based
 Teachers Can:
    Create and Assign Projects
    Track progress completing a task
    Easily manage projects for multiple classes
 Students can:
    Create topics and subtopics
   Take notes
   Easily track information

   Across the State or Around the World
   Increases Student Motivation and Learning
   Ideal for Virtual Fieldtrips
   Ideal for Classroom Collaborations
   Tools of the Trade
   Videoconferencing Adventures
   ACES Videoconferencing
Interactive Activities K -12

 Exploring ways to use the interactive and media
  rich capabilities of the web.
 Use this site to access interactive activities by
  grade level
 Use this site to access interactive activities by
Interactive Learning Activities

Exploring ways to use the interactive and
  media rich capabilities of the web.
 Guide to Grammar and Writing Interactive Quizzes
 The Museum of Modern Art
 Make Your Own Art
 Art Safari
 Conversations with Contemporary Artist
 Peter Halley’s Exploding Cell
Interactive Learning Activities
The National Gallery of Art
  On Line Tours
  NGA Kids Adventures with Art
The Kennedy Center Arts Edge
Getty’s Art Education Web Site
  Devices of Wonder
The Cool Math Site - Contains both an
  elementary and secondary section featuring games
  and engaging activities that help develop a greater
  understanding of sophisticated concepts.
Interactive Learning Activities

 Virtual Math Manipulatives
   Multiplication Table Applet
        Interactive multiplication grid, displays
          the correct answer.
   Virtual Fractions
        Award winning site that has static images
         and representations using lines and
         circular representations of fractions.
Interactive Learning Activities
Cynthia Lanius – No Matter What
 Shape Your Fractions Are In
   Lessons and activities for teaching and
    learning fractions using pattern blocks.
Interactive Learning Activities

 NCTM Electronic Examples of Virtual Manipulative Pre-K -12
   Examples of the uses of technology in the
     teaching of math. Includes virtual manipulative,
     simulations and static manipulative. Offers
     sample tasks and activities.
 Arcytech
   Click into the available tools -Integer Bars, Base 10
     Blocks, Fraction Bars… and link to a description
     of the tool, instructions on how to use it and a
     list of prepared
Interactive Activities
 Telescopes in Education - This site brings
 the opportunity to use a remotely
 controlled telescope in a real-time, hands-
 on, interactive environment.
 Earth and Moon Viewer - View and interact
 with the images of the earth and moon in
 NASA Earth Observatory - Access to data
 and images
 Visible Earth Data Base
Interactive Activities
Terra Server
Calculators On-Line - Find a calculator for
 every conceivable purpose.
 Field Museum - On Line Activities
   Underground Adventure
Interactive Learning Activities

 Web Elements: Scholar Edition

 Visual Elements Periodic Table

 David Whizzy’s Animated Table

 Modeling the Periodic Table
The Global Classroom
Share Favorite Activity with Global Colleagues
 Give Student Work a Global Audience
 What You Need:
   Web Server Space for Your Site
   A WYSIWYG Web Page Editor
   Access to Browser Based Web Editors
       eBoard.Com
       eBoard Demonstration Site
       MySchoolOnLine
    Knowledge of Web Site Construction
Interactive Learning Activities
KidsCom Play games, seek adventure,
 write stories, write music, make
 friends, chat, etc
 Kid’s Domain
 AgameAday
 Zeeks for Hundreds of Fun Games
 Educational Games from Teacher Net
Interactive Learning Activities

  Read Write Think
  Great Adventures for Students
  American Memory Library of Congress
  Math Online
  CMT On-Line

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