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            Title                             Content                                              CP 58 Ref   CP 58 page
Proposed templates (Red =
new templates compared to CP
58)                                                                 Use also on a group basis ?
Index                          Index sheet
BS-C1                          Balance sheet                                   Yes                C1              15
BS-C1B                         Off-balance sheet items                         Yes
BS-C1C                         Intra-group transactions                        No
BS-C1D                         Assets and liabilities by currency              No


              Balance sheet                                                                                                FREQUENCY :
                                                                                  Solvency II   Statutory                  Subject to supervisors decision regarding
                                                                                    value       accounts                   proportionality :
              Assets                                                                         valuation basis               - “bigger” firms would report quarterly a full
              Goodwill                                                                             AS1                     Balance Sheet and
              Other intangible assets                                                 A2           AS2                     - “smaller” firms would report quarterly a simplified
                                                                                                                           Balance Sheet; this simplified BS would include
              Property, plant & equipement held for own use                           A3           AS3
                                                                                                                           investments data with same granularity as full BS
                                                                                             AS4=AS5+AS6+                  (i.e. at least cells A3 to A14 + A27 + A27A) in order
                                                                                 A4=A5+A6+A6 AS6AS+AS7+AS                  to have some information by investment category
                                                                                 A+A7+A7A+A7 7AS+AS7B+AS8                  for those firms that do not report D1 quarterly;
                                                                                 B+A8+A9+A9A +AS9+AS9AS+A                  other items of the simplified quarterly BS yet to be
              Investments (other than assets held for unit-linked funds)           +A10+A11     S10+AS11                   determined
               Property (other than own use)                                          A5           AS5
                                                                                                                           GROUP (CONSOLIDATED) BALANCE SHEET
               Participations - listed                                                A6           AS6                     This balance sheet does not take into account, at
               Participations - unlisted                                             A6A          AS6A                     group level, "non-insurance" sectoral issues that
               Equities/other shares (other than participations) - listed             A7           AS7                     should be dealt with in the group specific templates.
               Equities/other shares (other than participations) - unlisted          A7A          AS7A
               Bonds - Government                                                     A8           AS8
               Bonds - Corporate (asset backed securities)                           A8A          AS8A
               Bonds - Corporate (other)                                             A8B          AS8B
               Structured notes                                                      A8C          AS8C
               Investment funds                                                       A9           AS9
               Derivatives                                                           A10A        AS10A
               Long term bank deposits                                               A10B        AS10B
               Other investments                                                      A11         AS11
              Assets held for unit-linked funds                                       A12         AS12
              Cash deposits to cedants                                                A13         AS13
              Mortgages and loans made                                                A14         AS14
               Uncollateralized loans made                                           A15A        AS15A
               Collateralized loans made (other than loans on policies)              A15B        AS15B
               Loans on policies                                                     A15C        AS15C
                                                                                 A16=A17+A18+ AS16=AS17+AS
                                                                                 A18A+A19+A19 18+AS18A+AS19
              Reinsurance recoverables                                               A+A20     +AS19A+AS20
               Reinsurance share of TP - non-life excluding health                    A17          AS17
               Reinsurance share of TP - health similar to non-life                   A18          AS18
               Reinsurance share of TP - health similar to life                       A18A        AS18A
               Reinsurance share of TP - life excluding health and unit-linked        A19          AS19
               Reinsurance share of TP - life unit-linked                             A19A        AS19A
               Other reinsurance recoverables                                         A20          AS20
              SPV recoverables                                                        A21          AS21
              Intermediaries recoverables                                             A22          AS22
              Insurance recoverables (excl. Intermediaries)                           A23          AS23
              Deferred acquisition costs                                                           AS24
              Receivables (trade, not insurance)                                      A25          AS25
              Pension benefit surplus                                                 A25B        AS25B
              Deferred tax assets                                                     A26          AS26
              Cash and cash equivalents                                               A27          AS27
              Short term bank deposits                                                A27A        AS27A
              Called but unpaid capital                                               A28          AS28
              Any other assets, not elsewhere shown                                   A29          AS29
              Total assets                                                       sum          sum

              Liabilities and own funds                                                A               B
                                                                                  Solvency II      Statutory
                                                                                  value (total     accounts
                                                                                 balance sheet) valuation basis
              Gross technical provisions – non-life (excluding health)             L1=L1A+L2+L3        LS1
              TP calculated as a whole                                                  L1A
              Best Estimate                                                              L2
              Risk margin                                                                L3
              Gross technical provisions - health (similar to non-life)            L4=L4A+L5+L6        LS4
              TP calculated as a whole                                                  L4A
              Best Estimate                                                              L5
              Risk margin                                                                L6
              Gross technical provisions - health (similar to life)                     L6E           LS6B
               TP calculated as a whole                                                 L6C
               Best Estimate                                                            L6D
               Risk margin                                                              L6E
              Gross technical provisions – life (excl health and unit-linked)      L7=L7A+L8+L9        LS7
               TP calculated as a whole                                                 L7A
               Best Estimate                                                             L8
               Risk margin                                                               L9
              Gross technical provisions –unit-linked funds                            +L12           LS10
               TP calculated as a whole                                                L10A
               Best Estimate                                                            L11
               Risk margin                                                              L12
              Cash deposits from reinsurers                                             L13            LS13
              (Re)insurance accounts payable                                            L15            LS15
              Derivatives                                                               L16            LS16
              Deferred tax liabilities                                                  L17            LS17
              Provisions other than technical provisions                                L18            LS18
              Amounts owed to credit institutions                                       L19            LS19
              Financial liabilities other than amounts owed to credit institutions      L20            LS20
              Payables (trade, not insurance)                                           L21            LS21
              Pension benefit obligations                                               L22            LS22
              Uncalled investments                                                     L22B           LS22B
              Contingent liabilities                                                    L23
              Any other liabilities, not elsewhere shown                                L25           LS25
              Total liabilites                                                     sum          sum

              Basic own funds
              Subordinated liabilities/capital                                          L26            LS26
              Excess of assets over liabilities                                         L27            LS27
              Less : Own shares held by the (re)insurance undertaking                  L27A           LS27A
              Minority interests (only for group consolidated balance sheet)           L28            LS28
              Total basic own funds                                              sum            sum
               Eligible basic own funds                                                L29
               Not eligible basic own funds                                            L30

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f7dcd0f9-4113-49d1-b9db-b57a19c7a6d6.xls   Page 5   4/9/2012
                                             FREQUENCY : providing this template quarterly
Off-balance sheet items                      could be considered (with possibility of simplified
                                             format for "smaller" firms)

Financial guarantees
                                                                                                                            Value of
                                                                                                   Maximum value of
      Irrevocable financial guarantees received                                                              A1                 B1
      Revocable financial guarantees received                                                                A2                 B2
      Total financial guarantees received                                                          sum                  sum                 SII value
       Of which, ancillary own funds                                                                        A3                  B3              C3
       Of which, financial guarantees received from other entities of the same group                        A3A                B3A

                                                                                                   Maximum value of          Value of
                                                                                                      guarantee         guaranteed assets
      Financial guarantees received for assets                                                          A3B                   B3B

                                                                                                    Maximum value of Expected value of
                                                                                                       guarantee         guarantee
      Irrevocable financial guarantees provided                                                           A4                B4
      Revocable financial guarantees provided                                                             A5                B5
      Total financial guarantees provided                                                          sum               sum
       Capital commitments                                                                                A6                B6
       Loans or bonds commitments                                                                         A7                B7
       Operating lease commitments                                                                        A8                B8
       Other financial guarantees provided                                                                A9                B9
      Financial guarantees provided to other entities of the same group                                  A9A               B9A

                                                                                                         SII value of        Value of
                                                                                                          collateral    guaranteed assets
      Collateral held for loans made or bonds purchased                                                      A10               B10
      Securities held as collateral for loans made or bonds purchased                                        A11               B11
      Assets other than securities held as collateral for loans made or bonds purchased                      A12               B12
      Assets pledged by reinsurers for ceded technical provisions                                            A13               B13
      Total collateral held                                                                        sum                  sum

                                                                                                                            Value of
                                                                                                         SII value of
      Collateral pledged for loans received or bonds issued                                                  A14               B14
      Securities pledged as collateral for loans received or bonds issued                                    A15               B15
      Assets other than securities pledged as collateral for loans received or bonds issued                  A16               B16
      Assets pledged to cedants for technical provisions (reinsurance accepted)                              A17               B17
      Total collateral pledged                                                                     sum                  sum

Contingent liabilities
                                                                                                   Maximum possible
      Contingent liabilities not in SII BS                                                               A18

                                                                                                   Maximum possible Expected value (SII
                                                                                                        value             value)
      Contingent liabilities in SII BS                                                                   A19               B19

                                                                                                   Maximum possible
Undrawn committed borrowing facilities provided to the undertaking                                       A20
Intra-group transactions
Purpose : if solo template, identify the part of intra-
group elements in balance sheet items (participations,
loans, reinsurance, etc.); enables to identify to what
extent the undertaking is related to other entities of the
Assets and liabilities by currency

                                                                          Euro      Reporting currency                Foreign currencies (other than Euro)
                                                                                    (if other than Euro)
Currency code                                                                 A1             B1                  C1         D1          E1          F1             etc.
Currency rate                                                                 A2                                 C2         D2          E2          F2             etc.

Investments (other than assets held for unit-linked funds)                    A3
Other assets within scope of Assets-D1 (other than unit-linked funds)         A4
Assets held for unit-linked funds                                             A5
Reinsurance and insurance recoverables                                        A6
Any other assets                                                              A7
Total assets                                                            sum         sum                    sum        sum         sum         sum            sum

Gross technical provisions (excl unit-linked funds)                           A8
Gross technical provisions - unit-linked funds                                A9
Cash deposits from reinsurers and (re)insurance accounts payable              A10
Derivatives                                                                   A11
Financial liabilities                                                         A12
Contingent liabilities                                                        A13
Any other liabilities                                                         A14
Total liabilites                                                        sum         sum                    sum        sum         sum         sum            sum
Basic own funds
Total basic own funds                                                         A15

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