outlines by huanghengdong


									                          Canadian Studies Native Studies 30
                                 Mr. R. Desjarlais
                                   February 2008

Unit 1 Aboriginal and Treaty Rights

A. Aboriginal Beliefs and World Views.
B. Treaty Rights and Aboriginal Rights.

Unit 2 Governance

A. Political Structures of Aboriginal Governments.
B. Aboriginal Self Government.

Unit 3 Land Claims and Entitlements

A. Land Claims Processes and Cases.

Unit 4 Economic Development

A. Development of Natural Resources.
B. Economic Diversification.

Unit 5 Social Development

A. Issues Relating to Justice, Education, Culture and Recreation.
B. Child Welfare and Health.

1. Exams and Quizzes                        30%

2. Essays                                   15%

3. Activities                               35%

4. Homewk./ Class Participation              5%

5. Final Assessment                         15%

Late assignments will be deducted marks from their due date without prior arrangements.

Parents/guardians must contact the teacher or school if you will miss an exam/quiz and a
makeup date will be set.

Have a great semester!

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