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					Top 10 Largest Telecom Operators in World
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This is a list of the largest telecom companies (operators) in world.

Largest Telecom Operators in World

   1. AT&T - the former SBC merged with AT&T creating the new AT&T (USA)
   2. China Mobile - formerly China state-owned, now still state-controlled, one of two mobile phone
      monopolies in the entire China.
   3. Vodafone - Britain's largest telecom operator.
   4. Verizon Communications - US-based telecom company formed after a series of mergers.
   5. Telefonica - Multinational company with stakes in Dpain, Latin America and Europe. Owns the O2
   6. Deutsche Telekom - German telecom company, also owns t-mobile.
   7. America Movil - Mexican operator controlled by the world's richest man - Carlos Slim.
   8. NTT DoCoMo - One of Japan's telecom operators.
   9. France Telecom - One of France's telecom companies.
   10. Nippon Telegraph & Telephone - Japan's second largest telecom operator.

World's Largest Telecom Companies

We have revised the above list and came up with another list of 15 top telecom companies in world according
to the number of subscribers as of February, 2010.

Rank                            Company Name                                 Subscribers
1                               China Mobile                                 522 Million
2                               Vodafone Group                               333 Million
3                               Telefonica                                   202 Million
4                               AmericaMovil                                 201 Million
5                               Telenor Group                                172 Million
6                               Deutsche Telecom                             151 Million
7                               China Unicom                                 148 Million
8                               TeliaSonera                                  148 Million
9                               France Telecom                               133 Million
10                              Bharti Airtel                                125 Million
11                              MTN Group                                    116 Million
12                              Mobile Telesystems                           102 Million
13                              Reliance Communications                      100 Million
14                              Orascom Telecom                              93 Million
15                              AT&T                                         85 Million

Update: The 10.3 billion dollar deal between Bharti Airtel (the largest telecom service provider in India) &

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Zain makes it to the top 5 in the world. Before this deal, Bharti was at 10th place amongst the top telecom
companies (operators) in the world.

If you feel that there is a correction required in this list of largest telecom companies (operators) then you are
most welcome to share your thoughts in the form of comments below.

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