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									                                  Net Lawman Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial Agreement: An intelligent approach towards martial life

The event of a failure in marriage exposes the couple to a lot of unforeseen liabilities with money
and family being on top. At the end of the day, you might find yourself standing at a crossroads
with a broken heart and an empty pocket. Now, this was never your idea in the first place, but
you could not have anticipated this beforehand either. Times like these call for measures that
should have been taken well before saying, 'I Do'. If you're on verge of saying these words and
making a vow then a Pre-nuptial Agreement (or a pre-marital agreement) is probably the best
idea to consider before entering into wedlock. Just like any other partnership document, a post-
marital agreement is also signed to secure individual and joint assets.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A Prenuptial Agreement is a legal contract that is signed between couple before their marriage.
This type of pact is signed to protect individual and joint assets of a couple in case of divorce,
separation or death. It is carried out with complete mutual consent of both the parties. A
prenuptial contract helps both settle all financial aspects in relation to their family, property,
marital home, children, expenses etc. It also sets an understanding that both should not hold any
claims against each other in the future. This contract promises a fair monetary distribution
between the two parties.

In India, prenuptial agreements are not regulated under Indian marriage laws (unlike marriage
and relationship agreements), they are pursued under the Indian Contract Act. Although not very
widely regarded, the acceptance of prenuptial agreements is increasing given the possible risks
and after effects both parties face later. It is but a simpler way of financial conflict resolution on
practical terms. Per section-10 of the Indian Contract Act, prenuptial contracts have the same
importance as that of any written contract, partnership document or any other agreement.

Some good reasons to sign the agreement

Marriage and relationship agreements surely require a lot of investment from both ends. With
prenuptial pacts, you should honestly consider your future plans very rationally. While we agree
that money is not everything, we also cannot under estimate the depth to which it is involved in
sorting out some very crucial aspects of life. So, it is always a good decision to prevent any room
for mess. Here are some scenarios in which opting for a prenuptial agreement can be the right

      If both partners own a joint property (home, estate etc) or a joint business, this agreement
       can provide a fair division of assets
      If the couple has children, their due rights can be comfortably catered by this agreement
       to protect their future                
                                  Net Lawman Prenuptial Agreement

      In case one of the persons remarries, this agreement ensures that all related family
       members are not deprived of their due share in case of demise or divorce
      If you are uncomfortable with the idea of being in debt on behalf of your partner, this
       agreement can help you secure your position in advance
      If you are much wealthier than your partner, this agreement can help your partner in
       providing monetary support
      In the case of single parenting, the financial backing provided by this agreement can save
       a lot of stress

For those who might confuse a prenuptial contract as an opposition to emotional understandings,
well these agreements are never intended to question qualitative factors like loyalty and trust.
Rather, a perceptual agreement is only a proof of financial protection. It should include all
required details like assets owned by each partner and their legal duties. This agreement can be
customized to the needs and demands of each partner and both should pursued it on a mutual
basis without any pressure.

If you need an assurance of a secure 'Happily Ever After', then this document is for you!

The Pre-nuptial agreement documented by Net Lawman furnishes all financial provisions and
includes references to accounts, houses, other property, furniture, children, mortgages, utility
bills etc. It states that all property owned by each party (prior to the pact) shall remain the
property of that party in the event of separation. It also lists arrangements to settle joint property
matters. Subjects such as children rights, matrimonial home and prevention of future claims is
also fully covered in this document.

Application and features of this document

      Saves legal overheads such as solicitor's fees
      Suitable for any couple that is about to get married
      Includes detailed notes for accurate interpretation and guidance
      Contains no legal jargon (written in simple English for easy interpretation )
      Back up support and advice available

Contents of this document

This Net Lawman document contains details related to the following main aspects:

      Assurance of property possession (to remain unchanged) as held by each party before
      Inclusion of the parties’ personal details
      Settlement of joint property (as purchased post marriage)
      Fulfillment of children rights, maintenance and living rights
      Capital calculations and marital home
      Terms of negotiations so to prevent either party from making future claims on each other                
                                Net Lawman Prenuptial Agreement

      Provisions for additional expenses and costs

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