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									Roll the Dice with the Junior Holsteins on December 28 th-29th

December 28th: Registration from 9:30-10:15~Quiz Bowl Exam@10:30~Lunch@12:00~Junior Annual Meeting@1:30 PM

      Fun Rounds of Quiz Bowl                                    Showtime Dance
      Guest Speakers                                             Pool Time
      Learn about the National Convention                        Meet New People!
      Movie Night                                                Learn New Things!
        Who: Any Junior member or Enthusiast between the ages of 8 and 21 years old

       Location: Comfort Inn and Suites 527 16th Avenue Southeast Dyersville, IA 52040

        Cost: $25 per attendee (covers room, food, and favors (Due with Registration))
                          Contacts: Matt Henkes (563. 880.8614)
           Kristy Demmer (563.451.5375)                                 Jake Mills (563.920.7636)
         Jessie Hammerand (563.580.9723)                              Trent Henkes (563.880.1014)

**************************Cut and Submit Bottom form to Register. *****************************

  Attendee Name: __________________________________ Date of Birth: ___________________________

             Address: ______________________________________________________________________

            Phone Number: _____________________Parent’s Email Address: ________________________

            Parent’s Signature: _______________________________________________________________

              Please send Registration forms and fee ($25.00) to Matt Henkes by December 21, 2011.
                        Make Checks Payable to: Iowa Junior Holstein Association
                                          Send To: Matt Henkes
                                                18467 165th Street
                                                  Luana, IA 52156

            Looking Forward to Seeing YOU at the 3rd Annual Iowa Junior Holstein Convention!!

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