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                      tober 2005

YOUR HOME LOAN CENTER                                                                                Holiday
Home Mortgages – Time Is Running Out                                                                     Loan
                                                                                                                                The holiday
                                                                                                                                season is just
                           Get A MCFCU Mortgage & Receive $300 Cash!                                                            around the
                                                                                                                               corner, and back
                                                                                                                             by popular demand
                                                                                                                          is our low-rate Holiday
Mortgage rates are still at all-time lows. This may be your last chance to obtain these low rates!
                                                                                                                      Loan. You can get a jump
Whether you’re planning to purchase a new home or condo, or if you’re beginning construction
                                                                                                     on your holiday shopping or use the Holiday
on a new home, we have a mortgage program that’s right for you. Even if you’d like to refinance
                                                                                                     Loan for many other reasons such as:
a higher-rate mortgage at another financial institution, or if it’s time to refinance your current
mortgage to get money out…it’s not too late.                                                         • If you took advantage of a deferred
                                                                                                       payment program for furniture or
Call Clay Burke, our mortgage representative at Member Mortgage Services, at 800-945-4506
                                                                                                       appliances, pay it off with a Holiday
and he’ll help tailor a mortgage program to meet your needs.
                                                                                                       Loan. If you’re late in paying that amount
When you close your mortgage, we’ll give you $300 cash. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for         off, you could end up paying up to
choosing MCFCU.                                                                                        22% interest from the time you made
                                                                                                       your purchase.

Home Equity Loans – Making Dreams Come True                                                          • Pay off high-rate credit cards and loans
                                                                                                       at other financial institutions…especially
                                                                                                       department store credit cards that may
More and more members are coming                                                                       charge 21%-24% interest.
to realize that the home equity loan
program at MCFCU can help make
                                                        Prime LESS 1/4% – 6.50% APR*                 • Pay for college or wedding expenses.
                                                                                                     • Plan that perfect tropical vacation or
dreams come true. Perhaps you’d like to renovate your kitchen or bathroom,                             western ski trip.
build a deck, or purchase new furniture or appliances. Maybe you’re planning                         • Use it for family expenses such as medical
a wonderful tropical vacation or college expenses are just around the corner.                          costs, braces, travel team costs, etc.
Many members are paying off higher-rate loans and credit cards at other financial institutions       • And much more.
and reducing their monthly payments by having one lower payment at the credit union.                 Apply Today!
No matter what your reasons are for needing extra cash, get the money you need with a MCFCU          Apply for your Holiday Loan today by
home equity loan. Check out these benefits, and make MCFCU your choice for financing.                completing the “very short” application on
• Prime less 1/4%                                                                                    page three of this newsletter. Mail or drop
• No fees                                                                                            it off at the credit union office or fax it to
• Limits up to 80% of the appraised value of                                                         734-425-1181. We’ll process your request
  your home (less mortgage and liens)                                                                right away.
• Credit limits from $5,000 to $100,000
                                                                                                             *APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Loan cannot
• Interest may be tax deductible (consult your tax advisor)                                                  be used to pay on existing loans at MCFCU.
To apply for your home equity loan, stop by the credit
union office and we’ll be happy to assist you.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate, subject to change.
    International Credit Union Day
    Join millions of credit union members worldwide in celebrating
    International Credit Union Day on Thursday, October 20th.
    Credit Unions have kept their purpose constant for more
    than 150 years. The focus of the credit union industry
    is on service to members. Members make success
    happen by participating in credit union savings
    programs, choosing their credit union to meet
    their financing needs, and by enjoying the
    wide range of convenient services available.
    Continue to make it happen at Michigan
    Columbus Federal Credit Union on International
    Credit Union Day, Thursday, October 20th.
    Make us your choice for financial services!

                                                                                Year-End Deals - New Models - Used Vehicles

                                                                               Get Your Financing
                                                                               At MCFCU!
                                                                               If you have your eye on a great deal for a year-end model, or if
                                                                               you’ve been planning to purchase a 2006 vehicle, get your loan
2                                                                              at MCFCU. If you’re looking for a used vehicle, we have low-
                                                                               rate loans to put you in the driver’s seat faster and for less.

      C o nve n i e n t S e r v i c e s                                              New Vehicles                     Used Vehicles
      Giving You The Gift Of                                  Time                    2004-2006                        2002-2003
                                                                                       As Low As                         As Low As
      We all need more time, and that’s exactly what the convenient services
      available at MCFCU give you. Conduct your financial business with
      your credit union when and where you want to:
                                                                                      Fixed APR*
                                                                                                                        Fixed APR*
      •   FREE Home Banking                                                           36 Months                         36 Months
      •   FREE E-Statements
      •   FREE Online Bill Payment
                                                                                    Visit our web site at for additional
      •   Debit MasterCard
                                                                                             rates and terms up to 72 months.
      •   ATM Service
      •   Friendly Teller (Telephone Transactions)
      •   Web Site Access                                                              *APR = Annual Percentage
      •   24/7 Mortgage Online at                                        Rate, subject to change.

      Give yourself more time to spend with family and friends. If you
      are not using these convenient services, ask for them today!

                         Happy Holidays
                         All of us at Michigan Columbus Federal
                         Credit Union wish you and your family
                               a very happy holiday season.
MCFCU Holiday
Loan Application                                         A

To apply, complete sections 1 and 2 and return this
application to your credit union office. We’ll process
your request right away. Apply soon because this
                                                                                            MCFCU Account #__________________________________________
offer ends February 28, 2006.

       TRUTH-IN-LENDING DISCLOSURE                                                Spouse’s Name

                            $1,000.00                                             Address

 (The cost of your credit as a yearly rate.)
                                                                6.99%             City
                                                                                  (           )                                      (

 Amount Financed:                                               $ 1,000.00        Home Phone #                                       Work Phone #
 (Amount borrowed)                                                                $                                           $                     $
 TOTAL FINANCE CHARGE:*                                         $    38.33        Mortgage/Rent Monthly Payment               Checking Balance      Savings Balance
 (The dollar amount the credit will cost you.)
 Total of Payments:*                                            $ 1,038.33        Social Security Number                                          Date of Birth
 (The amount you will have paid after you
 have made all payments as scheduled.)
 12 Monthly Payments:*                                          $    86.53
                                                                                  Position                                Monthly Salary (Gross)         Years There

                             $1,500.00                                            Previous Employer                                                      Years There

 (The cost of your credit as a yearly rate.)
                                                                6.99%             Amount you wish to borrow:
                                                                                          $1,000.00           $1,500.00            $2,500.00
 Amount Financed:                                               $ 1,500.00
 (Amount borrowed)
 TOTAL FINANCE CHARGE:*                                         $   111.75        Purpose of the loan: ___________________________________
 (The dollar amount the credit will cost you.)
 Total of Payments:*                                            $ 1,611.75
 (The amount you will have paid after you                                         Deposit the funds into my:

 have made all payments as scheduled.)
                                                                                          Checking            Savings             Mail a check                               3
 24 Monthly Payments:*                                          $    67.16

                                                                                  How do you wish to repay your loan?
                                                                                          Transfer from checking              Transfer from savings
                             $2,500.00                                                    By mail or in person
 (The cost of your credit as a yearly rate.)
 Amount Financed:                                               $ 2,500.00               By signing below, I (we) apply to Michigan Columbus Federal
 (Amount borrowed)                                                                         Credit Union for a Holiday Loan and agree to be bound by
 TOTAL FINANCE CHARGE:*                                         $   278.74                 the terms outlined under Note on the reverse side. I (We)
 (The dollar amount the credit will cost you.)                                          authorize MCFCU to request and obtain all credit and
 Total of Payments:*                                            $ 2,778.75            employment information necessary to process this application.
 (The amount you will have paid after you
 have made all payments as scheduled.)
 36 Monthly Payments:*                                          $    77.19
 If your payment is 10 days or more late, you may be charged 20% of the                   Applicant’s Signature                                         Date
 interest due. You are giving a security interest in your credit union accounts
 in accordance with the “Pledge of Savings” on the reverse side. For
 additional information, refer to the Note. Asterisk (*) means estimate.              X
                                                                                          Spouse’s Signature (if applicable)                            Date
 Finance charge may vary with loan date, and your last payment may be less than
 previous payments. Approval is subject to our normal credit standards and            The Credit Union reserves the right to request additional information, if necessary.
 criteria, and you must apply by February 28, 2006 to qualify for the MCFCU           First-time borrowers are required to complete additional applications. Call the
 Holiday Loan.                                                                        Loan Department for details. This loan cannot be used to pay on existing loans
                                                                                      at MCFCU.

verification for all loans.

Credit Union Use Only                 Loan Approved         Loan Denied
                                                                                  A                     Apply Today!
Loan Officer__________________________ Date________

D/I Ratio:___________ Note Mailed________ by_____
                                                                                                                                                                  NOTE   È
                                                       MCFCU HOLIDAY LOAN NOTE
    You promise to pay the Credit Union the principal amount plus interest on the unpaid      granted by the “Pledge of Savings” in paragraph G, by any security agreement
    balance according to the payment schedule and rate listed on the reverse side.            or real estate mortgage securing this loan and security provided by statute.
    The rest of the terms and conditions of this Note are listed herein. You also
    pledge your account in the Credit Union in accordance with the “Pledge of Savings.”    F. Completing Note: You authorize the Credit Union to complete this Note in
    However, if payments on this loan are up-to-date, Borrower(s) can withdraw                any necessary respect if it is executed while incomplete.
    shares and/or deposits in excess of the outstanding amount.                            G. Pledge of Savings: As security for all amounts owing under this Note and
    A. Prepayment: You can repay all or any part of this loan at any time without             under any security agreement and/or real estate mortgage securing this
        penalty.                                                                              loan, you pledge all shares and/or deposits (including earnings and
    B. If a payment is 10 days or more late, you may be charged 20% of the                    additions) you now or in the future have in this Credit Union, but only up
        interest due.                                                                         to the total of such amounts unpaid from time to time. If you default, you
                                                                                              authorize the Credit Union to apply such shares and/or deposits to payment
    C. Default: You are in default if you fail to make a payment on this loan on time.        of these amounts. This pledge does not apply to shares and/or deposits in
       You are also in default under this Note if you are in default under the                an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Keogh Plan. Regardless of this
       “Security Agreement” (if applicable) or under any security agreement or real           pledge, if payments on this loan are up-to-date, Borrower(s) can withdraw
       estate mortgage securing this loan.                                                    shares and/or deposits to the extent indicated on this form.
    D. Acceleration: If you are in default, any part of this loan then unpaid and any
                                                                                           H. Insurance Eligibility: A Debtor or Co-Debtor is eligible for insurance hereunder
       other amounts you owe under the “Security Agreement” if applicable or
                                                                                              provided he or she is not over the Maximum Age specified in the Schedule
       under any other security agreement or real estate mortgage securing this
                                                                                              for the coverage applied for on each Loan Date. In addition, for disability
       loan are due and payable in full without notice to you (unless such a
                                                                                              insurance, the Debtor must be actively and physically present at work in an
       mortgage provides otherwise), at the Credit Union’s option.
                                                                                              occupation or employment for wages or profit on a full-time basis for at least
    E. Waiver of Security: The Credit Union waives any security for this loan or for any      30 hours per week for a period of not less than fourteen days immediately
       refinancing of all or part of this loan or for any sum owing under any security        prior to the Effective Date of this certificate. The Co-Debtor is not eligible for
       agreement or real estate mortgage securing this loan, other than the security          disability insurance.

Business Loans
Helping Members’ Businesses Succeed
If you have an established business, and you’re looking to develop a relationship with a financial
institution to meet your short-term or long-term borrowing needs, look no further than
Michigan Columbus Federal Credit Union. A lending relationship with a financial institution is
a very personal issue…and MCFCU is an expert in providing personalized service to members.                                30419 W. Six Mile Road
Whether you need a source of lending for cash flow, or you’re planning to grow your business,                             Livonia, MI 48152
we have a program that’s right for you.
• Business Lines-of-Credit                                                                                                Fax: 734-425-1181
• Equipment Financing                                                                                                     800-452-5094
• Vehicle Loans
• Commercial Real Estate
  - Rental Properties          - Office/Warehouse Properties                                                              Web Site:
  - Office Buildings           - Restaurants
  - Retail Properties          - Industrial Properties                                                                    OFFICE HOURS
  - Apartment Houses           - Mixed Use Properties
                                                                                                                          Monday: 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
    Our team of business lending professionals is available to meet                                                       Tuesday, Wednesday &
 with you to discuss your specific needs. Call 734-425-5080 today!                                                          Thursday: 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                          Friday: 9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                          Closed Saturday & Sunday
              T                                                                                                           MANAGEMENT
Coinstar Is Here…And It’s FREE                                                                                            David Busdeker, President
Gone are the days that you have to count coin and                                                                         Barb Bennett, Vice President
roll it in order to deposit it at the credit union. In
fact, you don’t even have to separate it anymore!                            Holiday Closings                             BOARD OF DIRECTORS
That’s because we have installed a coin counting                              Columbus Day
Coinstar machine in the credit union lobby.                               Monday, October 10, 2005                        Jim Molloy, Chairman
Most financial institutions or department stores                                 Veterans’ Day                            Pat Kinney, Vice Chairman
charge up to 8% of your coin as fee to process it.                        Friday, November 11, 2005                       Patrick Casey, Treasurer
Our Coinstar’s self-serve kiosk is FREE and easy                             Thanksgiving Day                             John P. O’Brien, Secretary
to use. Just pour in your mixed coins and watch                         Thursday, November 24, 2005                       Frank Sheridan, Director
them add up. You will receive a receipt showing
                                                                           Day After Thanksgiving                         Frank Urban, Director
the total amount of coins received. Just present the
                                                                          Friday, November 25, 2005                       Larry Vendal, Director
receipt at the teller window for cash or deposit.
                                                                           Day After Christmas
Bring in those jars and piggy banks and                                  Monday, December 26, 2005
turn all of that coin into deposits today!

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