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									What Everybody Ought to Know About Health Benefit Cards

Health benefits cards, which will refer to as HBCs from now on, can provide health care for the
46 million Americans who don’t have health insurance. Although most provide different
services, it all boils down to an alternative way to receive health care from a real doctor. HBCs
currently have a bad reputation because of lawsuits where companies misled clients into
believing they were purchasing health insurance. The Insurance Commissioner of the State of
Delaware published a guideline listing how to determine if an HBC is a scam.

While it is true some companies have defrauded the public, other companies are trying to supply
legitimate health care when traditional methods are being spread too thin and people are going
without care. It’s time someone stepped up and set the record straight!

For the purposes of this post we will talk about our service because it’s the one we know best.

      Why would I need a HBC?

Anyone can benefit from an HBC but you need to know how to use it. Most HBCs provide
savings on the following areas:

- Prescription drugs

-Eye exams and glasses

-Dental care

-Essential diabetic supplies

      What makes Dial Doctors different than other HBCs?

We have included as many services as possible to guarantee a comprehensive health care system
available to you. Unlike other HBCs, Dial Doctors satisfies every health care need your family
may have like hearing, vitamins, skin care and cosmetics. A single card can also be used by the
whole family which significantly lowers costs, especially in large homes.

      Can a HBC replace my health insurance? Is a HBC a form of health insurance?

Both questions are answered in a single word: No. HBCs can complement the services that
health insurance provides. For example, most doctors will not take a patient’s call out of business
hours unless it’s an emergency and some may even charge for calls or emails. It’s also very
common for nurses or physician assistants to take the call. Dial Doctors provides Consult A
Doctor™ which allows you to call or email a doctor whenever you want and as many times as
you want.

      Is there any guarantee that I can save on my treatment?
There is no guarantee but we have included two plans to help you save money while getting the
medication you need. The two types of prescription drugs are short-term prescription drugs, like
an antibiotic, and long-term prescription drugs, like blood pressure medication. Using the card
correctly will lead to bigger savings.

-      For short-term prescription drugs: Find a pharmacy near you by calling Member Services,
present your membership card along with your prescriptions. You will receive an instant
discount. No need to complete additional paperwork or processes.

-       For long-term prescription drugs: Through mail order prescriptions you can receive your
medication at home. Payment can be arranged according to your liking. I prefer having my
physician fax my prescription so it will be automatically filled and charged to my credit card on
file. You may choose an option that suits you.

      Are savings clearly listed?

Yes. When you visit a participating pharmacy, the pharmacy computer system will compare our
discounted price with the pharmacy’s retail price once the prescription is processed. On the other
hand, you are provided with price quotes while using our mail order prescriptions which allow
you to compare how much you will save.

      Can I get a discount in a listed pharmacy through the phone?

No. You must go to the pharmacy in person and present your membership card in order to
receive savings through our program. If you are disabled, unable to move or too sick to get out of
bed, a family member or friend can pick up your medication as long as they have your
prescription and membership card.

      Are there any administrative fees not disclosed in your website or advertising?

Dial Doctors costs only $29.95 and there are no extra fees or charges associated with our
product. You may be eligible for an annual plan which is $269.55. Annual plans are only
available when you sign up with an agent. You can call (800)457-9311 and request it.

      If I get a call from your company, will the person be clear or evasive?

Agents on the phone are trained to be clear during every call. They are penalized when the terms
of the service are left unclear or if a client’s question goes unanswered. If you choose not to sign
up for the service, agents are instructed to provide you with the free prescription card which
helps you save money on short-term prescription drugs.

      If I provide my credit card number, will I be at risk of being charged despite changing my
If you change your mind during the sign up call, you will not be charged for shipping and
handling. If you decide you don’t love the service during your 30-day free trial, you will not be
charged for the monthly fee.

      Is my membership refundable?

Our service has a 30-day cancellation period which begins 48 business hours after you sign up
either online or through an agent. Once your account is activated, you will be charged a non-
refundable fee of $5.95 for shipping and handling. If you cancel within the first 30 days, then
your account will not be charged for the monthly service of $29.95. If you choose the annual
plan, you are agreeing to be charged $269.55 during the sign up call therefore if you cancel
within the first 30 days; you will be refunded $263.40.

Additional questions:

      Are there any restrictions?

Our doctors can only prescribe uncontrolled substances over the phone in compliance with the
Controlled Substances Act which requires physicians to examine the patient when prescribing a
controlled substance for the first time. If you have a prescription from a physician who has
examined you, then you may use our mail order pharmacy to receive discounts.

      Is there a situation where your service is not the recommended course of action?

Yes, life threatening conditions must be assessed immediately by a health emergency team. For
example, a patient that presents with heart attack symptoms must be immediately admitted to the
closest emergency room. We have included a list of conditions that warrant a health emergency
team. For any of these conditions dial 911 immediately.

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