Samsung Galaxy S3 to Upgrade the Galaxy S2

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					Samsung Galaxy S3 to Upgrade the Galaxy S2

By Susan Hargreaves

Much of the talk recently from the Korean manufacturer Samsung has been about the release of
their latest Android operating software called Ice Cream Sandwich, however there now looks to
be a new phone on the horizon which is to not only upgrade the current best-selling Samsung
Galaxy S2 but also feature this latest OS, namely; the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The new Samsung Galaxy S3 is to offer a whopping 18GHz dual core processor which will be
officially the fastest on the market, coupled with this is a staggering 12 mega pixel camera.

Currently the Samsung Galaxy S2 features a 1.2GHz dual core chip along with an 8 mega pixel
camera so this is a serious upgrade to what is already a very advanced smart phone.

The main touch screen display is also to be upgraded to a large 4.6 inch Super AMOLED, the
same technology as the current Samsung Galaxy S2 but even bigger, however the one overriding
and noticeable change between these two handsets comes in the form of a new shape.

Whilst the existing Galaxy S2 is a very square and slim device measuring just 8.9mm at its
thinnest point the new Samsung Galaxy S3 offers a far more rounded design often found in the
manufacturers Wave range of handsets but is also reported to actually be slimmer than the
current model.

The release of the latest Android OS was officially delayed by Google out of respect for the
recent passing of the man at the helm of Apple; Steve Jobs, the launch event has now been
rescheduled for a later date and the roll out to existing devices will occur after this date.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has recently been voted by readers of T3 magazine as the 'Phone of the
Year 2011' beating off stiff competition from the likes of the iPhone 4 and HTC Sensation, should
the new Galaxy S3 follow a similar path we could already be looking at the 'Phone of the Year
2012' considering the sheer amount of technology this new phone offers.

Although there has been no official release date mentioned by Samsung it is widely expected that
the Galaxy S3 will be launched alongside the new Google Galaxy Nexus as happened with the
previous Galaxy S and Nexus S launch pattern.

Whether we'll actually see these two new phones this year remains unanswered but both Android
and Samsung fans are already licking their lips at the though of these high specification devices
hitting the market.

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