Fact About Steroids Part 4 by earningnandi25


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									You guys want to look like this?
Then you guys want to face problems like this.
“First of all athletes work with small windows of opportunity to get college scholarship, to get a Pro
contract. Secondly this critical thing takes place you can lift for fifty years you never get too natural
that’s why some athlete turns into anabolic steroids for an extra edge to beat the clock and cash in on
                                                                              - Doctor

“I can understand when an athlete comes to me. A nineteen year old kid comes to me on a singing of
a fifty million dollar contract remember that most of us can’t even imagine at nineteen years of age.
What is your choice going to be? It’s clear cut. Is that bad. Is that sounds bad. As a coach I am telling
the kid do it naturally”
                                                                             - Coach

The pressure to succeed is matched only by the steroids to increase performance mix messages about
the risk. In the lab doctors describes the dangerous, but in gym most users just weren’t seen the
“The problem with steroids is that in the short term there are very few medical problems. If you are go
up to the typical twenty two year old guy in the gym whose taking steroids and asking if he had any
medical problems taking that he would probably tell you that he never had any problems and dint
have noted friend who have problem using it”
                                                                          - Doctor.
More information’s will be updated in my upcoming posts and there also will be interactive pictures
for you to explain clearly about steroids.

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