Fact About Steroids Part 2

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					Other doctors prescribed steroids to treat muscle loss, anaemia and standard growth. Anabolic steroids
are simply synthetic versions of testosterone. The primary male hormone. Ensured they are manmade
versions of natural testosterone produced in lab instead of the body.

“so if we give somebody testosterone is as the body make natural level not more than that is known as
the physiologic dose”

If you take more than the physiologic dose. The results can be dramatic. For unknown reasons when
an athlete trains intensely natural testosterone levels in body drop precipitously. Sometimes to the
level of the castrated man. The body also releases a hormone called glucocordicoid to reduce
information. But this hormone has its second effect they are catabolic. Meaning break down muscle
tissue. It is double wormy against the muscle. The drop of testosterone and increase in muscle
wasting hormone. It spectaculated that steroid effect the hormone imbalance in two ways first they
made replace of testosterone levels after workout elaborating muscle repair. They may also block
muscle wasting effects of glucocordicoids. The result is the muscle that quickly gets bigger and
stronger. For athletes this muscle building provides a huge advantage.

“it take athletes to the next level. Do when they swing the bat it becomes a heavier shot. It makes it
faster. If you are running you can run faster that’s you find so many athletes using them”

“steroids are incredibly effective a young guy who eats badly sleeps badly smokes, drinks too much
alcohols misses with gym workouts and take steroids can blow away the most dedicated the most
gifted athlete who not take steroids. In terms of severe muscle gain”

More information’s will be updated in my upcoming posts and there also will be interactive pictures
for you to explain clearly about steroids.

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