Fact About Steroids Part 1

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					In 1990 congress decided to make steroids illegal without a prescription. And in 90’s the athletes dint
need a prescription. They knew where to find black market steroids. But the law was close behind.
“Back in 1996 I got arrested for procession of them somebody ridded me out spent four months in jail.
My whole life never same since then”
The athlete still beliefs that they have their place in sports.
“I have taken them. I have taken lot’s of them. I just don’t recommend anybody to take them. If you
know the way to use there is a safe way doing it”

“Most who take steroids think there is minimum risk or low risk or risk they can handle. But that’s the
problem this very powerful hormone it’s going to your brain your muscles its going to your liver and
everywhere. Its changing you”
The challenge for science is proving it. But not all steroids are decided illegal. For every athlete who
secretly injects steroids there is someone like doctors legally use different type of steroid right out in
the open. There are several classes of steroids most often used are anabolic steroids and
corticosteroids. Both are synthetic versions of hormone produce naturally in the body. But they
perform two completely different tasks. Athletes use anabolic steroids to build muscle.
Corticosteroids are used by doctors to produce information. Unlike anabolic steroids they cannot build
muscle but anabolic steroids.
“There is few things that anabolic steroids are used for and I used them in practices as well. I use them
for men or older men to lose the ability to make their own testosterones”
                                                                    -A doctor.
More information’s will be updated in my upcoming posts and there also will be interactive pictures
for you to explain clearly about steroids.

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