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									Top 5 Causes Of Yeast Infection In Women

Often, people have different views regarding the real causes of yeast infection in ladies. Defining the real cause at some time becomes difficult considering that
they are attributed to a number of collective causes. No one wants to be the victim of such diseases especially due to the ugly look of the vagina during infection. It
is entirely irritating let alone disgusting. Many people, especially ladies know the symptoms of infection. However, it is important to know the possible causes of
such things as they have a huge impact on one. There are top 5 causes of yeast infection in women.

As is the most cause with related diseases, the main cause is often attributed to unprotected sex. When one engages in unprotected intercourse with an infected
male, it is likely that they will be affected by the same. What is disturbing is that the numerous spores in the male penis cannot be seen by a naked eye.

The transferred pores will easily multiply in numbers unnoticed. With the right environment, the growth of the spores will be rapid and unrecognized. Furthermore,
ladies will not be in a position to know that they are victims until the symptoms are recognizable.

The area outside the vagina is very sensitive especially in reference to the introduction of new products that are numerous and widely available in the market
today. The example of condoms that have spermicidal lubricants can be given as causers of irritation or upsetting of the area outside of the vagina. Towels and
pant used by ladies are also possible enhancers of attack. The bacterium that is charged with the responsibility of curbing infections is reduced to nothing by such

Yeast infection has been referred to as an opportunistic one. This is because it occurs mainly when the body of the victims is at its lowest with regards to the
immune system. The immune system can be low due to sickness, tiredness, and being under some medication. Many women will get the fungus while at their
lowest levels of depression. It is advisable to ensure that one is taking a balanced diet and vitamins that will boost the immune system.

When a female is prescribed to some antibiotics, the chances of getting the infections are big. This is because the primary objective of antibiotics is to kill bacteria.
Considering that the vagina surroundings are often lined with a number of useful bacteria, their subsequent depletion means that the protective ability is removed.
Spores can easily multiply in the area at a very high speed then.

Wrong undergarment choice might result into infections. Some fabrics make the vagina very uncomfortable and even increase chances of sweating. Science has it
that bacteria grows rapidly in such an environment. Cotton panties can easily counter this problem for ladies. Changing the panties daily will also ensure a safety
environment for one hence reduces chances of getting infected.

These are the top 5 causes of yeast infection in women. However, they are not the only causes of infection. It is important that ladies comprehend the causes so
that they can undertake activities in line with reducing the probability of being victims

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