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The Jaxon Film Fest, south-central Michigan’s newest independent film and music festival, wants Michigan films.

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									The Jaxon Film Fest Wants Michigan Films

The Jaxon Film Fest, south-central Michigan’s newest independent film and
music festival, wants Michigan films.

Jackson, MI, April 09, 2012 -- The Jaxon Film is granting waivers to all
Michigan made filmmakers, producers, etc. These may be of any genre
including: Action, Adventure, Alternative, Anime, Art, Avant-garde, B-
movie, Biography, Comedy, Coming of Age, Crime, Dance, Environmental,
Fantasy, Flash, Horror, Mockumentary, News, etc. This would include music
videos but the focus must be on Michigan bands of any genre.

Says Film Fest director David W. King, “Since we first announced our call
for entries (February 28, 2012), we have done well beyond our
expectations. But many of the films entered are entered accompanied with
this query, “Will you grant us a waiver on your entrance fees?”
Remembering that our focus is on Michigan films, we have decided
effective as of today, April 1. 2012 (and this is not an April Fool’s
joke) we are waiving fees on all Michigan films, and Michigan films only.

This would include films entered by Michigan filmmakers, Michigan
producers, films shot in Michigan, films utilizing a Michigan cast or
Michigan labor, or of a Michigan focus. These will be the only films for
which waivers will be considered.

“While we will continue to accept films from elsewhere, and this includes
international films, Michigan films will be the only ones to which we
will grant waivers.

“To make this fair to other filmmakers, we are talking about various
marketing measures we will institute beyond simply the consideration for
showing a film.”

What these additional measures are was not disclosed. It was suggested
that those interested email the Jaxon Film Fest.

About The Jaxon Film Fest
The Jaxon Film Fest supports and celebrates the art and entertainment of
film in all its forms. Through screenings and associated events, the
festival aims to present a wide spectrum of filmmaking – feature films,
documentaries, animation, short films, experimental, student work, big
budget, micro-budget, trailers. The Jaxon Film Fest offers filmmakers the
opportunity to learn, grow and exhibit their films and bring audiences
and filmmakers together to better enjoy the art and fun of filmmaking.
The festival will offer attendees quality films expanding their knowledge
of cinema and enhancing their appreciation of the filmmaking process.
Film professionals and the interested public will have the opportunity to
gain industry knowledge through interaction within a festival

Contact :
David W. King
Jaxon Film Fest
P. O. Box 6283
Jackson, MI 49204

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