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X Factor Stalberg gives added Hawks hit record


It is becoming a more common sight for Chicago Blackhawks....

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									X Factor: Stalberg gives added Hawks hit record

It is becoming a more common sight for Chicago Blackhawks.

An opposing defenses heads back to get a disc in his own zone, thinking it is in the clear. Suddenly, a blur
in a Blackhawks uniform and hit the engine comes to her defense - making the disc itself and towards
the net at full speed.

That name is Viktor Stalberg blur and 3 of 6 feet, 209 pounds, the Swedish striker is starting to make a
name for himself through the league in just his second full season. Blessed with overwhelming speed,
the 26-year-old Stalberg has become a "Factor X", as the head of the Hawks in the playoffs 2012 Stanley

"I would like to have the speed that way," said Bryan Bickell, a power forward from Chicago, who also is
in his second full season. "It's one of the fastest in the league. In 1-on-1, which is a murderer. Hits wide
guys and it's crazy how fast you can get going. Comes to pucks first and pucks much when [defense] Don
"Do not even think the boys are coming. That's his game. "

Thanks to the improvement of offensive skills, and greater confidence, do not forget the use of Sami
Lepisto partner stick end of the season for an increase - Stalberg added goals to his repertoire. In fact,
arrived and passed the mark of 20 goals for the first time in his career, do it with a tiny amount of time
the power games.

"Being able to score 20 goals with the type of limited power play time, if he says something about your
ability," Hawks said defender Duncan Keith. "We have a lot of guys in that condition he can play there,
but he is definitely on our high score, especially in recent times."

In the final stretch of the season, Stalberg really came on the offensive.
The Blackhawks played without captain Jonathan Toews, so the forward lines had to be reworked.
finally, Stalberg was put on the right wing of the second line with rookie Marcus Kruger in the center and
star striker Patrick acute on the left side.

The group has been so effective that coach Joel Quenneville Chicago resists the idea of breaking up -
even with Toews close to a return of his long concussion-related absence.

"We've been playing very well in the last 10 to 12 games we've been together," said Stalberg, who came
to Chicago in a deal that sent Kris Versteeg of the Toronto Maple Leafs after 2010 the Hawks win the
Stanley Cup. "It looks like we will have a good chance of scoring on each shift are out there, which is
something I really have not had before. Of Sharp has been great. It is a proven player and one of the
best players in this league, for what has been great and [Kruger] is quietly making a lot of work. "

Stalberg, meanwhile, is the same as earning a reputation as a man to be reckoned with all that speed
and capacity increase scoring. If you can extend in his second appearance in the postseason, the
Blackhawks could be even more dangerous than usual to face.

"I'm playing my best hockey right now, which is encouraging in the stretch and in the playoffs," Stalberg
said. "I think I'm full. I'm playing better in our own end to start and I think I'm getting a little more
offensive, because of it. I'm more prepared with the disc and make plays. It's nice to get [ more] the
confidence of the coaches, and I feel like I've been progressing through it. "

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