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									Why to meditate
Meditation - A view from my experience
To all Readers, I would like to clear few queries for below questions.

Few of my friends used to ask, what is meditation and why we need to do
meditation at this age ?

A simple process to keep your self or within calm or have inner peace. It is not just
closing your eyes & sleeping or sitting. Its a process to awaken your consciousness to
higher levels. Its a process to raise your intelligence to further levels. Its a process to
have a balanced connectivity between body, mind and spirit. Its a process to control
your uncontrolled thoughts. We always think that, we have more control on what we

Let me ask a question. If you have a willingness/desire to do something (say like
eating a sweet). But do you have a mindset to control eating the sweet at that moment
? When you see the sweet, very moment you loose control & start listening to your
mind & tounge.

This is what I mean there. Controlling your mind & not falling prey to your mind.

When you start listening to 100 thoughts of your mind, you start loosing your energy
that you have stored in your body. Those thoughts might not be relevant at given point
of time. What I meant to say here is, thinking about the past & worrying about things.
Thinking about the future and missing the current happenings.

You might ask what is the energy that I am talking about. Its the cosmic energy which
cosmos has given to all beings to receiveg and heal ourselves. Lets not deviate from
the topic.

Mind is something which we have to control to save the bioenergy which we receive
during our night.

A question. During the night, when you sleep; what happens ? You just get into a no-
mind zone (provided that you don't have any dream). No-mind zone what I meant
here is your are in total rest without any thoughts. During such time, your body has a
higher intelligence which receives the energy from the cosmos & charges your body.
Every cells in your body stores such energy in your body. To be more precise, your
mitochondria stores the bioenergy. In otherwords, Mitochondria acts as a battery to
store such energy. When you get up in the morning, you would feel so fresh (provided
that you dont have any dream and had very good / sound sleep). During the day for all
your activities that you do, apart from energy from our food we eat, bioenergy stored
in mitochondria is also used. That is the reason, beginning of your day you would feel
so fresh. When you move towards the end of the day, you feel tired (irrespective of
what you eat during breakfast, lunch & dinner). Still at end of the day once after your
bioenergy is drained from your mitochondria, you would feel tired.
By meditating and taking yourself to next level, you have an opportunity to increase
your mitochondria cells. People also used to say, increasing mitochondria cells more
than a range takes you towards anti-aging process. This is how people of ancient
times, they were living for quite long years than what our current average age of
living is. So people of this age definitely have to medidate diligently.

A small view on our Energy Centers / Chakra’s in our body.

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