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					Fire in the Sky
       This picture is truly unique in the
       way it captures a morning sunrise
       off the roof top of the Hazel
       Center, in Newark NJ. The
       orange is a bright and brilliant
       color, contrasted with the dark
       buildings and the street lights on
       the ground. The clouds look as if
       they are on fire with ripples of
       color, and the reflection of the
       sun almost gives off an
       Armageddon feeling. Last the
       clouds at the top look violent
       which adds to the overall affect
       of the photo.
                 Mid Winters Morning

•This picture is a photo of a sunrise from another position on Hazell
during the same sunrise. Here it is obvious we are in winter because
the tress have no leaves. The contrast of buildings to sky is very
nice for a city photo. The birds add an interesting affect to the
photo, they add to the peaceful winters morning.
Moon Above

     Here is a picture taken
     from the Holiday inn in New
     Orleans. The buildings on
     the side act as a border,
     and the panoramic view of
     the camera adds with the
     long dark lines. The capital
     building in the middle is the
     focal point, and is almost
     angelic with the moon
     hanging over its head.
                New Orleans Sunset

•Here is a city view of New Orleans; with the sun bouncing
off the many windows of the sky rises. The Comfort Inn on
the bottom is surrounded by large buildings, and looks out of
place in the setting. In the far right corner the sky meets
the land with the pink of sunset, adding a nice contrast of
                       Wild Winter

•Here is a photo of my friend Tom on his snowboard in Killington
Vermont. It’s an action shot of him doing a sideboard grab. The
nice thing with this picture is the white of the snow, merging with
the gray trees adding a good winter background. The telephone pole
helps show the height of the jump, and also makes you realize that
we are not in the back woods but close to the lifts and hotels.

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