How to Reverse Your Prediabetes Symptoms?

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					How to Reverse Your Prediabetes Symptoms?

Prediabetes is caused by a number of high-risk choices. Some of them include:

• Eating more food than you can burn up each day, resulting in fat build up and weight

• Sitting passively in front of a TV or computer instead of using your body actively for at
least 30 minutes each day.

• Drinking sugar-rich soft drinks instead of pure fruit juices or water.

• Eating foods that contain saturated fats and trans-fats.

• Consuming too much salt.

• Drinking too much alcohol.

• Skipping diabetes medication that lower your blood sugar and blood pressure.

• Ignoring to regularly monitor for glucose, fats, and blood pressure levels.

Do these habits seem familiar? You may even have other bad choices not mentioned in
this list, such as smoking and using illegal drugs. Whatever bad habits you are having,
they are your choices. Some of them can seem out of your control – for example your
addiction to fast foods or alcohol. Luckily you can still seek help, many have done so and
successfully reversed their bad habits.

You shouldn’t feel bad about yourself; understanding bad habits, is an important step for
turning them around into good ones. You can do it! You can adopt some methods to
reverse your bad situations. The following are several options you can do that could work
for you and give you the opportunity to be in control of your life. There are ways to
reverse or more importantly, prevent prediabetes while avoiding all possible
complications. You deserve to live a long, fulfilling life. You just need to start by
understanding that there is a choice.

Becoming a Good Shopper

Making good choices in your life often starts in the market and grocery stores. You
should understand some key decisions that can help you change your shopping
experience. Rather than the market influencing your buying decision, you need to use
your common sense and good instincts to figure out what you should buy at the grocery
store. Follow these advices and you are not only improving your diet but also saving
some cash.

During a shopping, try to remember the time-tested principle: "What out of your sight is
out of your mind." Here are a few suggestions to fill your shopping basket with healthy

• Bring a grocery list and try as best as you can to stick with it.

• Drink enough water and eat some fruits before going to the market, thirsty and hungry
shoppers tend to be a little compulsive.

• Go into the market only once or twice a month, frequent shoppers tend to buy and eat
more foods.

• Don’t walk every aisle, you may find yourself in a bakery and find it harder to resist
those cheese-filled croissants.

• Thoroughly read food nutrition labels before buying, avoid those that contain high sugar
and saturated fat content.

• Don’t take a free sample, they are generally expensive and high in calories. Markets
offer you what they can profit from the most.

• Give your kids healthy snacks before shopping. You should bring high calorie, high
nutrition snacks if your child is particularly active.

• When standing at the checkout lane, pull out your cellphone to check your e-mail or
open social network sites, try to keep your eyes off those little goodies cunningly
positioned to tempt you.

Focus on Fresh Products

One of the important priorities in eating healthy is choosing fresh, local foods. This
makes great sense as fresh foods are tasty and highly nutritious. If you choose foods from
local growers or fisheries, you may enjoy them at peak of their taste – completely
different from those defrosted foods shipped from another continent, which are often
harvested before they were ripe enough, which makes it impossible for you to enjoy the
real flavor of the vegetable or fruit. Many agriculture products are not grown for taste or
nutrition, but to maintain their appearance and shape before rotting.

Other major advantage of eating local foods is you have the chance to meet the farmer.
They welcome direct interactions with those who buy their products. You may find their
Web site URLs on the product so you can inspect how each farmer grows their crops. Do
they use pesticides? Are they organic? Do they use safe methods renewing the soil? A
good way to get local, fresh produce is to find the nearest local farmers’ market instead of
a grocery store. They often allow you to taste the food before buying – something that
only a few supermarkets are willing to offer. He may have just picked them up a few
hours previously and chose only ripe ones. You may get cheaper prices because farmers
don’t have to compensate for overhead costs and middlemen fees.

Additionally, many different farms are often represented at the farmers’ market. Why
settle for one type of broccoli or corn, a farmer may grow a rare variety of orange that
you won’t find in the local grocery store.

However, some foods at farmers’ markets can be slightly more expensive because
farmers don’t use cheap stuffs when growing them. If you can afford the higher price,
you will get a better quality product.

An excellent way of getting fresh, local produce is by growing your own crops. A long
recession may encourage you to fill your backyard with fruits and veggies. Those who
have decades of experience in home gardening can choose good varieties of tomatoes that
they can’t easily find in their area. You can pick fully ripe veggies and eat them fifteen
minutes later. You can save hundreds of dollar annually on food costs. Often, home
gardeners need to pass out zucchini and tomatoes to their neighbors because they
invariably grow too much. If you live in an apartment, you can grow some herbs next to a
window. You’ll feel the satisfaction of eating what you planted.

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