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									                  Canon EOS 500D - Everything in There, What You Need?

 After reading some reviews I opted for the wide range of digital SLR cameras and after the good
experience with a Powershot for the canon eos 500d.

Given me a video function was very important that the circle was quite limited.

Here are a couple of times, in my view Ratings:


- 15 megapixels (10 I had admittedly fully disbursed, especially if it had been in favor of image

- Good image quality

- Video feature

- High-resolution 3 "screen (920,000 pixels, and thus four times the screen size itself at 450D)

- Live View is practical and offers good opportunities for manual focusing by magnifying a selected
point on 5x-10x.

- 100% image in Live View

- All EF lenses (including from the analog days) still fit. (There's problems in older Sigma lenses
from 2001 and older with the diaphragm, other lenses, such as Canon or Tamron, works without
problems). Of course, the new EF-S lenses.

- Very good kit lens, well suited for everyday use, visual quality is fully in order, much like the
image stabilization.

- Good built-in flash, guide number of 13 (compared with compact and bridge cameras, as well as
an EOS 300D, the 500D brings the best results)

- SD card slot is disconnected from the battery compartment on the side of the camera, thus also
easy to replace when the camera sits on a tripod.

- Very long battery life, especially as they are loaded very quickly.

- Convenient automatic standby mode without waiting for "restarting".

- Automatic sensor cleaning during shutdown

- Face recognition (very useful for self photos when the photographer's image also will)

- Good Zubehörauswahr) by third party (Tamron Lenses, Sigma Lenses, Phottix battery grip,
Nissin flash units, etc.

(Nikon has a similar selection by third-party accessories, but on other camera brands will be more

- Bundled software, which for example allows the editing of RAW files, and to focus the "remote
control" by a computer via USB (Live View, Settings (depending on the mode)) with direct storage
of images on the computer. Very handy on the road with a laptop.

- Feels valent well as the EOS 300D

- SD (HC) cards (I was quite important, because I like this much longer possess as Compact Flash


- Screen is fixed (= no preview for self-portraits, no images from difficult angles or screen
protection by collapse)

- And you can see on it at little bit more sunlight (which is a more general problem)

- Required for video is a fast card. I would regard as the lower limit of 10MB/sec

- No Live View in full automatic mode

Overall I am very happy with the camera, which now (in parallel with a Powershot SX-10 IS) is my
everyday workhorse.

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