5 Tips You Should Use to Avoid Diabetes

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					5 Tips You Should Use to Avoid Diabetes

If you want to avoid diabetes, you need to bring changes (not necessarily drastic though)
in your lifestyle. Every year, diabetes strikes millions of people across the world. The
statistics are literally shooting through the roof. According to the International Diabetes
Federation, 285 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes globally, with over 7
million new cases reported each year.

We’re all moving towards a more sophisticated lifestyle that lays emphasis on
convenience. We’re exercising less and we’re all for junk food or less healthy food. But,
how does that lead to diabetes? Here’s a simple explanation… The food we eat is
converted into glucose in our body. Glucose levels in blood rise, which is a cause of
worry. However, diabetes occurs when insulin isn’t produced in sufficient quantities (or it
isn’t simply effective enough) by our pancreas.

To avoid suffering from this deadly illness, it is advisable to be proactive, take charge
and do your best to prevent diabetes from attacking you. So, here are 5 tips (among many
others) you can use, to do your best to avoid diabetes.

1. Eat wisely. It’s important to eat the right foods. Eat food that provides you with
sufficient nutrition and energy to keep you going. You don’t have to starve, eat less or
give up your favorite munchies. Just choose what you eat. Go for low-fat labeled food
items. Take protein-rich and fiber-rich diet (think Apples); and be sure to go low on
carbohydrates and fat. Your fast food menu should ideally include salads, fruits (without
added sugar) and low-fat grilled chicken.

2. Tuck that tummy in. Do your best to reserve at least 30 minutes everyday to burn
those calories and reduce your weight. It’s very important that you reduce your belly fat,
as fat accumulation in the abdominal region is highly correlated with the occurrence of
diabetes. What’s better than being in great shape and diabetes-free! 30 minutes a day is
surely worth it.

3. Move your body. No ordinary repetition this. The more it is advised, the less it is
done; mostly because it’s simply put off to another day. But, don’t you do that mistake…
don’t you commit that sin. Spend some time everyday to exercise. Are you slim?! Great,
keep it up. Being fit gives you the edge over others. For the not so slim, it’s time to buck
up and aim to get fit?

4. Take sufficient rest. When tired, your body will crave for quick-energy fixes (food
with high sugar content, usually) to get you going a few extra hours. Instead, take rest
and let your body maintain optimum hormone levels to avoid complications in your
pancreas while you sleep.
5. USE this simple meal-time tip. If you have a big appetite, drink a glass of water
before you take your meal. It will help reduce your appetite, over a period of time.

It’s important to note however that determination to bring these changes is the key to
avoiding diabetes. There’s no guarantee that diabetes will never strike, but it’s the best
we can do; and if done rightly, you’ll be safe. Like they say, no pain… no gain.

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