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Partnering for Profits (PowerPoint)


									Partnering for Profits

Business Overview
     Partnering for Success!
Strong partners help make a strong
   TMSOC has joined forces and has created many successful
    relationships with independent sales agents and sales Affiliates that
    are extremely pleased and happy with our excellent program and
    ongoing support in the merchant services industry. Our dedication,
    industry expertise, and complete turn-key solutions for our
    customers insures a headache-free experience for our sales agents
    and Affiliates.

   TMSOC offers effective solutions and state-of-the-art payment
    equipment for the unique business needs of any business. As a
    recognized leader in providing a selection of products, services,
    and customized programs, we can get any business well on its way
    to increasing profits and saving money.
Partnering for Success
   Let the professionals at TMSOC lead and guide you
    with their knowledge, dedication and expertise.
    TMSOC will help their sales agents from the initial sales
    lead and guide you through the process of analyzing
    business needs, to choosing the right equipment and
    program suitable for your sales leads. TMSOC will help
    their sales Affiliates get started in this unique and
    profitable industry and provide ongoing training as
    results are verified by your efforts.

   We value our relationship with you

   Your success is our success!!
Who is Total Merchant Services?
   Total Merchant Services was founded in 1996 and is one of the
    fastest-growing credit card merchant account acquirers in the nation.
    We’ve quickly become a leader in the merchant bankcard business
    by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to merchants
    who accept credit cards for payment of their goods and services.

   Total Merchant Services is a Member Service Provider (MSP) of
    HSBC Bank USA, one of the largest banks in the world and working
    with Global Payment for the daily and monthly back-end settlement
    of merchants’ daily and monthly credit card transactions.
Who are our Customers?
Our customers include:

   Retail Storefronts
   Restaurants
   Hotels
   Service Businesses
   Mail Order & Telephone Order Businesses
   Home Based Businesses
   Internet-based virtual storefronts
Service and Support
   We’ve grown by offering our account holders world-class
    customer support and services that meet virtually any
    need, all at rates that are among the most competitive
   Our customers are personally trained over the phone
    how to use their terminal
   Our customers are supported 24/hour a day, 7 days a
    week by calling into a toll-free number to answer their
   We offer overnight replacement for damaged terminals.
   We offer state-of-the-art and IP-enabled, high-speed credit card
    terminals absolutely FREE to qualified merchants. Just like a cell
    phone or satellite dish company – we offer merchants the best
    equipment possible when they process their credit card transactions
    though us.

   We offer Magtek MICRimage Check imager absolutely FREE!

   We offer Pin Pads absolutely FREE!

   Because Total Merchant Services works with a number of front-end
    authorization networks, we can work with virtually any type of point-
    of-sale equipment in use today. So, if a merchant already has a
    credit card authorization terminal, we can simply REPROGRAM it to
    work with a new Total Merchant Services merchant account.
Hypercom Optimum T4100
                   This terminal combines performance,
Terminal       
                   security, reliability and ease of use.

                  Operates either on phone line
                   connection or High-Speed DSL
                   connection for 2-3 sec. transactions!

                  “One Touch” capability for daily

                  Fast integrated thermal printer

                  A Pin Pad can be added easily

                  Multi-merchant features capable of up
                   to 20 unique ID’s in one terminal

                  Fewer keystrokes to deploy than any
                   other terminal

                  Offered to merchants absolutely FREE
                   under our “Free Terminal Placement
Magtek Check Imager
                 Quickly capture MICR date and
                  check image in one pass check

                 Magtek check reading products
                  are at work reading millions of
                  checks every day at some of the
                  largest retail locations and
                  financial institutions to some of the
                  smallest businesses.

                 Our customers can get this
                  equipment absolutely FREE
                  through our “Free Terminal
                  Placement Program”.
(Optional) Package Feature
Hypercom S-9 Pin Pad
                    Compatible with package
                     1 or 2

                    Simple, intuitive keypad

                    Compact size, fits easily
                     in hand
What is a Bankcard Sales Affiliate?
   By offering Local Merchants our Free Next Generation Payment
    Terminals you can become part of a Company with a vision of the
   An Affiliate markets to local merchants through face to face contact
    with approved sales material , flyers and online marketing and over
    the phone via telemarketing.
   An Affiliate needs no prior sales experience.
   May be part of the required documentation process.
   An Affiliate benefits from not having any monetary commitment to
    take part in the merchant aquiring.
   An Affiliate gains the knowledge needed through training provided
    he or she meets the required number of accounts per month to
    advance to a Merchant Level Bankcard Sales agent.
What is a Bankcard Sales Agent?
   A Bankcard sales agent has acquired the nessesary skills to quote
    the different rates and fee structures for different types of
   Has acquired the knowledge to decide what type of terminal will give
    the merchant the most effective use for the type of business.
   Can Read Merchants current statements and quote cost savings.
   Can educate merchants on ways to save money or make their
    business run more efficent in the way they accept Credit cards
   Can give the merchant giftcard,cash advance, web site and other
    information that will help the merchant to sell more merchandise or
   Can gain more income from the leasing and selling of terminal
    equipment and services
Sales Affiliate Compensation
   TMSOC is willing to compensate it’s affiliates a $100.00 per location fee. That
   Qualifies as a New Merchant with a Processing agreement.
   As a Merchant Level Bankcard sales agent, an additional Compensation will be
    calculated after the merchant has processed with us for 3 months. An additional
    amount of up to $400.00 could be paid on that account to Sales affilate. ($300.00 on
    wireless terminals)
   TMSOC will also allow the Merchant Level Bankcard sales agent, the ability to charge
    the merchant up to $199.00 for account set up. MLBSA would also receive the set up
    fee minus processing costs
Description of Affiliate Duties
 Distribute Marketing Material
 No Selling or quotes for processing
 Supply our office with list of merchants
  marketed by emailed excell spread sheet
  with name,phone,email address,and
  current terminal type to ensure
How Do I Become an Agent ?
   Complete set up of 10 merchant locations as an affiliate
   Sign up as registered agent with our office
   Attend training classes and weekly meetings via Internet and in
   Learn the necessary skills to quote rates for credit card processing
   Gain Knowledge of terminal types and how they apply to different
    types of merchants.
   Learn how to fill out forms and ask questions of merchants about
    their business.
   Gain knowledge of related products and services for merchants
Contact Names & Numbers:
 Robert Sears
 TMSOC Office 866.606.4041
 Email –

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