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									Macon State College Table Tennis Club 2011-2012


A. The name of this student organization shall be Table Tennis Club and the purpose of this organization
shall be to:

i. Create school pride.

ii. Promote interest in school activities

iii. Develop responsibility, teach self-respect, encourage honest effort, strive for perfection, and develop

iv. Teach teamwork and pride in a quality performance through maintaining high standards.

B. This organization will support the mission of the office of Student Life and Macon State College and
will subscribe to the policies and procedures of the University System of Georgia and Macon State

C. This organization will allow any student that meets MSC requirements to become member of the
Table Tennis Club. Tryouts will be held to determine which members can participate in the Table Tennis
Tournaments. The Table Tennis Club will perform at exhibitions and instate table tennis tournaments,


A. Active membership is confined to regularly enrolled Macon State College students who have a
minimum academic load of three (3) hours during each semester of participation.

B. All members of the Table Tennis Club must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.

C. Members of the Tournament squad must be enrolled in twelve (12) credit hours (Fall and Summer
Semesters) to compete.

D. Members of the Tournament squad must maintain 2.25 minimum GPA.

E. Members are not allowed to be on the table tennis club while enrolled in any Learning Support
classes. Upon exit from Learning Support, active members are immediately eligible for competition
squad or mascot.

F. Membership will not be denied because of race, national origin, color, sex, age, religion, or disability.

G. All members will need to abide by the Rules and Regulation handout pertaining to their membership
(i.e. club member, squad member, etc.)
H. All members are required to pay a nonrefundable 0100.00 membership fee. Other fees will be added
to Table Tennis Club members for competitions and uniforms.

I. If a member decides he/she no longer wishes to participate in the organization, he/she will deliver a
written note expressing the action and submit it to the captains.

J. Upon leaving the squad or club, whether by removal or request, no money will be refunded.


A. Officers of this organization will be:

a. One Captains, whose responsibilities shall be:

i. Organizing and leading practices and other functions (i.e., games, sign making, etc.)

ii. Approving certain absences as stated in Rules and Regulations

iii. Take suggestions from the squad, but have the authority to make the final decision,

iv. Coordinating activities that encourage team bonding.

v. Approving (before presentation to the Office of Student Life} and relaying all fundraisers to the
advisor, officers, and squad members.

vi. Enforce all Rules and Regulations, as well as Macon State College rules and regulations.

vii. In the event an officer or Table Tennis member is demoted/punished, the captains (or the remaining
captain), along with the advisor, will decide the punishment and replacement if need be.

1. If both captains are demoted or in need of punishment, the advisor will be responsible for
determining replacements and punishment.

b. One Co-captains, whose responsibilities shall be:

i. In the event that the captains are not able to perform his/her duties, the co-captain will do so.

ii. Assist in instruction (i.e. teaching routines, technique, etc.)

iii. Respect and enforce captain's decisions and instructions.

c. Secretary, whose responsibilities shall be:

i. Keeping up with current requirements per semester (i.e. GPA, physicals, insurance if available, etc).

ii. Contacting all members about calendar changes and general information.

iii. Taking notes at meetings.

iv. Answering questions, comments, or concerns regarding Table Tennis Club.

v. Keeping record of punishments under the Three Strike System as established in the Rules and

d. Treasurer, whose responsibilities shall be:

i. Submitting all monies and financial paperwork with the MSC Business office.

ii. Keeping current and CORRECT individual and club account balances along with deposit slips and

iii. Researching Table Tennis Club necessities for best prices.

B. All students holding an elected or appointed position of leadership and acting as an officer of this
organization must maintain a 2.5 cumulative grade point average (GPA) and must be enrolled at Macon
State College during the length of service.

C. Officers can hold an official position for two (2) terms. These terms do not have to be consecutive.
Each term is one (!) academic year.

D. Elections

a. Elections for officials will be held at the end of every spring semester.

b. Current officers and the advisor will meet and debate to determine nominees based on GPA, skill
level, attitude, leadership ability, and must have at least one year experience on the Table Tennis Club

c.The ballot for nominees must have four (4) choice for captain, six (6) for co-captain, three (3) for
secretary, and three (3) for treasurer. Nobody is allowed to be on more than one ballot.

d. The ballot of nominees will then be presented to the club members, Table Tennis Club members.


    A. This organization shall meet regularly during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Meetings during the
        Summer Semester will be held as needed.

               a.   Summer schedule will be determined by meetings and try-outs.

B. All meetings, including the dates, times, and locations will be confirmed with the Office of Student
Life prior to publication and/or announcement of these meetings.
C. All members, including officers, are REQUIRED to attend to all meetings. Anyone who misses a
meeting will be held responsible to gain all information missed from the secretary and will receive half a


A. Mr. Jonas Strecker and Dr. Paul Gladden shall serve as the faculty advisor for this organization. She
accepts all the responsibilities of the advisor and will approve all events and activities of this
organization, including those made by officers.


A. All the money collected from membership dues and from all fundraisers must be deposited into the
organization's MSC dues account. These deposits will be made through the MSC Business Office as soon
as possible after the monies have been collected.

B. No petty cash or slush funds will be kept by any member or advisor of this organization.

C. All fundraisers wilt be approved by the Office of Student Life at least two weeks prior to the actual
event and will follow all of the guidelines as outlined in the RSO recognition process.


A. This constitution is subject to the approval by the proposed student membership, the Macon State
College Student Government Association, the Office of Student Life, and the Dean of Students.


A. This constitution may be supplemented with By-Laws which pertain to the above articles.

B. An electronic and paper copy of any and all By-Laws will be filled with the Office of Student Life.


A. A written notice will be presented to the membership of this organization at a regular meeting to
amend or supplement any part of this constitution. The proposed amendment/supplement will be voted
upon no sooner than the next regularly scheduled meeting and must receive two-thirds majority vote of
all members in good standing.

B. Any amendments/supplements to this constitution will then be submitted to the Office of Student
Life for approval.

C. All rules and regulations set forth in the Macon State College Club Sports Handbook will apply to this
organization. If a conflict of rules arises, Director of Recreation and Wellness will make final approval of
which rule is to be followed.

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