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  Accreditation Program

TOPS Table Tennis Course

    This course is brought to you by:-
         Table Tennis Queensland
Course Outline
The Australian Sports Commission accredited course is a mixture of both practical and classroom
work. The key areas covered are:
     • The basic rules
     • Service Techniques
     • Forehand and backhand strokes
     • Fun Games, drills and routines
     • Running a simple table tennis tournament

All requirements for accreditation will be completed during the course.

8.30 to 8.45          Registration
8.45 to 9.00          Welcome
9.00 to 9.30          Warm-up and Flexibility
9.30 to 10.30         Basic Service, Rules and Equipment
10.30 to 10.45        Morning Tea
10.45 to 11.45        Basic Strokes, Techniques
11.45 to 12.30        Multiball
12.30 to 13.00        Lunch
13.00 to 14.00        Games, Drills and Circuits
14.00 to 14.30        Running a Tournament
14.30 to 15.30        Assessment

Non-Teachers must show proof of completion of the General Principles course through the
Australian Sports Commission of other suitable organisation prior to accreditation. This can be
completed either before the course (for on the day accreditation) or after the course.

Participants who demonstrate coaching competence throughout the course are eligible for
registration as a TOPS Table Tennis Coach.

Post course work
There is no post-course work required, unless actually specified by the Presenter where
competencies are not yet approved.

Further Accreditation
The TOPS Table Tennis Coach Award can be used to fast track award holders to a Level 1 Table
Tennis Coach Award upon completion of some additional modules of learning. Please contact
Table Tennis Queensland for further details of this process.

Further Information
Table Tennis Queensland
Tel:   (07) 3217 5579
Fax: (07) 3217 5648
Email: admin@tabletennisqld.org
Web: www.tabletennisqld.org

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