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					The story of table tennis is a long story from was a 30 year
    process in 1890 England created a game it was called table tennis,
 because it was played on a table and it was similar to tennis. They used
   a thick piece of card board for the paddle a rope ball and a stack of
books, then they thought of using a net so the high would be the same.
 So they used a cut to size badminton net and the same paddle and the
same table tennis ball soon after the used rubber or cork and covered it
    with a cloth webbing to slow it down. In 1901 someone created a
sturdy paddle. Think it is made of solid wood? Wrong it was hollow with
   a wood outer covering and a long handle covered in leather. But in
   1904 E.C. Goode when he had a head ache and decided to go to the
  drug store he got some medicine felt the rubber cover on the counter
    and bought some. With the rubber he cover the paddle and could
 control the table tennis ball much better and could hit the ball exactly
where he wanted to. Then Goode challenged the table tennis champion
    of Brittan and beat him 50 games to 3. In 1920 a worker in a table
tennis factory noticed then the table tennis ball hits the table it makes a
 ping noise and when it hits the paddle it makes a pong sound and ever
                     since it has been called ping pong

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