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									Medical Advice – Should You
Immediately Follow The Doctor’s
In the modern world - medical advice seems to come from all angles. Even if you
do not regularly visit your GP for a health check, government experts routinely
release new updates to their recommended behaviours for keeping your health at
its best and avoiding unnecessary health risks. But is medical advice to be taken as

The reliability and significance of medical recommendations varies depending on
where the advice is coming from. Patients should always be discerning with how
they value the advice of so-called experts, particularly if they plan to take action
based on these recommendations from an Online Doctor.

Medical Advice On line Can Be Reliable and Accurate

With the recent UK scandal over PIP breast implants that were allegedly approved
by the UK government, alongside backtracking and subtle changes to the
recommended alcohol intake, it is clearer than ever that every type of medical
advice can be inaccurate or inconsistent. The same is true of advice sought online.

Always carefully consider the source of any information that you manage to find
on the Internet with regard to healthcare issues. Is the writer an experienced
medical professional? Are
statements based on fact and
evidence, as opposed to
traditional remedies that have
been proven ineffective?

In addition, beware of the fact
that online medical advice has a
tendency to opt for the worst-
case scenario. Using Google as
your first-line source of medical
information, you could find yourself convinced that every headache is the
symptom of a significant long-term condition.

Finally, do not accept advice as to which medicine is most suitable for your
condition until a doctor has carefully studied your specific case. Many online
pharmacies or advice sites will happily look at your individual requirements and
prescribe medicine that suits you best.

Medical Advice On A Case-By-Case Basis

The best and most useful information that you can find about your illness is
always the information that is most tailored to you. After all, the treatments that
may be suitable for the majority of patients could cause severe issues in other
cases, for example in pregnant women or the Obese.

So, while you can source effective and informative information online, the best
results ultimately come from speaking to a doctor – online or offline – who can
give bespoke medical advice.

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