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Remedies, Cures and Treatments For Kidney Stones

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									Remedies, Cures and Treatments For Kidney Stones

When you have kidney stones, you obviously want to choose the most effective treatment available so you can get rid of them. If you have larger kidney stones,
your doctor may suggest certain medical procedures but if they are small, you can usually treat them at home with effective home remedies. Let’s take a look at
some of the various options for treating kidney stones. In many cases, it’s effective to combine several approaches, though you should be careful about mixing
drugs or herbs and check with your doctor to make sure the combination is safe.

Because fruit can help detox your body, they can help flush out kidney stones, as well. If you drink a glass of pure, unsweetened orange juice every day, it can
help you pass kidney stones. Drinking one glass a day is beneficial but be sure not to overdo it as too much vitamin C is not good if you have kidney stones.
Watermelon is another very healthy fruit to consume when you have kidney stones. You can simply eat the fruit as is, or make it into a juice and then drink it. Pure
apple juice can also be beneficial. Lemons are very healthy for the kidneys, too. You can put a slice of lemon in water, or make a natural lemonade, but don’t use
too much sugar, especially processed white sugar.

When you have kidney stones, applying warmth can be soothing and beneficial. A warm bath can be relaxing and help reduce pain. If you add bath salts or
aromatherapy oils to your baths will increase their effectiveness as well as provide you with more relaxation. Taking at least two warm baths a day is a good idea
when you have kidney stones. You can also apply heat to the painful region by using heating pads. Apply the heat to where ever you have the most discomfort,
either your lower back or the front of your body.

Many people assume you should eat a diet low in calcium to help treat or prevent kidney stones since most of them are formed from calcium. Recent research
suggests that this is not really true. There is evidence showing you have a better chance of avoiding kidney stones when you get enough calcium in your diet. Your
body produces more oxalate when you don’t get enough calcium in your diet and this contributes to the formation of kidney stones. But this doesn’t mean you
should drink lots of milk if you have kidney stones. You should also limit your animal protein intake when you have this problem. You still need to get your daily
requirement of calcium, however.

Your first priority when you have kidney stones is controlling the pain but you also need to get rid of them as quickly as possible and prevent them from returning.
Some of the treatments we’ve discussed here can be used as long term strategies to improve your health, especially in regard to your kidneys. Avoid health
problems like kidney stones by drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly, and eating a natural diet.

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