BCBC Senior Choir
             Registration Package 2011-2012
                           Join us for a fabulous year of singing!

                Name of Member: __________________________

             Please return Pages 1-3 of this BCBC Registration Package upon receipt.
                        Payment with the payment form is requested at the first rehearsal.

                             Monday Night: Rehearsal begin Monday September 12, 2011
                                       Aspengrove School, North Nanaimo

In this BCBC Registration Package: Return pages 1-3 to register now!
            1. Registration & Society Designation Forms & Photo permission
            2. BCBC Payment Form & Info sheet
            3. BC Boys Choir Timetable for 2011-2012 Season

The BCBC Member Handbook is attached. It is expected and understood that all members will read it. We
ask that you acknowledge below that you have read it. There is NEW INFO in this package for the coming
year. Please check off and return this package:
                    o    I have read the Member Handbook and this Registration Package including the Timetable for
                         the 2011-2012 Year:
                                                                Parent Signature

Please complete all forms in detail – even if you believe we have the correct information from previous years.

Please do not hesitate to call our office or email us. All questions are valid – we want you to feel confident about our
Choir and the opportunities that we are offering to your son. Please know that everything we do has been done for a
reason and so please ask us if you do not understand.
Thank you.
Margot Holmes, Executive Director

                               Mailing Address: Box 321, Station A Nanaimo, BC V9R 5L3
                                  Tollfree Tel: 1-888-909-8282 FAX: 1-877-728-4042
                          Senior Island Choir Registration Form: September 2011
    (Name that will appear in the Concert Programmes)

Address: _________________________________________ City:____________________

Postal code:____________________________Tel: _______________________________

Parent’s Email:                                 (the main one we will use)

Member’s Email:                                                 Member’s Birthdate: ____________________

Mother’s Name:                                                   Text/Cell:

Place of Employment /Occupation:

Father’s Name:                                          Text/Cell:

Place of Employment / Occupation:

School:                                                         City:

Do you sing in your School Choir?       yes             no

School Music Teacher’s Name: _______________________________________________
Do you study music privately:        yes          no Instrument?

Private Teacher’s Name:
                               BCBC Society Member Designation 2011-2012
In order for the BCBC Board of Directors to maintain a complete list of members, we need you to designate an adult
family member (over 18 years) to be the voting member of the BC Boys Choir Society. We hereby
designate__________________________________ to be our family’s voting member of the Society that operates the
British Columbia Boys Choir for the coming year 2011-2012.

                               BCBC Photographic Permission Form: 2011-12
I give my permission for my son ______________________________, to be photographed, filmed and recorded (sound)
when representing the British Columbia Boys Choir. I understand that these materials will be used for promotional
purposes this year and in the future including raising funds for the BC Boys Choir. In addition, I understand that if the
News Media photograph my son, his name will be given to the media, if requested. By my signature herein, I agree
_________________________________________                ____________________________________
Mother’s Signature                                       Father’s Signature
                       Senior Island Choir INFO SHEET 2011-2012 Season:
                      Senior Island Choir - open to boys ages 10-17 upon a successful audition.
       Rehearsals on Mondays from September – May: 6:15 – 7:30 p.m. for unchanged voices and 6:45 – 8 p.m.
                         Rehearsals are at Aspengrove School, Clarke Rd, North Nanaimo.

Financial Commitment for: Town Choirs: Tuition: $400 and Donation/Fundraising: $200
    Please note that we have found that most families would rather make a donation than fundraise. The BCBC will have
    opportunities for families that would rather fundraise. Please refer to Page 9 in the Member Handbook for these details.
    In addition each family is required to:
          Sell $200 worth of Raffle Tickets (40 tickets x $5)
          Get $100 in Walk-A-Song pledges (October 15 Event)
          Members to purchase a minimum of 4 tickets total for concerts on May 4.
          Member to purchase BCBC Stormtech Jacket if they do not have one.
BCBC Members Receive:
         Weekly Music Lessons from September – May
         A minimum of 10 performing opportunities for members to sing.
         A minimum of two trips on BC Ferries to Vancouver for concerts with the other BC Boys Choirs.
         A Retreat Day with the International Touring Choir (Oct 16) in Greater Vancouver.
         An overnight stay with the Choir in Vancouver (May 2012 - with or without parents)
         An opportunity to represent their schools and community at special events.
         An opportunity to sing with other Choirs on Vancouver Island.
         An opportunity to interact with other boys that love to sing and perform.
         An opportunity to participate in the Walk-A-Song Event in Vancouver.
         A 3 Day Tour in May (price included in fees)
         Other opportunities as they arise.
Bursaries are available for partial tuition based on financial need. An Application is required – deadline September 30.
                           Senior Island Choir –Nanaimo- Payment Form
                                          (Payment required at first rehearsal)

Name: __________________________________ Telephone: _______________
Method of Payment: ________Cheque: _______ Visa_______ Mastercard:
Please date cheques for 1st or 15th of the month.

Card #___________________________________ Exp:_____Name on the card: ______________________________
Tuition Fee: $400 and Fundraising Commitment: $200
     Cheques (postdated) on 1st or 15th please - payable to BCBC.
     Visa/Mastercard
Tuition Payment can be made as follows:
     One full payment of $400 in September 2011
     4 postdated payment for $100 as follows: September, November and February, March.
Fundraising Commitment: $200 for the year (Tax receipt issued for donations)
     One full payment of $200. In October 2011
     Two $100 donations: October 2011 and February 2012
                Patricia Plumley, Associate Conductor
Join us for a fabulous year of singing!
Senior Island Timetable 2011-2012 Season
as at July 18, 2011
Choirs that are performing: Touring, TownV, TownB, IslandS,
IslandJ, SW (SongWave)
Other dates will be added during the year as invitations
Nanaimo: Monday
6:15- 7:30 p.m. Senior Choir
6:45 – 8:00 p.m. Changed Voices

Monday Sept. 12: AUDITIONS and First Day of Rehearsal
Monday September 19                                           Mon. January 9
Monday September 26                                           Mon. January 16
Mon. October 3                                                Mon. January 23
Mon October 10 – Thanksgiving – No Rehearsal                  Wed. January 25 Raffle Draw #3
Saturday October 15: Walk-a-Song Event in Vancouver (All      Mon. January 30
Choirs)                                                       Mon. February 6 -
October 16 : Retreat – Touring & IslandS                      Mon. February 13
Mon. October 17                                               Mon. February 20
Mon. October 24                                               Mon. February 27
Mon. October 31– NO rehearsal – Halloween                     Wed. February 29 Raffle Draw #4 Final
Mon. November 7                                               Mon March 5 –
Mon. November 14                                              Mon March 12
Mon. November 21 – Mini Concert during rehearsal              Mon April 2
Saturday November 26 – Island Choirs ONLY concerts with       Mon April 9 (Easter Monday and yes we have rehearsal!)
Village Voices, 9:30 reh 2:30 p.m. Concert, Christian         Mon April 16
Fellowship Church, Qualiucm                                   Mon April 23 - Community concert during rehearsal
Mon. November 28                                              Mon. April 30
November 30 – Raffle Draw #1                                  Friday May 4 - School shows in AM & evening show in
Mon. December 5 – Carolling in Nanaimo (on hold)              Nanaimo - ALL CHOIRS
Friday December 9 – 7 p.m. Guest Artists of: Nanaimo          Saturday May 5 - CONCERT in Vancouver ALL CHOIRS (stay
Tidesman Choir, Ecumenical Centre (SW & Island Choirs)        overnight and return on May 6)
Saturday December 10 – 7 p.m. Guest Artists of: Nanaimo       Mon May 7
Tidesman Choir, at Knox United in Parksville (SW & Island     May 12-14, 2012 - Mini Tour for Senior Island Choir
Choirs)                                                       May 15 – Yearend Party
Mon. December 12 – Carolling in Nanaimo (on hold)
December 12: Raffle Draw #2

Winter Break - December 14, 2011- January 8, 2012

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