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Early Breastfeeding
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8 Understanding and Persevering Through Morning Sickness                                           Editor: Chris Cannon

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11 A Bundle of Babble - Communication with Your Baby in                                            Teena Price
   Those First Six Months                                                                          Annette De Bow
                                                                                                   Lis Harvey

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Congratulations! You are embarking on one of the most wonderful, rewarding, and life changing adventures. The experience is different
for everyone, and with each pregnancy. I can honestly say that for me, it was like coming home. Finding something I think I had been
searching for by throwing myself into my career all those years. Still, it was a great journey to arrive here. A journey which lead me across
the world, to find my wonderful husband, and father of my two boys.

I often hold my sons and wonder how Chris and I made such amazing little people. It is one of life’s miracles! That’s not to say that every
moment is wonderful. There have been numerous sleepless nights (with many more to come), tears of frustration, complete and utter
exhaustion, and the never-ending cold season!

Having kids and being a parent is a really tough job. The hardest anyone could ever have. There are no breaks or holidays from being a
parent. Leisure time for yourself normally gets replaced by essentials like showering and brushing your teeth, and that’s if you are having
a good day. Just know that the tough moments, the frustrations, are quickly forgotten the first time your baby smiles at your voice or the
first time your baby reaches up for you.

The best advice I can give is to never turn down help. If friends and family offer to make you food, look after the older kids, or look after
the baby, say yes! Sleep as much and as often as you can, both leading up to the big day and afterwards. Sleep when the baby sleeps. I never
realized how much an eight hour block of uninterrupted sleep meant to me, until I’ve lived without it. Additionally, seek out pregnancy and
lactation support, join a Mom/Dad’s group, and reach out to other Moms and Dads in your area.

We are very lucky here in Yolo County. There are many resources for expecting and current parents. Check out our directory at the
back of the magazine. We have left space at the beginning of the directory for you to write in your own healthcare provider and birthing
center information. And for more resources, see our website at: www.yoloparentsmonthly.com where you will find our regularly quarterly
magazine for parents, and a monthly calendar of events. It’s completely free! You can also subscribe to receive an interactive version of
our magazine and calendar. We never share your information with anyone, and send the magazine and calendar to your inbox, free each

My husband and I started Yolo Parents Monthly magazine nearly a year and a half ago, as we wanted a local resource of family friendly
activities for parents in Yolo County. I’ve always wanted to write an issue dedicated to expecting parents, loaded with support resources.
This is our first annual “Expecting Parent” issue. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it!

Teena Price (Publisher)
                   Yolo Parents Monthly Expecting Parent 2012                        www.yoloparentsmonthly.com                              3
       Elemental Bonding – Coping with Breastfeeding,
       While Providing the Best Nutrition for Your Baby
                                                                                                                             By Teena Price
Congratulations on the birth of your baby! When you finally get to meet face to face for the first time, it’s a magical moment that could never
be expressed adequately in words. What follows is the time for bonding and his/her first experience with breastfeeding. In many cases, it
will be your first experience with breastfeeding as well.

For some women, breastfeeding is easy. Their little ones do extremely well from the start and mom’s milk production increases soon after
birth. No problems with latching, nipple discomfort, or milk supply.

For the rest of us, however, our introduction to breastfeeding can be a time of great stress. We often worry whether our baby is getting
enough milk, whether we are producing enough, what is a normal latch, and why does it hurt? Unfortunately, many women find the pres-
sures of being a new Mom overwhelming and often give up on breastfeeding.

                                                                      By discussing and addressing many of the common anxieties associat-
                                                                      ed with the first few weeks of breastfeeding, many moms can ultimately
                                                                      develop a successful, satisfying breastfeeding routine. More impor-
                                                                      tantly, by overcoming the discomfort and other barriers, breastfeeding
                                                                      provides the very best nutrition for your baby.

                                                                      Before I continue, I want to make one thing clear: There is nothing
                                                                      wrong with formula feeding. I supplemented breastfeeding with for-
                                                                      mula for both my sons at various times. And many of my friends have
                                                                      either used formula exclusively or combined breastfeeding with for-
                                                                      mula feeding.

It wasn’t long ago women were told that their breast milk was not adequate
nutrition for their baby. In fact, women were assured that infant formula was                              Breastfeeding
scientifically formulated and contained all the nutrition their baby would ever                               Network
need. We now know that is just not true. It is universally acknowledged that ex-
clusively breastfeeding for the first six months offers optimum nutrition for your         “We know you want the best for your baby...”
baby. In fact, the World Health Organization currently recommends continued              • Full service LC visit in the comfort of your home
breastfeeding up to two years of age.                                                                 • Available 365 days a year
                                                                                                    • Phone counseling (no charge)
                                                                                                         • Infant massage classes
           SO LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT BREAST MILK.                                                 • Hygeia Breastpump Rentals and Sales
            WHY IS IT SO GOOD FOR OUR BABIES?                                                     • Medela BabyWeigh Scale Rentals
                                                                                           • Serving Sacramento & all surrounding areas
                                                                                                                since 1995
Human breast milk is different to cow’s milk, and other animals. It is uniquely
tailored for humans to meet the needs of growing babies at each developmental
stage, especially infants. While infant formula provides a balanced diet for a
baby, breast milk contains additional components that just cannot be replicated
in formula. Formula fed babies will surely grow and meet their developmental
milestones just as breastfed babies, but breast milk offers additional health bene-
fits and bioactive factors. These factors include antibodies (which help our little
ones fight infections), hormones, growth factors, and virus, allergy and parasite
fighting factors. Much of the research on the benefits of breastfeeding comes
from neonatal intensive care units (NICU). Breastfed infants in the NICU have
significantly fewer severe infections, illnesses, and on average spend less time in       Jaye Simpson, IBCLC, CIIM • ibclc@breastfeedingnetwork.net

the hospital. Further, there is evidence preterm infants that are breastfed have                       Call (916) 613-5210
                                                                                               or visit www.BreastfeedingNetwork.net
improved brain development.

4                   Yolo Parents Monthly Expecting Parent 2012                         www.yoloparentsmonthly.com
                                                 THE IMPORTANCE OF COLOSTRUM
Colostrum is the very first milk you produce, with the highest amount coming in the first four hours after the placenta has separated. It is
thick, and clear to yellowish in color. Colostrum is extremely important for newborns, because it contains large amounts of a specific type
of antibody (IgA) that helps protect your baby from infections that enter the body through the throat, airways, and digestive tract. Since
a newborn’s intestines are very permeable, colostrum decreases the permeability by “coating” the intestine, which has huge long-term ad-
vantages. These advantages include limiting the ability of pathogens (bacteria and viruses) to attach to the intestine and cause disease, and
protecting against penetration by possible antigens that increase the risk of developing allergies. So at a time when your baby is at his/her
most vulnerable to infection, breastfeeding offers additional protection.

Even if you plan on formula feeding your baby, most Lactation Consultants stress the importance of allowing your baby to ingest the co-
lostrum. Proteins in formula are very large compared to the proteins in your milk. These proteins can potentially damage the important
mucus layer of the intestines, thus increasing the risk for disease. The “coating” of the intestine by colostrum helps protect against any injury
by these larger proteins.

After birth, breast milk changes from the thick colostrum to a larger volume of milk that more closely resembles what we typically think of
as milk, over the course of a few weeks. During this change, your breast milk will continue to contain antibodies, although at lower levels
than in colostrum. So, by continuing to breastfeed you will be providing your baby with ongoing immune support against infection.

                                                     BENEFITS OF BREASTFEEDING

                              FOR MOM                                                               FOR BABY

                                  It’s free!                                Provides antibodies that help protect against bacteria
                                                                              and viruses, and fight off infection (e.g. respiratory
       Readily available (no need to prepare or warm up in                                    and ear infections).
                     the middle of the night).
                                                                            Easily digestible (so less constipation, diarrhea, and
       Allows for frequent physical and emotional bonding                   stomach upsets), reduces the chance of your baby de-
                         with your baby.                                       veloping certain allergies and diseases later in life.

            Aids losing those extra pregnancy pounds.                       Reduced risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

       Helps your uterus contract back to its original size.                          Helps protect against childhood obesity.

                    Lessens post partum bleeding.                             Suckling at the breast enhances the development of
                                                                            facial structures (bones and muscles) essential for
          Reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.                    speech development and normal alignment of the teeth.

                                                   Julie Jorgenson, MA
                               Marriage & Family Therapist Intern (66457)
                                   Sage Psychotherapy & Treatment Program
   Professional, Affordable, Accessible Counseling for Pregnancy and Postpartum
  Depression & Anxiety, Pregnancy Loss & Couples Transitioning into Parenthood
                         (916) 614-9200 ext.3
             Under the Supervision of Robin Kirk, LMFT (37167)           SagePsychotherapy.org

                    Yolo Parents Monthly Expecting Parent 2012                           www.yoloparentsmonthly.com                            5
To further discuss some of the benefits of breastfeeding and address some of the common barriers faced by new mothers I spoke with Eve
Dunaway, a Board Certified Lactation Consultant with Woodland Healthcare. In her experience, the two biggest issues women face in those
first few weeks of breastfeeding are nipple pain, and a deep concern that the baby isn’t getting enough milk.

                                                              1. NIPPLE PAIN:
Approximately 90% of women experience varying degrees of nipple pain, particularly beginning around days 3-4 after birth. According to
Eve, “the reason why the nipples are sore is because the baby has to stretch the nipples two inches to get a good latch. The 10% of women
who don’t experience pain associated with breastfeeding have very compressible nipples.” Compounding this issue is the fact that your baby
is also learning how to suckle effectively. Eve explains, “‘breastfeeding’ is a forty-nine step behavior for a newborn. They need a lot of help
and practice in the first couple of days.”

The great news is there are techniques, including a “deep latch” that lactation consultants can help you with to assist in decreasing nipple
soreness. And like most new experiences, it generally does get better with time. After the first few weeks you can expect to breastfeed with
more comfort.

                                      2. MILK SUPPLY – Is My Baby Getting Enough?
Concern over whether your baby is getting enough milk is a very common feeling for all Moms. Eve agrees, “there is nothing like the exqui-
site pain, like an ice pike to the heart, when you feel like you can’t feed your baby, or it’s not enough.” This is particularly difficult when you
are breastfeeding, as you can’t directly see or measure the amount of milk your baby drinks.

Babies actually have a built in “gas gauge” in their arm, however, which you can use to determine how much they have consumed. Eve
explains, “when they come to the breast to feed, they suck and swallow, suck and swallow. When they feel food in their stomach they open
their hand. This is the first thing we are looking for. Then their forearm works just like a gas gauge. The arm goes down to the halfway point
(1 ounce), and to their thigh (2 ounces). Once you teach Moms to see it, they are reassured, as they can see baby filling.”

It also helps ease Mom or Dad’s concerns to understand the small size of a newborn stomach. A newborn’s stomach at day one, is about
the size of a small marble size; able to hold approximately 5-7 mL (which is less than ¼ of an ounce). By day seven, it is still only as big as
a ping pong ball, holding 1.5 to 2 ounces.

                                 Eve Dunaway is a Board Certified Lactation Consultant at Woodland Healthcare, where she provides breast-
                                 feeding education, support and services. Eve lives with her husband (a pediatrician) and four beautiful children
                                      in Davis. In her spare time she enjoys reading, hiking and spending time with her friends and family.

                                                                                                               Bija Rose

                                                           L ifest yle phot ography wit h a focus on t he sweet beginnings
                                                                                               www.bijaphoto.com                     916•607•1293
6                   Yolo Parents Monthly Expecting Parent 2012                               www.yoloparentsmonthly.com
          SKIN TO SKIN (KANGAROO CARE)                                      At Woodland Healthcare, let us provide you with a
        AND IT’S IMPACT ON BREASTFEEDING                                                        environment
                                                                                  comforting your little one into the world.
                                                                                     to welcome

Again, much of the recent research regarding skin-to-skin contact              •	Certified	Baby	Friendly	Facility®	and	Skin	to	
between newborns and their parents comes from the NICU. By pro-                  Skin	Program	to	encourage	early	bonding	and	
moting skin-to-skin care, newborns in the NICU benefit from better               breastfeeding
temperature regulation, more productive feeding, and a calmer de-              •	OB/GYNs	and	Midwives	work	together	to	provide	
meanor. Predictably, those benefits have also translated to full-term            superior	care
newborns outside of the NICU. Additionally, skin-to-skin care has              •	Patient	controlled	epidural	analgesia	–	a	new	labor	
also reveled some benefits in breastfeeding for new mothers: earlier             pain	relief	technique	that	puts	you	in	control
milk production!                                                               •	Remodeled	Family	Birth	Center	and	In-room	
                                                                                 Jacuzzi	tubs	for	labor
Increased milk production normally occurs four to five days follow-            •	Celebration	dinner
ing birth. Eve Dunaway was fortunate to participate in some early              •	Childbirth	Education	Classes	&	Support	Groups
studies regarding the benefits of skin-to-skin care and noted, “if we
could get the babies skin-to-skin 80% of the time, in the first forty-
eight hours following delivery, milk onset was eight hours earlier.” So,
in addition to providing a wonderful bonding experience with your
baby, kangaroo care has been shown to stimulate milk production up
to eight hours earlier!

We are very lucky here in Yolo County, as both our birthing centers are
                                                                             Looking for a Woodland Healthcare OB/GYN or Midwife?
Baby Friendly®. The Baby Friendly® hospital initiative is a global UNI-
                                                                             For	more	information,	visit	woodlandhealthcare.org	or	call	
CEF and WHO campaign to support mothers in their right to choose             530.668.2600.	To	schedule	a	tour	of	our	Family	Birth	Center,	
breastfeeding. To earn the Baby Friendly® designation facilities must        call	530.669.5540.
adopt certain practices, such as promoting skin-to-skin throughout
the hospital stay, encouraging breastfeeding on demand, not separat-                                  FAMILY BIRTH CENTER
ing moms and babies from birth until discharge, and by not accepting
free formula. And skin-to-skin is for Moms AND Dads, so expect to
see plenty of shirtless men in the birthing area if you are delivering
your baby at a Baby Friendly® birthing center.

                             YOU CAN DO IT!
When discussing such a personal and expansive topic as breastfeeding, it is impos-
sible to address every issue within an article of 1,500 words. And, given the com-
plexity and unfamiliarity with breastfeeding, the first few weeks of motherhood
can turn into a time of great stress. As I mentioned above, however, I had hoped
to relate some of the significant benefits of breastfeeding and dispel some common
problems encountered by new mothers.

Just remember, there is plenty of lactation support available in the community once you have your baby, much of which is free. And most
health providers even offer prenatal classes on breastfeeding, so definitely make the effort to go before your baby arrives. You need to believe
in yourself, and reach out for lactation support. I consider lactation support an essential post partum requirement. So make sure you put
it in your birth plan!

Getting informed of what to expect and familiar with different latch techniques and breastfeeding positions, will empower you and your
partner. More importantly, getting informed and utilizing the support available can help make those first few weeks less stressful, and allow
you to relax and enjoy getting to know your baby.

Check out our directory at the back of the magazine for a listing of lactation support services available in Yolo County.

                    Yolo Parents Monthly Expecting Parent 2012                         www.yoloparentsmonthly.com                             7
       The Mystery of Early Pregnancy -
     Understanding and Persevering through
               Morning Sickness                                                                                              By Teena Price

Morning sickness or, as I like to refer to it, “all day sickness,” affects between 50-90% of women during pregnancy. It refers to the general
nausea pregnant women experience in their first trimester. For some women, morning sickness may also include vomiting and an aversion
to certain foods. In fact, even specific aromas may exacerbate symptoms.

Without knowing what to expect, morning sickness can be debilitating. It can make it very difficult to function at work, interact with your
family, or even live normally. Unfortunately, there is no golden cure. There are, however, many remedies you can try, and for many women
the key is to find what works for you!

Morning sickness symptoms normally peak around nine weeks and generally symptoms cease by twenty weeks gestation. In up to 20% of
pregnant women, however, nausea and vomiting may continue until birth. Further, despite the name, many women suffer from symptoms
at various times throughout the day. And, as I found out, not all pregnancies are the same when it comes to the severity of symptoms. I had
only mild nausea with my first son. During my second pregnancy (two and a half years later), however, I often experienced severe nausea
and vomiting that lasted well into my third trimester.

Unfortunately, the cause of morning sickness remains unknown. One theory
suggests that it is an evolutionary adaptation to help prevent the ingestion of
potential toxins or microorganisms that may put the fetus at risk of miscarriage,
or cause illness in the pregnant mom. Other theories suggest there may be a
hormonal component to the development of morning sickness, such as elevated
human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG), progesterone, or estrogen levels.

So, is there any way to predict if you will develop morning sickness? The short
answer is no. One study of more than nine thousand women found that symp-
toms were more common in younger women, those pregnant for the first time,
non-smokers, and those women who were overweight. Further, women who had
a history of nausea and vomiting during a previous pregnancy were also more
likely to develop symptoms. As mentioned before, however, there are no hard
and fast rules.

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        and more!
                                                                                                  • Fun and fitness for you and your little joey
                                                                                                                to enjoy together.
                                                                                                  • Hop on over and pick your path to fitness!

                                                                                               • Raychel Kubby Adler, MPH,
                                                                                               Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Group Exercise
                                                                                               • Dana Herthel B.A.,
                                                                                               Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga teacher

                                                                                                           For more information call:
                                   620 G STREET, DOWNTOWN DAVIS                                 Raychel at 530-219-5986; Dana at 530-902-5167
                                   OPEN DAILY 7AM TO 10PM                                           Or email kangaroofitness@yahoo.com
                                   www.davisfood.coop • 530-758-2667

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                               Advice For Women Experiencing Morning Sickness:

                   1. Consume small amounts of food and fluid regularly throughout the day, rather than fewer larger meals.
          Light snacks, dairy products, nuts, beans, and dry salty crackers are often recommended between meals. Some
          women find that eating salty crackers 15 minutes before getting out of bed in the morning significantly helps reduce
          their nausea.

                   2. Foods should be high in carbohydrates and low in fat and acid. Great examples are: baked potatoes (with-
          out the cheese or cream filling), white rice, dry toast, or cereal. Give the fried foods a wide berth, because they may
          cause heartburn.

                     3. Foods high in protein often have a positive effect on reducing nausea.

                   4. Avoid strong smelling foods (Brussels sprouts and broccoli are vegetable offenders when cooked). If the
          smell of hot food triggers nausea, open windows when cooking, or prepare cold meals preferentially.

                   5. Drink small amounts of fluid regularly during the day to assist in keeping well hydrated. Sucking on ice
          pops or ice chips may also help.

                    6. Some women find smelling lemons or ginger help reduce nausea, or consuming drinks containing gin-
          ger, or even ginger lollipops! Check out our recipe on page 10 for “Lizzy’s Morning Quencher”, courtesy of Lis Har-
          vey, one of the Cooking School staff at the Davis Food Coop.

                     7. If you experience nausea after taking your prenatal vitamins, try taking them with a snack, or in the

                  8. Get plenty of rest! If you do experience waves of severe nausea, DON’T WORK THROUGH IT. Take a
          break and lie down if you can.

Please note there is a form of morning sickness, known as hyperemesis gravidarum, in which nausea and vomiting are prolonged and se-
vere. While hyperemesis gravidarum is uncommon (affecting between 0.5-2% of women who give birth), it can lead to dehydration, and
may require hospitalization and intravenous fluid therapy. If you do experience severe and prolonged vomiting, making it difficult to keep
down food and fluids, or vomiting associated with pain or fever, please contact your physician immediately.

If you do experience morning sickness during your pregnancy, having an understanding partner or friends who can help out with daily
tasks during this time is essential. Be sure to take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. Make sure you check with your health care provider
before taking any herbal remedies. Although it doesn’t feel like there can be good news associated with feeling awful and vomiting, there
are some positive points to having morning sickness! It is frequently associated with lower rates of miscarriage, reduced rates of preterm
delivery, and the fetal outcome is often excellent!

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        Lizzy’s Morning Quencher
                                                                                                               By Lis Harvey

     Combine the following in a jar with a tight-fitting lid:

         • Juice of one lemon*
         • 2 Tablespoons grated ginger-root (a finger-sized piece of ginger, rinsed well, needn’t be peeled to grate well)
         • 1 Tablespoon agave nectar or honey, to taste
         • 1/2 cup water

           Shake to mix. Pour a couple tablespoons of the mixture into a glass, and fill the rest of the way
                                             with cold water or seltzer.
                         Stir and enjoy! Reserve the rest for a second helping, or a friend.

                    For a taste-adventure, add a pinch of cayenne along with the agave or honey.
                         For a warm toddy, add this mixture to a hot cup of tea. Delicious!

              *substitute meyer lemon, mandarin orange, lime, or similarly-sized citron of your choice

              Lis Harvey, is one of the Cooking School staff at the Davis Food Coop, 620 G St., Davis. www.daviscoop.com

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      A Bundle of Babble - Communication in the
                  First Six Months
                                                                                                                   By Annette DeBow
The first days and weeks with your new baby are magical, messy, and exhilarating. If only he or she could tell me what she needs we could
really have a nice understanding of the months to come. What if babies were born talking? Where would we be? Without words you and
your baby will build life long bonds. The first six months of life is a time of simple, yet profound communication. Your baby will get her
wants and needs met using a plethora of ways including gestures, vocalizations and facial expressions. Enjoy this relatively short time that
your child is non-verbal. Speech will come at about one year of age. For now your new baby is a bundle of sweet and cuddly coos and, well,
there is some crying involved.

The first stage of language development is called the pre-linguistic stage. This is the period of time that your new baby is communicating
through a reflexive cry and simply just crying. A month old infant is also a bundle full of reflexes that will slowly disappear the first three
months of her life. This is the time to really begin talking and singing to your infant. Researchers have found that infant-directed speech, or
‘motherese’ is very effective in gaining your new baby’s attention and aiding in language development. ‘Motherese’ is a way that individuals
communicate with infants and it is characterized by exaggerated vocalizations, a higher pitch and simplified vocabulary. After two months,
your baby should be able to recognize and distinguish your voice from another.

                                          By the time your baby reaches three months of age he or she will not only be able to make eye con-
                                          tact with you, but also maintain it. Give your baby plenty of opportunities to stare into your face,
                                          babies love faces and this is where so much communication happens. Three months of age is a
                                          great time to begin playing early turn-taking games with your infant. Imitate your baby’s coos and
                                          babbles and get close so she can feel how the sound is made on her face, belly and even her feet!

                                          At four months your baby will begin to add consonants to her cooing and this will constitute a
                                          true babble. Babbling is a very important stage in your baby’s language development. Not only is
                                          she practicing many of the sounds of English, but she is also using this new tool to communicate.
                                          A fun turn-taking activity at this stage of language development is to play an imitation game and
                                          show your baby how to produce “raspberries” with her tongue and lips. Make sure your baby has
                                          made eye contact and is seated or lying close to your face before you produce the sound.

When your five to six month old baby has begun to master the ‘ooooo’ and ‘aaaaa’ vowel sounds she will begin to reduplicate the new bab-
bling to create new sounds like ‘ma-ma-ma’ and ‘ba-ba-ba-ba.’ This stage of development is called the canonical babbling and is a very
important precursor to learn how to say words. Encourage your baby though games of Peek-A-Boo and emphasis the “Boo!” Another fun
game is Kiss, Kiss. As your child is seated or lying, give her a kiss on the belly, arms, and hands. Say “muh” with each kiss. Your child will
feel your lips on her skin as you say, “Muh.” When she stops laughing, kiss her again with and with each kiss say, “muh.”

The first six months of life with your baby is a remarkable time while your child learns the early skills of communication. She will manage
to tell you how to meet her needs without uttering a single word in the first six months of life. Enjoy this time of rapid development with
your new baby as she learns the most important skills of communication: to smile, laugh, and play.
Annette De Bow, MS, CCC-SLP
Annette has worked as a Speech/Language Pathologist in Yolo County for the past 10 years, specializing in young children from 0 to 3 years of
age. She focuses much of her practice on language, articulation/phonology and feeding therapy. She can be reached at 530-219-1938.

                   Yolo Parents Monthly Expecting Parent 2012                          www.yoloparentsmonthly.com                          11
                            LOCAL FAMILY RESOURCES
                             AND SUPPORT GROUPS
IMPORTANT NUMBERS:                                              BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT:
Emergency: Call 911                                             Breastfeeding Network
OB/GYN - Midwife:                                               Jaye Simpson, IBCLC, CIIM
Birthing Center:                                                Serving Sacramento and all surrounding areas
California Poison Action Line: 1-800-222-1222                   (916) 613-5210
                                                                Providing in-home Lactation Consulting, Phone counseling,
3D/4D ULTRASOUND:                                               Weekly Parent Support Group, breast pump rentals and sales,
A Little Insight 3D/4D Ultrasound                               and BabyWeigh Scale rental. Specializing in challenging situ-
190 S Orchard Ave Ste A115, Vacaville Ca 95688.                 ations such as tongue-tie, traumatic birth, premature baby,
(707) 446 3D4D(3343)                                            low-milk supply challenges, PCOS, and multiples (twins or
http://alittleinsight.com                                       more!). Serving Sacramento and surrounding counties since
Here at A Little Insight 3D/4D Ultrasound, we believe there 1995. For more information visit: www.breastfeedingnet-
is no greater joy than the beginning of a new life. We truly work.net
enjoy bringing families together to witness the miracle of life
by specializing in 2D, 3D and 4D live ultrasound imaging. A CommuniCare Health Centers
Little Insight 3D/4D Ultrasound is unique because we truly Christy Bellin, IBCLC
offer the finest 4D prenatal experience available. We combine Call desired clinic to schedule lactation appointment.
cutting-edge technology with a family theater environment to (530) 758-2060 – Davis Community Clinic, Davis
bring you incredible images of your unborn baby in the womb. (530) 666-8960 – Peterson Clinic, Woodland
Best of all, we offer an unparalleled bonding experience that (916) 403-2900 – Salud Clinic, West Sacramento
you and your family can cherish for a lifetime!
                                                                La Leche League Support Group
BABY SUPPLIES AND CLASSES:                                      All women interested in learning more about breastfeeding,
Baby Signs                                                      along with their healthy children, are invited to attend. Sec-
Erin Panelli - Certified Instructor                             ond Thursday of each month, 10am. 345 L Street, Davis. LLL
(530) 219-0876                                                  also offers phone and email support. For more information,
www.BabySignsByErin.com                                         mothers can contact Cheri at ckannarr@pacbell.net or Soji at
Hungry or thirsty? There’s no more guesswork when your 530-400-6788, or visit lllnorcal.org.
baby signs! Play classes and workshops.
                                                            UC Davis Breastfeeding Support Program
Mother & Baby Source                                        The Breastfeeding Support Program provides university affili-
714 Second St, Downtown Davis                               ates and their partners with lactation consultations, support
(530)756-6667                                               group meetings, and the use of hospital grade breastpumps
www.motherandbabysource.com                                 located in 30 lactation sites across the campus in Davis.
Clothing, Classes and Supplies for Pregnancy, Breastfeeding For more information & to register go to www.hr.ucdavis.edu/
and Babies.                                                 worklife-wellness/Life/breastfeeding-support-program-1

BIRTHING CENTER:                                                   Winters Healthcare
Woodland Healthcare Family Birth Center                            Call clinic for lactation appointment.
1325 Cottonwood Street, Woodland                                   (530) 795-4377
(530) 668-2600
www.woodlandhealthcare.org/familybirthcenter                       Woodland Healthcare Clinic Pediatrics
At Woodland Healthcare, let us provide you with a comfort-         Weekly postpartum support group for new mothers. Bilin-
ing environment to welcome your little one into the world.         gual, open to the public, & free of charge.
We are a Certified Baby Friendly Facility(®) and offer a Skin      Mondays, 3-5 p.m. in the Medical Office Building Education
to Skin Program to encourage early bonding and breastfeed-         Classroom, 632 W. Gibson Road, Woodland
ing. Our OB/GYNs and Midwives work together to provide
superior care. We have recently remodeled our Family Birth         Woodland Healthcare Lactation Services
Center, and offer Jacuzzi tubs for labor in addition to offering   (530) 668-2600 (to schedule an appointment)
patient control epidural analgesia - which puts you in control.    (530) 669-5420 (to leave a message)
And once the newest addition to your family arrives, we offer
you an in-room celebration dinner to mark this special event.
12                Yolo Parents Monthly Expecting Parent 2012                   www.yoloparentsmonthly.com
Yolo County WIC Program                                             Yolo County. Call (530) 668-0690 for information.
Breastfeeding classes, lactation appointments, phone coun-
seling, breastfeeding peer counselor program, breastpump            First 5 Yolo Children and Families Commission
loans. Contact Samantha Pfeifer, IBCLC.                             403 Court Street, Woodland
(530) 666-8445 – All of Yolo County                                 (530) 669-2475
(916) 375-6390 – West Sacramento                                    www.first5yolo.org
(800) 663-8685 – Breastfeeding Warm-line                            In 1998, voters passed Proposition 10, a statewide ballot ini-
                                                                    tiative to add a 50-cent tax on every pack of cigarettes. The
COMMUNITY RESOURCES:                                                monies collected are used statewide and locally to fund pro-
Asperger’s Syndrome Parent Support                                  grams that promote early childhood development for children
Support for parents, caregivers and professionals that work         ages 0-5 and their families. First 5 Yolo funds a number of
with individuals diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Meets          programs throughout the county to ensure that children are
4th Wednesday of each month (January - November) 7:00 -             healthy and ready to learn and also works to identify and raise
9:00 p.m. at the Redwood Park Community Building, 1001              awareness of the challenges and opportunities facing our in-
Anderson Road in Davis. For more information contact Rob-           creasingly diverse community of children, ages 0 - 5 and their
in Dewey at rdewey@uclink4.berkeley.edu                             families.

CalWORKS                                                            National Down Syndrome Society
The CalWORKS program provides temporary financial as-               1-800-221-4602
sistance and employment focused services to families with           www.ndss.org
minor children who have income and property below State
maximum limits for their family size. Woodland Office (530)         Short Term Emergency Aid Committee (STEAC)
661-2750, West Sacramento Office (916) 375-6200.                    Provides various assistances, including food. Call (530) 758-
                                                                    5444 for information.
Center For Fathers and Families
Their mission is to strengthen families and build communi-          Spina Bifida Association
ties in the Greater Sacramento region by offering a network of      1-800-621-3141
programs and services that lead to family growth, enrichment,       www.spinabifidaassociation.org
and empowerment. 920 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento. (916)
568-DADS (3237) x 200. http://www.fathersandfamilies.com         The Food Stamp Program
                                                                 The Food Stamp Program is available through the Yolo Coun-
Children’s Craniofacial Association                              ty Department of Employment and Social Services. It helps
Is a national, nonprofit organization, dedicated to improving single people and families with little or no income to buy
the quality of life for people with facial differences and their food. For more information contact your nearest department:
families.                                                        Woodland - 25 N. Cottonwood St, Woodland. (530) 661-2750.
1-800-535-3643                                                   West Sacramento - 500 A Jefferson Blvd, West Sacramento.
www.ccakids.com                                                  (916) 375-6200.

Children’s Therapy Center                                           The Parent Place
Children’s Therapy Center is a non-profit organization. Their       In Spring 2011, a group of Davis parents planted seeds for a
mission is that no child should go through life with a disabil-     co-operative style organization to provide information and
ity that could be prevented through early intervention. Chil-       resources to parents as they face the challenges of parenting-
dren’s Therapy Center’s intervention team consists of highly        -nine months later the ‘The Parent Place’ was born! The Parent
trained, experienced pediatric therapists and early childhood       Place is a virtual parenting resource center where you can find
educators. CTC provides the following high quality programs:        information and connect with other parents.
speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, infant      Visit our website at davisparentplace.com to find: a parenting
development program 1, feeding therapy, and sensory integra-        forum where you can anonymously ask questions, share ad-
tion therapy. All of CTC’s services are available to all children   vice, make connections, and learn how other parents handle
in our community regardless of their family’s ability to pay.       issues ; a calendar that lists local family activities; a list of pro-
CTC serves children all throughout Yolo and Sacramento              fessionals that other parents have recommended; and a list of
Counties, as well as many outlying counties in the area.            links and other resources on parenting topics.
96 West Main St, Suite B, Woodland. (530) 668 1010. www.
ctchelpskids.org                                             WarmLine Family Resource Center
                                                             Provides resources and support to families of children with
Emergency Food Assistance Program                            special needs (birth to age 22). They also have a lending li-
Distributes food to qualifying people at 23 sites throughout brary of books, videos, tapes and articles to help families bet-

                  Yolo Parents Monthly Expecting Parent 2012                      www.yoloparentsmonthly.com                          13
ter understand disabilities and available services. 2025 Hurley The Yolo County Children’s Alliance has three main programs:
Way, Suite 100, Sacramento. (916) 922-9276, (800) 660-7995. 1. The Children’s Health Initiative: The initiative coordinates
907 3rd St, Davis. (530) 759-1127.                                outreach and enrollment services to provide bi-lingual assis-
                                                                  tance to families whose children don’t have health insurance.
WIC                                                               Health Access Specialists educate families about health insur-
WIC, the Women, Infants, and Children program, is a nutri- ance and will walk them through applying for free and reduced
tion program that helps pregnant women, mothers with in- cost health insurance plans. 2. Step by Step (Paso a Paso): is an
fants, and young children eat well, be active, and stay healthy. in-home visiting program for pregnant and parenting families
WIC offers families: checks to buy healthy foods such as milk, with babies up to three months of age who are parenting for
juice, eggs, cheese, cereal, dry beans and peas, and peanut the first time and who are overburdened of facing significant
butter; nutrition and health education to help you and your challenges in their lives. The goal is to connect parents with
family eat well and be active; support and information about the resources they need in order to become successful parents.
breastfeeding your baby; and help in finding health care and 3. Foster Parent Recruitment and Retention. Davis Office: 600
other community services. You can participate in WIC if you A St., Suite Y, Davis. (530) 757-5558. West Sacramento Office:
are pregnant, breastfeeding, or just had a baby; have children Alyce Norman Education Center, 1200 Anna St., Portable 21,
under 5 years old (including those cared for by a grandpar- West Sacramento. (916) 572-0560. Woodland Office: Depart-
ent, foster parent, and dads); and have a family income within ment of Employment and Social Services, 25 N. Cottonwood
WIC guidelines. Yolo County WIC Program, 137 N. Cotton- St., Woodland. (530) 661-2750 x 4056. http://www.yolokids.
wood St., Suite 1200, Woodland. (530) 666-8445. Toll free org/
number 1-888-942-9675. www.wicworks.ca.gov
                                                                  Yolo County Sexual Assualt and Domestic Violence Center
Winters Friends of the Library - Books for Babies                 175 Walnut Street, Woodland. info@sadvc.org
We will send any new baby in town (Winters) a free box filled (530)661-6336
with everything a baby needs to start enjoying books! Each Crisis Line (530)662-1133
box contains: two new baby-appropriate books, baby T-shirt www.sadvc.org
that says Let’s Read! ¡Leamos!, reading tips and book sugges-
tions, one-year gift membership to Winters Friends of the Li- Yolo Crisis Nursery
brary for the whole family, application for a Winters Library A safe haven for children during times of turmoil. The Yolo
card. The box is available in English or Spanish. To request a Crisis Nursery provides services to families with young chil-
box for a new baby, please call Carol Scianna (530-795-2201) dren (under 6 years of age), who are experiencing life crises or
or email booksforbabies@wfol.org.                                 high levels of stress. If you have questions regarding the Yolo
                                                                  Crisis Nursery or need respite while facing a crisis, please call
Yolo 2-1-1                                                        day or night at (530) 758-6680.
Planned launch in January 2012.
Yolo 2-1-1 is a telephone information and referral line that can Yolo Family Resource Center
help residents find services that can provide help with food, Their mission is to engage families in accessing support and
housing, employment, health care, counseling and more.            resources promoting health, stability and self-sufficiency, so
Any Yolo County resident can pick up a phone and dial 2-1-1 that children thrive in and contribute to a strong community.
for free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any land line or All services are free, and include women’s group, parenting
cell phone. This resource line is completely confidential and classes, health insurance outreach, enrollment and education,
multilingual.                                                     parent leadership training, counseling, and resource and refer-
                                                                  ral service. 828 Court St, Woodland, (530) 406-7221. Knights
Yolo County Car Seat Program                                      Landing Family Resource Center, 9586 Mill St, Knights Land-
The Yolo County Health Department provides free car seat ing, (530) 735-6149
checks, and a low cost car seat program. Any one is welcome
to participate in the free fitting station and have the car seats COUNSELING/FAMILY SUPPORT
checked for recalls. Call the Health Department for an ap- Sage Psychotherapy and Treatment Program
pointment, or to enquire regarding the low cost car seat pro- Julie Jorgenson, Marriage and Family Therapist Intern
gram, (530) 666-8645. 137 N. Cottonwood St, Suite 2600, (916) 614-9200 ext.3. SagePsychotherapy.org
Woodland.                                                         JulieJmftintern.com
                                                                  Julie treats a wide range of emotional and behavioral concerns
Yolo County Child Support Services                                which span from therapy for depression and grief to parent-
100 West Court St. Woodland. (866) 901-3212.                      ing support, couples counseling and beyond. In a comfort-
                                                                  able and supportive atmosphere, with compassion and under-
Yolo County Children’s Alliance and Child Abuse Preven- standing, Julie offers a highly personalized approach - tailored
tion Council                                                      to you. Julie especially enjoys working with women and cou-

14                Yolo Parents Monthly Expecting Parent 2012                   www.yoloparentsmonthly.com
ples in their reproductive years and has developed an area of                          sary in 2012. Customers select what type and size of produce
treatment focus on perinatal (pregnancy and postpartum) de-                            box they would like to receive based on their household size
pression and anxiety as well as pregnancy loss. Julie facilitates                      and their cooking habits. The produce in each box changes
the Pregnancy Loss Support Groups in Davis and Sacramento                              weekly and varies seasonally. Farm Fresh To You partners with
and she offers a free 30-minute phone consultation for all new                         other organic farms to ensure a good variety of produce year
clients.                                                                               round. Every delivery comes with 100% certified organic pro-
                                                                                       duce, farm news and recipes. The customer can change deliv-
The Pregnancy Support Group of Woodland                                                ery frequency and exclude items easily.
We know that an unplanned pregnancy can be a crisis. We ex-
ist to provide women with the support and information they                             MASSAGE:
need as they face difficult decisions surrounding their preg-                          Massage by the Bay
nancy. We care deeply about the feelings, needs, and concerns                          Emily Bay, LMT
of women in the midst of such crises. All information is confi-                        Locations in Downtown Davis and Midtown Sacramento.
dential and all our services are free.                                                 (916) 704-8105
FITNESS/WELLNESS COACHING:                                                             Receive a massage that is specifically designed for your chang-
Cayce Wallace                                                                          ing needs. Every session is customized for optimal healing and
Life coach                                                                             rejuvenation. Emily Bay is certified in Prenatal, Postnatal, and
(530)574-6646                                                                          Infant Massage. She is a California State, New York State, and
balancewise@earthlink.net                                                              Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Reflexologist with
                                                                                       over 1200 hours of training and more than 10 years of experi-
Kangaroo Fitness                                                                       ence.
Davis, CA (classes run outside, personal training and wellness
coaching are in clients homes)                                                         MOMS/DADS GROUPS:
Dana 530-902-5167 Raychel 530-219-5986. Email: kanga-                                  Dads Group
roofitness@yahoo.com                                                                   Support group for Fathers of children 0-5 years. Meets weekly.
h t t p : / / w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / p a g e s / K a n g a r o o - F i t -   The group is also held in Spanish the first and third weeks of
ness/344905962189759                                                                   the month. For more information and registration call (530)
Kangaroo Fitness is a full service fitness and wellness com-                           662-2211 ext. #20.
pany for pre/post natal mothers, fathers and caregivers to en-
joy with their little joey. We offer in-home personal training, Davis Community Men’s Talk Circle
group exercise and wellness coaching.                           Families First, 2100 Fifth Street, Davis, California
                                                                Community Men’s Talk and Drum Circles,(every first Tues-
GROCERY STORES/FRESH FOOD:                                      day of each month, 6:30 - 9:30pm) are offered at no cost, for
Davis Food Co-op                                                men 18 years and older. Men have much to offer one another
620 G. Street, Downtown Davis                                   through our differences and our emotional wounds we all
Open Daily 7am to 10pm                                          have incurred impact our lives. Understanding these wounds
530-758-2667                                                    together, allows us a deeper masculinity - one of tenderness,
www.davisfood.coop                                              wisdom and generativity. When men sit together in a circle
We are a full-service grocery store in Downtown Davis spe- of safety, (including not talking until ready) trust, and accep-
cializing in natural, organic and locally produced foods, but tance, shoulder to shoulder, we bring our own medicine for
also offer a full spectrum of products to serve our entire com- healing. All men are welcome!
munity. Our store is open to the public seven days a week,
from 7am to 10pm. At the Davis Food Co-op, the shelf price Davis Dads Group
is our member price. Nonmembers pay a 5% surcharge, but The Dads Group is open to all men who would like to connect
joining is easy and a great way to invest in your local economy with other dads in Davis. We get together to share our lives,
- ask anyone who works here about the benefits of joining struggles and joys, play sports, BBQ and do other guy stuff.
when you come to the Davis Food Co-op!                          Hey, we all need a break sometimes, right?
                                                                2nd & 4th Wednesdays @ 6:30pm, Davis Community Church,
Farm Fresh To You                                               Fireside Room (412 C Street)
Serving the Bay Area, the Sacramento region, and Los Ange- http://dccmensgroup.shutterfly.com
les, Orange and Ventura counties.
800-796-6009                                                    Davis New Parent Network
www.farmfreshtoyou.com                                          At the Davis Food Co-op (in the Co-op Teaching Kitchen),
Farm Fresh To You, the organic produce home delivery ser- 537 G St, Davis. Free, every Tuesday at 10:00AM for new-
vice, is a family owned business celebrating its 20th anniver- borns, and 11.15AM for 6 months and older. (530) 758 2667

                       Yolo Parents Monthly Expecting Parent 2012                                   www.yoloparentsmonthly.com                      15
Kinship Caregiver’s Support Group (formerly Grandpar-              1580 Howe Ave, Sacramento (916) 529-4974
ents Raising Children)                                             871 Gray St, Suite B, Yuba City (530) 763-3222
Meets every Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at the Yolo
Family Services Agency, 455 First Street, Woodland, 95695.         PHOTOGRAPHY:
For more information call Edie Dornbush at (530)662-2211           Bija Rose Photography
ext. 33 or Sandy Weiss (530) 756-0183.                             Serving Sacramento, Yolo County & beyond.
                                                                   (916) 607-1293
MOMS Club of Davis                                                 www.bijaphoto.com
MOMS stands for Moms Offering Moms Support and that’s              Vibrant & intimate images by a Sacramento-based lifestyle
exactly what we’re all about. We have playgroups and out-          photographer focusing on the milestones of your family’s
ings for kids of all ages as well as a monthly Moms Night          journey. Maternity, newborn, children, seniors and family
Out. The events are held primarily during the day, to support      portraiture.
mothers who are staying at home with their children either
full or part-time. We meet most every day to allow everyone        PREGNANCY LOSS SUPPORT:
ample opportunities to participate and welcome you to attend       Pregnancy Loss Support Group
a few events to see if the club is a good fit. For more informa-   Contact: Julie Jorgenson, Marriage and Family Therapist In-
tion, see our page on the Davis Wiki at http://daviswiki.org/      tern (IMF #66457) at (916) 614-9200 ext.3 or Julie@SagePsy-
MOMS_Club_of_Davis.                                                chotherapy.org
MOMS Club of Woodland                                              Pregnancy loss can be devastating, no matter when it happens
We are a local non-profit organization designed to provide         or what the circumstances may be. Your hopes and dreams
support, daytime activities, and resources to moms in Wood-        for the future may be dashed and you may feel as if you will
land who stay at home with their children either full-time or      never be quite the same again. Sharing with others who have
part-time. Our organization provides wonderful opportuni-          experienced pregnancy loss can be both comforting and heal-
ties for mothers in our community to connect with each other,      ing. This group is intended to provide a safe place to meet and
have fun, and form lasting friendships. If you would like to       share, to give and receive support. Whether your pregnancy
join or find out more information, please contact us via e-mail    loss occurred weeks, months, or even more than a year ago
at: WoodlandMomsClub@yahoo.com, or visit www.mom-                  – you are welcome. Groups meet in Davis and Sacramento.
sclub.org for more information.                                    Come, be with others who understand.

New Mom’s Support Group                                            POSTPARTUM SUPPORT:
(Dad’s and Grandparents are welcome too). At Mother and            Woodland Healthcare Postpartum Support Group (English
Baby Source, 714 Second St., Davis. (530) 756-6667. Free, ev-      and Spanish)
ery Wednesday, 8:30-10:00 AM. The group is provided for par-       (530) 669-5420
ents of babies aged newborn – 5 months. A great opportunity
to meet other new parents going through the same experience.       YOLO COUNTY EVENTS - FAMILY FRIENDLY:
Come to a warm relaxing environment and share or just listen.      Yolo Parents Monthly
                                                                   Free quarterly parent magazine featuring a monthly calendar
Special Needs Family Support Group                                 of family friendly events in Yolo County, a children’s book
Meets Mondays, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. at the Yolo Family Resource        review, easy recipes for busy families, general parenting and
Center, 409 Lincoln Ave., Woodland. This parent-led support        topical articles. The magazine is available at libraries, daycares,
group is for families of children with special needs. Childcare    family friendly locations, and many physicians offices. If you
and refreshments are provided. For more information call           subscribe on-line (it’s free), you’ll receive our interactive pdf
(530) 406-7221.                                                    version each month in your email inbox, and you will be auto-
                                                                   matically entered into the draw to win a copy of the children’s
Twins and Parents                                                  book being reviewed that quarter, and any other giveaways!
Monthly support for parents of twins. Meetings are for parents     Check out our website, facebook page, and subscribe today!
only, but the group organizes events and activities for every-     www.yoloparentsmonthly.com
one to enjoy. For more information call Christine Easton at
(530) 756-1047.                                                Sweet Potato Pie
                                                               528 Main Street, Woodland
PEDIATRIC DENTIST:                                             (530) 662-8000
Children’s Choice Pediatric Dental Care                        A consignment clothing store (also sells new toys and hosts
Serving infants, children, and those with special needs.       great kid’s sing along sessions), which publishes an online
4150 Truxel Rd, Suite B, Sacramento (916) 515-0005             monthly list of kid friendly things to do in Woodland.

16                Yolo Parents Monthly Expecting Parent 2012                    www.yoloparentsmonthly.com

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