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					GarageBand Instructional Video Script
Instructions: Read and record the following script to assist you in creating your first
podcast. However, this script can also be used as an instructional handout for use in you


Have you ever wanted to be a real life podcaster? But just figured it was beyond your
expertise. Think again. Now with Macintosh’s GarageBand software, it’s easy to create
and record your own songs and instructional videos. This podcast will show you the basic
process of making your own podcast with GarageBand.

Step One- Open GarageBand:

First, Click on the GarageBand Icon in your Mac’s dock to open the program.

Second, choose Creating New Podcast Episode. You will then be prompted to create a
file name and location in which to save. Create an appropriate name for your podcast and
then click “Save”.

Step Two- Deleting a Track:

After saving your podcast, a new screen will open with four tracks; including, a Podcast
Track, a Male Voice, a Female Voice, and Jingles. You should keep the Podcast Track
and delete the other three by highlighting them and then clicking Apple delete or
choosing “Track” in the Menu Tool Bars and clicking Delete Track.

Step Three- Adding a Basic Recording Track:

Once you have deleted the other tracks, you will need to create a new Basic Recording
Track. Choose “Track” in the Menu Tool Bars and then choose “New Basic Track”.
This is where you will be recording your podcast.

Step Four- Begin Recording:

Now that you have setup your podcast, you are ready to begin your recording. A well-
prepared student should have a prewritten script. Recording is really quite simple. Click
on the Red Recording button to Start and then follow these tips:
           1. Speak in an loud, audible, clear voice
           2. Read your script slowly and carefully
           3. If you make a mistake, DO NOT STOP!
When you are finished your recording, you will again click on the Red Recording button
to Stop. You should return to the beginning of your track and listen to it for any errors.
If you make numerous errors, select the Track Editor, represented by the Scissors Button,
and delete unwanted portions of your recording. (I will help you with this!)

Step Five- Adding Pictures:

Before adding pictures, listen to the track and pause where you will be adding your first
image. Using the images/photos in your iphoto library, you should drag and drop an
image from the Media Browser into the Podcast Track. Be sure to align the Grey Image
bar and the Red Recording bar so the image and recording connect. Repeat this process
for all other images. Once you have added all your photos and aligned them to your
recording, you are ready to save and export into itunes. However, you should preview
your completed podcast by clicking the Track Info. Button next to the Media Browser.

Step Six- Saving and Exporting:

To change your file from a GarageBand project file into an Itunes song, First, save any
changes by clicking File and then Save. Then, go to the share menu and click “Send Song
to Itunes”. This function automatically opens itunes and sends the podcast to your itunes
library. From itunes, you will be able to upload it onto your ipod and share it with your
friends and family.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial on GarageBand and learned a few things along the way.
These basic tasks are just a taste of what this powerful recording software can do.

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