Physics in Sports Project Rubric

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					Physics in Sports Project Rubric 120 POINTS!!! (Plus optional Extra Credit)        Name

Overall—24 possible points

___8 Attendance (2pts/day)
___8 Behavior/Work Ethic (2 pts/day—2=0 reminders, 1=1 reminder, 0=more than 1 reminder)
___8 Appropriate and Responsible use of technology and class materials (2pts daily)

iPhoto—54 possible points

___11 Quantity of Slides (1 pt each)
___2 Title/Cover slide (1 pt name, 1 pt informative title)
___20 Slide captions (1 pt each—written concepts relate to images)
___4 Mechanics (grammar, spelling, sentence structure)
___4 Organization (ex—velocity slide before momentum)
___4 Variety and Creativity
___4 Follow Instructions and Work Independently—rely first on yourself and second on peers
___5 Met or exceeded time goals given by teacher (including finishing work at home when needed)

Action Shot/Digital Camera—18 possible points

___4 Photo demonstrates a physics concept learned in class
___2 One or more props were used
___2 Written title/caption explains concept
___1 Mechanics
___1 Name on slide
___2 Photo successfully uploaded to teacher computer (without teacher input)
___2 Photo successfully incorporated into PhotoStory
___2 Partner cooperation
___2 Task completed within assigned time period

Laptop Stations—24 possible points

___2 Follow Directions
___2 On Task
___20 (5 for each presentation)
       ____4 evaluation of slide accuracy
       ____4 evaluation of variety of slides
       ____4 sketch each photo
       ____4 explain concept (own words)
       ____4 write a formula representing this concept

Extra Credit—up to 15 points! See back for instructions.
EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA…CREDIT!                                                 Try one or more of the

Think of a person in the sports industry. He/she can be an athlete, uniform designer, sports equipment
manufacturer, owner/marketer of a team or sports related product, coach, etc. Develop a set of interview
questions (10 or more, half of which must relate to physics) to ask this person. Interview the person face to
face, on the phone, or through email (or mail) and record his/her answers. Submit the interview questions
and answers in a neat and legible format. If you are interested in completing this extra credit but cannot get
the interview set up or completed before the due date, please see me for an extension.

See me if you finish early on Thursday--you may be able to edit the class Photo Story by working on transitions,
music, arrangement, voice over, etc.

Use newspapers and magazines in the classroom (or from home) to make a visually pleasing paper copy of
your project. You may change the sport and complete a totally new project as well. Display 10 or more
pictures on poster paper. Next to each write a related concept (complete sentence(s) and equation. Include a
descriptive title.

Peruse Science Projects About the Physics of Sports. Choose an experiment you would like to try—here or at
home with supervision. Seek teacher approval. Utilize the scientific method to design and conduct an
experiment related to one you read about in the book. Write a report including a title, hypothesis, materials,
procedure, results (diagram and chart or graph), analysis, and conclusion. This can be in a report or trifold
format (like our scientific method project).

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