Why Satoyama Is Important -Village Forests Possibility- by ert554898


									Why ‘SATOYAMA’ Is Important?
  -from the viewpoint of Biodiversity-

                   Kishi Seminar
       Toshimi Hori, Yusuke Hosoi, Masayuki Kinoshita
        Junko Masuda, Shingo Mori, Shinya Murauchi
             Tomoya Saito, Hisanori Sakamoto
  Faculty of Economics, Doshisha University
1.What is ‘SATOYAMA’?

2.Biodiversity’s meaning in

  1. What is ‘SATOYAMA’?
             ・Japanese traditional living place
              →living place for securing food and

             ・Place where multiple component exist
              →secondary forest(copse),
               reservoirs ,rice fields and houses etc.

             ・Place where person uses nature, and
              nature becomes rich, too
              →Necessity of proper artificial
Position of ‘SATOYAMA ‘from
           Capital side
                         Natural Capital
 Natural Capital          Important capital to sustain
                           lives which are created from
 Cultivated Natural        nature
  Capital                  ex)water、soil etc.
                         Human Made Capital
 Human Made               Necessary capital to doing
              Satoyama     production activity for human
                           ex)producing facility(factory)
                         Cultivated Natural Capital
                           Natural capital that changes
                           by moderate investment of the
                           human made capital
                           ex) Satoyama etc.
     ‘Satoyama’ various functions

(1)Satoyama where formed traditional culture

(2)Satoyama as relaxation place

(3)Satoyama where have the purification of
  atmosphere and water quality and dam functions

(4)Satoyama where biodiversity has been brought
2.Biodiversity’s meaning in
              Biodiversity :
              all of gene,species and
                 ecosystem in an area
               hereditary diversity
               species’ diversity
               ecosystem diversity
              →first resource as the
                 source energy
    Traditional balance system of
       the nature and human
・Satoyama for living place
・Satoyama for sustainable use by human
  →Proper artificial management
・The formation of ecosystem →the creation
 of various utility value for human
        Economical value of SATOYAMA
   Direct economical value
    • Renewable energy, Foodstuffs, Medical supplies , Fuel・・・
    • Place as production of timber
   Indirect economical value
    •  Purification of air and water
    • Mitigation of floods and control of landslide
    • Partial moderation and amelioration, or stabilization of climate
    • Aesthetic beauty and intellectual stimulation
    • Support of diverse human cultures
    • Recreational sites
    • Detoxification and decomposition of wastes, generation and renewal of soil
      fertility, pollination of crops and natural vegetation, moderation of the force of
              environment                         preserve Satoyama
Energy                                            Hereinbefore, we must
and coal)                                         where have various
            Realization of the    Life waste
            life which people     (feces,and      utility value for human
                who live in       urine/kitchen
              Satoyama can        garbage)
Resources(       maintain
wood, food,
                                                  The realization of
                                                    sustainable society
ecosystem of traditional Satoyama
    Importance of the Satoyama
                                   Our Kishi seminars are
                                    carrying out activity for
                                    conserving Satoyama.
                                   Various value exists in
                                    Satoyama. The society
The Satoyama conservation           which human maintain
activities of a Kishi seminar       can be formed by utilizing
                                    the value effectively.
                                   Therefore, it can be said
                                    that Satoyama's
                                    conservation is important.

Stage of the Satoyama conservation activities

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