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									                                                               General Research & Biotechnology
                                                               Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service
Koyaolu-Salami, Olugbenga                                      Ibadan
                                                               Office phone: 234-2-2314183 Ex 26
                                                               Mobile: +234-805-208-1453

Biographical Data
Date of Birth:      10th July, 1964
Place of Birth:     Ibadan, Nigeria
Sex:                Male
Marital Status      Married
State of Origin     Ogun

2006                Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel     Post-Graduate Diploma in Biotech &
                                                               Bioinformatics in Agriculture
2001/2003           University of Ibadan, Ibadan. Nigeria      M.Sc. Plant Pathology (Virology)
2000                University of Ghana                        Certificate of Attendance in Plant
                                                               Tissue Culture
1991/1998           University of Agriculture Abeokuta.        B.Sc. Agriculture
1981/1986           Igbobi College Yaba Lagos                  West African School Certificate
1975/1981           Ibadan City Council Pry. School            First School Leaving Certificate

Workshop Attended   Problem Formulation: A Strategic           Certificate of Attendance
2011                Approach to Risk Assessment of GMO
                    19-23 September, 2011
2010                Pest and Disease Diagnostics for Interna   Certificate of Attendance
                    tional Trade and Food security
                     23rd Aug - 3rd September 2010
                    @ Ohio Agric. and Research Dev.
                    Centre Wooster Ohio, United States of
2009                Biosafety Workshop ”Theoretical            Certificate of Attendance
                    Approaches and their Practical
                    Application in the Risk Assessment
                    for the Deliberate Release of
                    Genetically Modified Plants”
                    12-16 October 2009, Ca’ Tron di
                    Roncade, Italy.

2009                Training on Diagnosis of Virus diseases    Certificate of Training
2006                Biosafety workshop on Confined Field       Certificate of Participation
                    Trials. Accra, Ghana.
2005                 SHESTCO/IITA Training workshop on         Certificate of Attendance
                     Plant Regeneration and Genetic
2004                 NPQS Training course on Information       Certificate of Participation
                     Technology and Database Management
2003                 FAO Senior Officers Training on           Certificate
                     Contemporary Phytosanitary Measure
                     and Procedure
2000                 IPGRI Plant Genetic Resources             Certificate of Attendance

Employment History
Dec 2008– Till date Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine            Senior Agric. Officer (Virology,
                    Service, Post-entry Quarantine             Biosafety)
                    Headquarter Station

Job Schedule          Officer in charge of General Research and Biotechnology laboratory
                      Inspection and certification of all imported germplasm.
                      Salvaging of virus-infected imported plant and plant products through tissue
                      Inspection and certification of planting materials moving to and from Nigeria
                       to prevent introduction of exotic pests or new virulent forms of existing pests
                       into collaborating countries where they do not presently occur.
                      Conduct field and screen house inspection during active growth on all NPQS
                       clients’ mandate crops
                      Laboratory diagnostics, identification of pathogens from germplasm materials
                      Provide an effective disposal system for the control of micro-organisms and
                       hazardous materials.
                      Maintain culture collection records of various pathogens by regular transfer.
                      Supervision of Laboratory Technicians and Attendants

Key Achievements:       Production of polyclonal antibodies against the following viruses
                         Yam Mosaic virus
                         Dioscorea alata virus
                         Use of different diagnostic tools to detect virus

                     M.Sc. Thesis: Effect of Yam mosaic virus and Dioscorea alata virus on yield and
                                   growth performance of Dioscorea rotundata (White yam)
                     B.Sc. Thesis: Effect of Hill slope soils in Abeokuta urban periphery

                     Monitoring Tour of Pre-emptive management of Cassava Mosaic Disease field
                     activities in Nigeria.
ADHOC                      Secretary for NPQS committee on International Phytosanitary Portal
DUTIES/RESPONSI            Member of NPQS committee on review of ISPM standards
BITIES                     Member of NPQS committee on review of Nigeria checklist of pest
                           Member of NPQS committee on appropriate methods of handling fresh &
                            perishable plant products for export
                           Member of subcommittee for harmonization of Quarantine services

Honors And Award           USDA/Cochran Fellowship
Won                        Kirkhouse Trust Foundation
                           MASHAV Fellowship Award
                           UNU/INRA) Fellowship
                            The United Nations University,
                            Institute for Natural Resources
                    I        in Africa (Award

Computer Training        Knowledge of using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on computer.

Languages               English – Fluently
                        French – Sparingly
                        Yoruba – Fluently

Member of                  Nigerian Society of Plant Protection (NSPP)
Associations               American Phytopathology Society (APS) Membership Number 192646

Extra Curricular    Table Tennis, Football, Reading, Traveling and meeting people of different
Activities          cultural background

Mrs S.O.            The Director (Department of Plants & plant products Quarantine)
Onwuaduegbo         Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service
                    Moor Plantation
                     Fax: 234-2-2412221
Dr. Bola Raji       Biotechnology Unit                    234-2-2412626 Ex 2509
                    International Institute of Tropical
                    Agriculture (IITA)
                    Oyo Road Ibadan
                    Nigeria.                              Email:

Prof. S.S. Abiola   College of Animal Production & Health,
                    University of Agriculture,
                    Ogun State.

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