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					The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company (Northwestern Mutual)

                                      • Permanent insurance is combined with term insurance

                                      • Premiums vary with the proportion of term and
                                        permanent coverage that you choose

                                      • Maximum insurance is provided for minimum premiums

                                      • Cash values are accessible and available via loans for
                                        emergency or opportunity

29-4331-06 (0603) (REV 1011)
personal & business                                         ECL SPECIFICATIONS

protection                                                  Features
                                                            • Death benefit of base amount guaranteed for life
• Accommodate estate preservation needs for                 • Guaranteed cash value
  single individuals.
                                                            • Optional additional premiums and lump sums
• Provide widows or widowers financial                      • Participating, shares in company’s divisible surplus
                                                            • Minimum premiums based on current mortality
• Provide the means for a family business to pass             rates, expenses and investment earnings
  on the full value of the enterprise to one child,         • Option to mix term insurance with permanent
  while still leaving equitable assets to other children.     insurance
• Provide children from a previous marriage with
                                                            Issue Ages
  a death benefit or pass on other assets from
  your estate to them.                                      • Ages 18-85

• Provide a death benefit, but also have the ability        Policy Sizes
  to accumulate cash for retirement.                        Minimum amounts:
• Provide the means to fund buy/sell agreements,
  deferred compensation plans or executive                  Maximum amount:
  benefit plans.                                            • Policy size maximums based on underwriting
                                                              and insurable interest limits

economical                                                  • Total annual premium limits vary depending
                                                              on policy size
Northwestern Mutual’s Estate CompLife (ECL) combines
whole life and term insurance to offer a large death        Premiums
benefit at a low premium. When the policy is issued, the    Payable to age 121 or until death, if sooner.
ratio of whole life to term protection can be adjusted,
                                                            ECL Base portion:
within limits, to create payments that fit your budget.
                                                            Guaranteed level for the life of the contract.
The dividends earned on your ECL plan help replace the
                                                            Additional Protection portion:
term insurance portion. Over time, the dividends may
convert the term into permanent insurance, causing the      Subject to change annually depending on
ratio of permanent-to-term to change. This conversion       dividend scale.
process can be accelerated if you opt to make additional
payments.                                                   Alternate Premium Payment Options
Additional payments may also be used to increase the        Eligible dividends and/or partial surrender of
total death benefit of your policy. At the time of issue,   additions may be used to pay the premium.
you may establish a schedule of additional premium
payments, or you may put off the decision. Keep in          Dividend Options*
mind, however, that any increase in additional premiums     • Purchase paid-up additions
that is not scheduled at the time of your original
purchase may be subject to the underwriting process.
                                                            • Reduce premium payments

Regardless of the established payment schedule, the         • Accumulate at interest
policy’s Early Warning System tests your policy every       • Receive in cash
year to check if the term insurance portion will be         * Choosing an option other than paid-up additions prior to converting
completely replaced by permanent insurance by age 121,      all term insurance could result in a reduction of term protection.
based on Northwestern Mutual’s current dividend scale.
This system keeps you up-to-date in the event of an
adjustment is needed.
Non-Forfeiture Options                                            Glossary of Insurance Terms
• Automatic Premium Loan (APL) supported by the                   CASH VALUE
  cash value.                                                     The amount of cash available to the owner when
• Remain in force as a reduced paid-up whole life plan.           a policy is surrendered to the company. Most of
                                                                  the accumulated cash value is also available to
• Cash surrender.
                                                                  policy-owners in the form of policy loans. Any
Policy Loans                                                      policy loans plus accrued interest are deducted
                                                                  from the cash value in determining the cash
• Most of the accumulated cash value is available for loan.
                                                                  surrender value.
• Variable loan rate or fixed 8%.
• With “Direct Recognition,” the percentage of cash               A refund of premium. Illustrated dividends
  value borrowed affects amount of dividend credited.             reflect current claim, expense and investment
• Any outstanding loan and accrued interest balances              experience and are not estimates or guarantees
  are deducted from the policy proceeds upon                      of future results. The dividend scale is reviewed
  surrender or death.                                             annually by the Company’s Board of Trustees
In Arkansas, ECL policies will have 5%.                           and is subject to change. Dividends are not
                                                                  guaranteed. Non-guaranteed values and benefits
Optional Policy Benefits*                                         include dividends. Dividends earned on personal
Waiver of Premium               Ages      18-59                   insurance are generally not considered taxable
                                                                  income until all dividends received exceed all
Additional Purchase             Ages      18-38
                                                                  premiums ever paid. Generally speaking, when
*Subject to underwriting and/or additional cost.                  used to purchase paid-up additional insurance,
                                                                  dividends never become taxable if the policy is
Waiver of Premium Benefit                                         held until death.
Disability before Age 60                                          FACE AMOUNT
Waives the payment of all premiums that come                      Original guaranteed death benefit.
due during the total disability of the insured if the
disability due to accident or sickness occurs on or               MUTUALITY
before the policy anniversary nearest the insured’s               Company organized and operated for the benefit
60th birthday.                                                    and protection of its policyowners. A mutual
                                                                  company has no stockholders.
Disability after Age 60
Waives the payment of all premiums that come due                  PARTICIPATING
during the total disability of the insured and prior              Policies that are eligible to share in the
to the policy anniversary nearest the insured’s 65th              distribution of dividends paid out of the divisible
birthday if the disability occurs after the policy                surplus of the company.
anniversary nearest the insured’s 60th birthday.                  PREMIUM
                                                                  The amount payable to the life insurance
Additional Purchase Benefit                                       company for benefits provided under the plan.
Guarantees the right to buy more insurance without                Consult with your legal or tax advisor for specific tax advice.
proof of insurability, subject to terms and conditions
of the benefit.
                                                                            The Northwestern Mutual
                                                                            Life Insurance Company • Milwaukee, WI
This policy has exclusions. For costs and more complete           
information, contact your Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
                                                                            29-4331-06 (0603) (REV 1011)
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network is the marketing name for
the sales and distribution arm of The Northwestern Mutual Life
Insurance Company (NM) and its subsidiaries and affiliates.
To be used with Policy Form No. TT.ECL.(0608)

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