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									                                          STUDENT CAMPUS CENTRE – home to the Ryerson Students’ Union and all of the RSU services

                                         RyERSON STUDENTS’ UNION
                                         WHAT IS THE RSU?
      RYERSON STUDENTS’ UNION            Every full-time undergraduate student and all graduate students, part-time and full-time, are represented by the
                                         RSU. The RSU is the central, autonomous body that is independent from Ryerson’s administration and works to
      Student Campus Centre SCC-311
                                         meet the needs of students and advocates on their behalf.
      416-979-5255                  The RSU also provides cost-saving services and hosts events across campus and in our student pub – the Ram in the                   Rye. Whether you access the Member Services Office for the Members’ Health and Dental Plan, buy discount movie
                                         tickets, sell or buy used textbooks at the Used Book Room or attend any of our great events, the RSU’s services are
                                         here to save you money and improve your Ryerson experience.
                                         The Member Services Office is located in the Student       The service is a year-round, convenient and centralized
                                         Centre lobby and offers most of the services that come     way to buy and sell quality used text books and
                                         with your membership in the RSU. These include:            course material. Visit to for
                                         • Student discount TTC pass – Ryerson students can get     more information.
                                         cheaper monthly TTC passes. RSU members can buy            • Free legal counselling – Advice on a variety of legal
                                         non-transferable passes for $99 a month, a savings of      issues and a notary service is available through the RSU’s
                                         $22 off the regular adult TTC Metropass. One pass per      in-house lawyer.
                                         student is allowed.                                        • Full-time Student Advocate – The RSU employs an
                                         • International Student Identity Card (ISIC) – You can     advocate to assist students with academic appeals and to
                                         get discounts on travel, in stores and for attractions     promote student rights on a range of issues.
                                         across Canada and around the world.                        • Free member’s handbook and dayplanner – A
                                         • Members’ Health and Dental Plan – All full-time          comprehensive guide to your students’ union is avail-
                                         students are automatically enrolled in this plan, which    able in September of each year and is useful year-round.
                                         provides comprehensive, extended health and dental         VOLUNTEER AND GET INVOLVED
                                         insurance coverage. The cost is automatically added to
                                                                                                    There are more than 50 part-time employment
                                         your tuition fees and appears as a separate charge on
                                                                                                    positions available through the RSU. Applications are
                                         your statement. If you have comparable coverage, be
                                                                                                    available at the beginning of each term.
                                         sure to opt out online for a refund by the first Friday
                                         in October.                                                There are lots of ways to get involved with your
                                                                                                    students’ union:
                                         • Event and movie tickets – We offer tickets to all RSU
                                         and campus events and discounted tickets to off-campus     • Join committees to participate in campaigns.
                                         entertainment including Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club and          • Assist in event planning, outreach and education to
                                         movies shown in the Cineplex and AMC theatres.             students.
                                         • Used Book Room – The RSU helps you save money            • Run for election and join the board of directors. The
                                         when you buy textbooks at the Used Book Room and           annual elections are held each February.
                                         make money by selling books through consignment.           For more information, email

 FRoM lEFT To RighT:
   Melissa Palermo, Vice-President of Education; Rodney Diverlus, Vice-President of Equity; Caitlin Smith, President;
   Sean Carson, Vice-President of operations; and Alyssa Williams, Vice-President of Student life & Events

Building an equitable campus:
• Community Food Room                                       • travel grants for graduate student work
• RyeACCESS                                                 • free phones on campus
• RyePRIDE                                                  • free tax clinic
• Students Against Racism                                   • discount AMC and Cineplex tickets
• Women’s Centre                                            • discount auto insurance program
• Sustainability Committee                                  • RSU merchandise including fairly traded t-shirts, book
• Equity Committee                                          bags, clipboards, eco-friendly notebooks and Klean
Saving you money, making life                               Building community and having fun:
easier:                                                     • more than 60 student groups
• academic appeals and student advocacy                     • weekly events at the Ram in the Rye
• Member’s Health and Dental Plan                           • diverse daytime programming
• discount TTC pass                                         • annual multicultural show
• TTC tokens                                                • Winter Week of Welcome events
• postage stamps                                            • campus caravan
• Used Book Room                                            • ski trips
• CopyRITE                                                  • much more
• International Student Identity Card                       Visit for more information.
• StudentSaver Card
• graduate photos

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