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									                                                                                           OCBC Bank
OCBC Softcopy Trade Transaction Application Forms
At OCBC, we are constantly looking for ways to serve you better on your trade transaction application
process. Besides our internet banking transaction initiation module, the Velocity@OCBC.com, we have also
made some of our most frequently used trade transaction application forms available in softcopy in Microsoft
word templates, so that your next trade transaction application may be prepared with ease.

In addition to the above, we have also made available a one-time Indemnity form in softcopy to be used as
your authorization and standing instruction to us to Negotiate/Discount/Purchase your bills with
discrepancy(ies) which you may, from time to time, submit to us.

A. What are the forms that have been made available in softcopy?
(1) Transaction Application forms
        Documentary Collection/Negotiation Form
        Letter of Credit Application Form
        Malaysian Bankers Acceptance Application
        Application for Transfer of Letter of Credit
        Invoice Financing Application
        Foreign Currency Trade Finance Drawdown Notice
        OCBC Trust Receipt Form

                                            BA Application Form

 Invoice Financing   FCTF Drawdown    OCBC Trust receipt
  Application form       notice             form

(2) One Time Export Bill Purchase Indemnity form
       Discrepancy Indemnity for Export Negotiation

These forms are to be completed and submitted to the nearest OCBC branch, along with the relevant
documents, for further processing. The one-time Indemnity form only needs to be completed and submitted
B. What are the major benefits of using the soft copy forms?
       Improved layouts that provide more space for the user to input the information.
       Simpler form filling process using Microsoft Word.
       Minimize overlapped and untidy typing. No more illegible handwritings.
       You may save your standard data/details/particulars that you have input onto the form so that you
        need not have to re-input the same again for your next transaction.
       Only minimal input when you prepare the form for your next transaction.

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