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              on the XI International Issyk-Kul Sports Games of

                SOC, CIS and the Russian Federation's regions

  Primary targets and tasks

        The XI International Issyk-Kul Sports Games are traditional sporting
  Games and carried out under the motto "Asia is the region of cooperation and
  peace". Aiming at the further development and substantial improvement in
  social and cultural exchange of mass sporting events, strengthening the
  friendship between the nations and sport organizations participated in the
       The primary targets of the Games are:
       - involvement of the general population to systematic training and
         sporting exercises;
       - forming of the healthy way of life;
       - active development of national mass sports;
       - Exchange of experience in the field of physical culture and sports.
Time-frame of the International Issyk-Kul Sporting Games

       The ХI International Issyk-Kul Sporting Games are held from 4th to 12th of
September 2011 in Cholpon-Ata. Arrival day is 4th of September 2011, departure –
12th of September 2011.

Management of the International Issyk-Kul Sports Games

      General management of the VХI International Issyk-Kul Sports Games is
carried out by the State Agency of Physical Culture and Sports under the
Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, International Confederation of Sports
Organization, and Trade union Federations of the Kyrgyz Republic.
      The Organizing Committee and Chief Panel of Judges carry out direct
management of the Games.

Participants and conditions of the Games

        Participants from SOC, CIS and the Russian Federation’s regions have
expressed and confirmed their consent to take part in the Games. The delegation
staff is not limited.
        Invitation letters define all registered staff of incoming delegations. Age of
the participants must be over 18, except family teams.
        The delegation staff includes the family teams - 3 members (father, mother,
child under 14).
        SOC and CIS countries, participating in the Games, are the subjects of equal
treatment of “Fair Play”, solidarity and amity. Competitions are held among male
and female teams separately in age groups up to 35, except of “tug-of-war”
        All the participants should undergo the medical checkup and have the
confirmation of it.

Winners and their rewarding

1. All the sporting games, included in the International Issyk-Kul Sports Games
   program, fight for:
       - personal achievements in individual types of the sporting activity;
       - Team leadership in playing and collective sports.
2. Participants, who took the first three places at the private leadership, are
   awarded by the medals, diplomas.
3. Teams of playing and collective sports such as: table tennis, volleyball, beach
   volleyball, mini football, beach football, street ball, tug-of-war, family teams
   taken the first three places are awarded by the diplomas and medals.
The terms of putting applications

       Applications for participation at the International Issyk-Kul Sports Games
are subject of registration to the Organizational Committee before 5th August 2011
by the following address: Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, Togolok-Moldo st.17. Fax:
(0312) 32-53-08, tel: 32-53-93, 62-51-90
       Nominal applications and documents of each participant (passport, birth
certificate) are given to the Credentials committee after the registration of the
delegation on a day of arrival.
       Participants' age is defined on the day of final competitions. Accreditation of
participants, coaches and head of the delegations take place after going through the
Credentials committee procedure. Accreditation ID, badges, chest number ID and
hand-outs are the subject of distribution to all legally registered participants.

Admittance of the participants

       Accommodation, meals and travel paid by the delegations of the sending
organization. One day per one member is costs 40 $.
        Registration fee for incoming delegations is 10$ per person and are
collected by Republican Council of Voluntary Physical Culture and Sport Society
       State Agency on Physical Culture and Sports under the Government of the
Kyrgyz Republic is responsible for all the expenses on holding the Games, after
coordination on further actions with Organizing Committee.
       Trade unions federation of the Kyrgyz Republic is in charge for preliminary
and final preparations for full-board lodging of the incoming delegations and the
sporting venues. International Confederation of Sporting Organizations (ICSO)
facilitates with official invitation letters to all the participants of Shanghai
Organization of Cooperation (SOC) countries, CIS and regions of the Russian
Federation. Also takes active participation in the official Opening Ceremony (OC).
Event’s reminders, special prizes and hand-outs are the subject of preparation of
       All the participants and delegations are obliged to accommodate in
designated by Organizing Committee living facilities. Those, who compromise this
Requirement and go as they please, will not be allowed to take part at the Games.
The Organizing Committee will not take charge for the health and safety of
those who violates this Requirement.

Competition program on sports

International Issyk-Kul Sports Games competition program includes popular sports
for men, women, family teams; participants and teams take part in selected sports.

      The order of carrying out the competition is defined by the Chief Panel of
judges. The Organizational Committee depending on some circumstances may
allow the Chief Panel of judges to change regulations and days of final
competition. The Rules and Regulations of the XI International Issyk-kul Games
will be distributed to the incoming delegations in advance.


Weight sport

        Competitions are held in weight category from 70kg, 80kg, 90kg and more
than 90 kg. All the weights in age group under 35 and over 35. 10 minutes are
given for warm-up exercise. Weighing takes place 1 hour before the competition
starts. The "snatch" competition is made by single lift-up of one hand, than another

       The winner is determined by the biggest number of lift-ups with right and
left hands in each weight category.

       Weight lift-up relay competition includes of 3 athletes in each team, no age
and weight limitations, the same rules applied to determine the winner as it is in
lift-ups. The team that carried out the biggest numbers of “snatches” during 9
minutes set is the winner


    The competitions are individual. They are carried out among men and
women separately. No more than 2 sportsmen take part from each delegation.

       Game format: 1 set x 3 lega from "501" according to the Olympic system. A
preliminary competition "The Big Round" takes place according to the competition
rules. After this game only 16 sportsmen (men and women separately) who have
taken the largest number of points are included in the game "501".


        Individual competition.

Men: race 1000 m, cross 3000 m, broad jump, putting the shot.

Women: race 500 m, cross 1000 m, broad jump, putting the shot.

      Winner is determined according to the best result among men and women
separately in age groups till 35 and older 35.
Mini-football (between the male teams)

Beach soccer football (between the male and female teams)

      The team staff - 12 members

      Competitions are held in age groups till 35 and older 35 according to the
current rules and FIFA regulations.

        Teams are divided into groups, competitions are held on the circular system.
If the team wins, it gets 3 points, draw - 1 point, loss - 0.

       In case when two teams have equal points, the priority is given to that team,
which has more victories. If the teams have equal number of points, on aggregate
results will come into force, the winner will be determined according to the best
ratio of kicked and missed balls in all the meetings of this stage.

      The Chief Panel of judges determines time for one meeting.


       The team staff - 2 members. The competitions are individual. Competitions
are held in age groups till 35 and older 35. System of holding is with the leaving
the field. The playing off in all sets goes on the system "Time break". Separate
male and female category.

Table tennis

       Individual and pair competitions are held separately among men and women
in age groups till 35 and older 35. All the competitions are held in 5 sets according
to the competition rules. Single round competition rules are applied for less than 6
table tennis participant. In case of exceeding amount of table tennis participants are
registered for the competition, the two round systems will be executed.

Preliminary stage:

     - Initial registration of the subgroups (participants from the same team
         must the split up into separate subgroup). State agency is the body in
         charge who defines amount of subgroups, depending on registered
     - Winners of 1st and 2nd places of each subgroup will be drawn to the final
         group. All the results will be taken into account. Draw ceremony of all
         the participants come into force at the Preliminary stage and the strongest
         participant must be on the top of the list and so on, in descending order.
Paired teams:
      - Participants are allowed to form a pair teams, even if they belong to
          different officially registered teams.
In case of amount of paired teams, in each age group, is less than 4(one paired
team-one participant), joint competition of different age groups will be allowed to
take place, and subject of revisions by State agency. The competition will be held
on “straight knockout” system.


       The team staff - 8 persons from the total amount of delegation participants.
An absolute winner is determined in tug-of-war competition disregarding the age
and weight category. Rope 33,9 meters long, diameter - 10-12,5 cm is tied up in
the middle by the red ribbon. White and blue ones also tie up two sides - left and
right - on the distance 4 and 5 meters from the red ribbon.

       There is control line in determining the winner in places where the
competition is held. Each of the team begins to pull the rope simultaneously on an
umpire’s signal until the victory is given to either side. Competing teams are
allowed to amount of 3 try-outs, if one of the team wins 2 times, the third one is
not held. After each of attempts the teams have 2 minutes rest. There is no uniform
in this game. Any member of delegation can take part in competition (including


      The competitions are individual, age groups – under 35 and over 35.

Men and women: 50m- brass, 50m-buttefly, 100m – back stroke swim, 100m- free
style and relay 4x 50m-free style

50m- back stroke swim, 50m-free style, 100m-brass, 100m-buttefly, relay 4x50m,
100m- complex swim, relay combined style 4x50.

Absolute winner will be determined by the total amount of scores aggregated on
three distances (50m, 100m-chosen type and 100m-complex swim)


      Team staff - 12 members and 1 coach. The winner is determined separately
among men and women in age groups under 35 and over 35. The Chief Panel of
Judges determines the system and terms of holding the final competitions
depending on the amount of teams.

      In case when two or more teams have equal points, the winner defined by:
        a. Number of victories in matches among them;
        b. Best ratio of parties in matches among them;
        c. Best ratio of balls in parties in matches among them;
        d. Best ratio of parties in all matches;
        e. Best ratio of balls in parties in all matches.
In case of the teams have gathered equal amount of scores and are subject of
disputes to define winning positions, the final and decisive verdict comes into force
after taking into consideration aggregate amount of balls etc., above mentioned
points a,b,c,d,e

Beach volleyball

      The team staff - 2 members. The winner is determined separately among
men and women in age groups till 35 and over 35, Preliminary competitions are
held In 3 games. The Chief Panel of Judges determines the system and terms of
holding the final competitions.

Street ball

       The team staff - 4 members. The competitions are held separately among
men and women in age groups till 35 and over 35. The game lasts 20 minutes if the
score is 16:8. If the team plated the drawn game after the 20 minutes have passed,
the game continues before the first ball is kicked into the goal. In a case when
games are held in subgroups, if the team wins - it gets 2 points, for loss - 1 point,
for victory with the difference 8 and more points - 3 points. If the team does not
come, it will get 0, and its rivals - 2 points.

Arm wrestling

Team staff - 11 people (3 women, 6 men, 1 coach, 1 referee). The competitions are
individual: on the right hand among men and women in two age groups under
35(seniors) and over 35(masters)

Weight category men (seniors) ) - 60 kg, 70 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg, 100 kg and 100kg+.

       Men (masters)- 70kg, 80kg, 80kg+

Weight category women (seniors) - 60 kg, 70kg, 70kg+

      Women (masters) - 60kg, 60kg+.

      The Chief Panel of Judges can make changes and unite weight categories
depending on the amount of participants. Competitions are held according to the
system of knock-out after 2 losses. World Arm wrestling Federation’s rules are
Wrestling on belts- Belt wrestling

This type of competition is held under 35 and over 35 age groups, and held on
individual trial basis. The rules that applied to this kind of competition are
regulated by international Belt wrestling federation and in accord with Olympic
play-off system, with special prizes delivered to the final participants. Men Belt
wrestling on sand are being evaluated by additional regulations.

Men’s free style Belt wrestling on sand weight categories: 62kg, 68kg, 75kg, 82kg,
90kg, 100kg and 100+kg.
Men’s classic style Belt wrestling on wrestling tapestry: 62kg, 68kg, 75kg, 82kg,
90kg, 100kg, 100+kg

"Baatyr of Issyk-Kul" competition

       The competitions are individual in age groups under 35 and over 35. The
winner is determined according to the maximum victories taken in the following

        -   swimming 50 m - free style
        -   weight-lifting- stone 100kg
        -   wrestling – kuresh
        -   tug-of-war - competition

"Krasa (Beaty) of Issyk-Kul" competition

       The title "Krasa (Beauty) of Issyk-Kul" goes to a female sportsman with best
sporting results according to the aggregate number of victories taken in swimming,
athletics, darts, and table tennis and family teams. Winner’s award ceremony will
be held in each type of the program.



       The competitions are held on the exercise "sector 20" according to the
competition rules. The places are determined on the number of points achieved by
all team members.

      Athletics relay race: 200 m - father, 140 m - mother, 60 m - child. The
winners are determined on the best time result among families with girls and boys

Table tennis

       Staff team - 2 (child, father, mother). Competitions are paired. They are held
for the teams with girls and boys separately. The Chief Panel of Judges determines
the system of holding the competitions.

        The meetings are held from 3 games according to the competition rules.


       Relay race (free style): 1 stage - 25 m - child; 2 stage - 25 m - mother; 3
stage - 50 m - father. The winners are determined on the best result of time shown
at the relay race among the families with girls and boys separately.

In the International Issyk-Kul Sports Games Program on 9th of September the
following issues take place:

       Athletics race. Motto: "XXI century is the century of healthy nation"
(distance 2011 m); all comers, amateur runners and volunteers are welcome to
participate in the race.

        - Heat (distance - 300 m). All the participants of heat and race are given
          special badge, winners - diploma, medals.

        - Delegations have the right to include unlimited number of trainers and
          sport referees in all kinds of sport, who have referee's category not lower
          the national one, who have experience of holding the International com-
        - Vernacular types of sporting competitions can also be included into the
          Games program, after national federations have declared
          recommendation and in according with the Organizational Committee,
          can be applied on the recommendation of national sport organizations at
          the game program.
        - The elder age group is allowed to take part in competition instead as a
          substitute for the younger one, in the sports where the age groups are
          pointed except of Belt wrestling
        - During the Games qualification enhancement seminars and re-qualifying
          jury will take place too.

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