Adjetivos Posesivos by ert554898


									Los Adjetivos Posesivos.
• Possessive adjectives agree in number with
  the noun they modify.
• Nuestro and vuestro are the only ones that
  agree in gender as well as number.
• They are always placed before the noun
  they modify.
• Possessive adjectives agree with the thing
  possessed and not with the possessor. For
  instance, two male students would refer to
  their female professor as nuestra profesora.
• In Spanish the construction de + noun can
  also indicate possession. It is the equivalent
  to the English apostrophe (‘) + s.
• When the preposition de is followed by the
  article el, it contracts to del
             de + el = del
• There is no contraction with any other
• The only other contraction in Spanish is the
  preposition a followed by the article el.
             a + el = al
              Adjetivos Posesivos

Pronombre personal    SINGULAR      PLURAL
yo                    mi            mis
tú                    tu            tus
él / ella/ usted      su            sus
nosotros /as          nuestro / a   nuestros / as
vosotros /as          vuestro / a   vuestros / as
ellos /ellas /ustedes su            sus

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