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about (pertaining to; on the topic of)                            thaecuffu
above, over                                                       doish
across (at / to the other side of)                                rhor
after (later than; in the future of)                              ffwg
around, encircling, surrounding                                   doitheci
at (in the same location as)                                      caerha
because of, due to                                                rwchurae
before, in front of, ahead of (spatially)                         fwddoithoi
before, prior to, earlier than                                    acoico
behind, in back of, to the rear of                                wroceich
between, among, amidst, inter-                                    shodae
beyond, farther than, exceeding                                   cheithoi
by means of, via, per, with (using; through instrumentality of)   wca
during                                                            aeti
except for, besides, apart from, other than, excluding            shoithu
for (to benefit; destined for; for the purpose of)                rhoithwsh
for (in exchange for)                                             seso
from, out of, away from                                           aeffae
in (located inside of)                                            ffogech
instead of, rather than                                           aedde
like, similar to                                                  wddesh
near, close to                                                    ashutha
of (owned by; belonging to; associated with; = genitive)          eiffoigei
of (containing the measured quantity: "two liters of water")      edderhoi
on (resting on; touching the top or other surface of)             ushof
outside of, exterior to                                           refu
than, compared to                                                 esei
through                                                           oitheiroish
to, towards, at (moving toward)                                   adaeddaef
under, below, beneath                                             aerhaece
with (accompanied by)                                             offechath
without, with no ..., lacking                                     raeth
be (intransitive predicative copula)                              ishwfw
exist                                                             geiseirei
become (begin to be; acquire the quality...)                      othwso
cause (induce something to be/happen)                             rhud
make, render (impart quality X to Y; e.g. "I make you happy")     geshuch
do, perform, engage in (specified activity)                       erhe
have (possess / be furnished with)                                echi
can (is/are able to ...)                                          uto
should, ought to (is/are expected/advised to ...)                 aefechig
this (demonstrative)                                              seidduth
that (demonstrative)                                              chach
and, plus                                                         ffoirhos
but, however                                                      eichoide
if (on condition that...; supposing that...)                      chedushw
or                                                                fidoi
that (e.g. "I know that you are right")                           ocw
also, additionally, too                                           dod
apart, separately                                                 oshwfig
here (in/to this place)                                           eifore
how? (in what manner?)                                            wcho
maybe, perhaps, possibly                                          aesei
not                                                               ritishu
only, solely, exclusively                                         udechae

                                                    Seite 1
there (at/to that place)                                           affedag
together                                                           rhutash
when? (at what time?)                                              wrhushoi
where? (at/to what place?)                                         eisof
why? (for what reason?)                                            itechwg
any (no particular one of)                                         uchecath
every, each                                                        otireg
person, human being                                                caech
baby, infant                                                       oidacush
child                                                              dof
boy                                                                odae
girl                                                               fir
man (adult male person)                                            wfwdd
woman (adult female person)                                        ticaffo
family                                                             cosh
father                                                             cichoitei
mother                                                             taera
marriage (spousal relationship)                                    erha
husband                                                            eigo
wife                                                               ifeid
son                                                                chwsoishae
daughter                                                           tach
brother                                                            oifochw
sister                                                             thuf
chief, leader                                                      oirharhaesh
king                                                               rhicheigi
queen                                                              eshiffech
president                                                          rwrhorh
prime minister                                                     ceidoig
dictator, tyrant                                                   foico
master, lord                                                       gaerhaego
slave                                                              shudd
soldier                                                            wdde
ambassador                                                         idet
member (of group/organization)                                     utaegoic
friend                                                             dithaes
enemy                                                              toith
Mister, Mr.                                                        oishu
Ms., Miss/Mrs.                                                     orw
Miss                                                               sifeicoi
Mrs.                                                               othirh
club, society (voluntary association re: a common interest)        offaethe
committee (group appointed to do a task)                           gwrhishu
community (individuals sharing space / culture)                    oicur
culture (the customs and beliefs of a people)                      urhoirhech
individual (one considered separately from one's species)          twddoiddw
people (a people), folk, the members of an ethnic group / nation   wffaetha
public, populace, the people (as in People's Republic)             oithaeshe
race (group of people with similar characteristics)                shaeffo
team, crew, squad                                                  diddasha
abdomen                                                            duchu
anus                                                               aerachei
arm (shoulder to hand)                                             wcaed
back (dorsal area)                                                 rhuga
beard                                                              taege

                                                  Seite 2
blood                                                                eithifoidd
body                                                                 ddoch
bone                                                                 wrho
brain                                                                eddoi
breast, mammary                                                      tofo
buttock                                                              god
cheek (side of face below eye)                                       usei
chest (upper front of torso)                                         oiraeddaet
chin                                                                 achaeffesh
ear                                                                  ffaefaedi
egg                                                                  rhetheit
eye                                                                  ithudud
face                                                                 esicog
feather                                                              sisoig
feces, dung, excrement                                               ifeig
fetus (foetus), embryo                                               idosho
finger                                                               choitoi
fist                                                                 uda
foot (on which something stands)                                     etash
forehead                                                             oca
gene                                                                 sifucoi
hair (a strand of fibrous material growing from the body)            wgigog
hair (the hairs atop one's head thought of as a collective entity)   eishic
hand                                                                 thifoi
head                                                                 aeshic
heart (coronary muscle)                                              tesh
heel                                                                 aechirae
hip                                                                  afith
horn (bone-like growth from animal's head)                           daforhae
intestines, gut(s), viscera                                          shasha
iris (of eye)                                                        uteir
kidney                                                               teddech
knee                                                                 thagoi
leg                                                                  ffoshaeroi
lip                                                                  theffu
liver                                                                wcogoc
lung                                                                 daethirw
meat, flesh                                                          arhodd
mouth                                                                efw
muscle                                                               iddoidd
nail (fingernail)                                                    rhofe
navel                                                                ffofeigw
neck                                                                 cosoisho
nerve                                                                ceisos
nose                                                                 aeffi
organ (of body)                                                      etothoff
palm (of hand)                                                       eifucei
penis                                                                urherhw
shell                                                                ffigaeddo
shoulder                                                             eitei
skeleton                                                             ithu
skin                                                                 aeffatae
spine, backbone                                                      wchog
stomach                                                              wthefwff
sweat, perspiration                                                  daer

                                                    Seite 3
tail                                                            ushae
tear(drop(s))                                                   thedduffei
testicle                                                        oithwcho
throat                                                          saetoif
thumb                                                           rharaedd
toe                                                             roffa
tongue (body-part)                                              aethos
tooth                                                           thwdod
urine                                                           shoiffosho
vagina                                                          chochw
vein, blood vessel                                              oirhucat
waist                                                           cetws
wing (of bird etc.)                                             thorhut
wound                                                           uddwrh
wrist                                                           rhed
berry (small pulpy fruit)                                       chaeswto
bud (of flower/leaf)                                            swshag
flower                                                          atharhu
fruit                                                           ffachaeff
leaf                                                            raethoch
nut (hard-shelled fruit/seed with separable shell and kernel)   eithit
pod (seed pod)                                                  eiddeca
root (of a plant)                                               wsharhig
seed                                                            ddiffaffei
sprout (young shoot of plant)                                   oshaffwc
alive                                                           affeiddae
dead                                                            chaes
birth                                                           thoirogoi
mature, adult                                                   soraeth
healthy                                                         asegei
disease, illness, sickness                                      cheigo
fat, obese, plump                                               forhi
sex, gender                                                     coidd
female                                                          ddoddeito
male                                                            cheff
neuter (neither male nor female)                                rhaeshe
sense (ability to perceive a given kind of stimuli)             iroirhoi
pain                                                            ruddeich
pleasure                                                        dafeic
tired, weary                                                    aetaeda
refreshed, zesty, perky                                         arheifi
sleep                                                           iswchae
awake                                                           caefoiru
fever                                                           esha
bite                                                            ugo
breathe                                                         aeffarh
catch (stop the motion of and seize in the hands)               orusag
climb                                                           wsath
copulate, have sex (with)                                       wgaechut
crawl                                                           wddwdae
cry out, shout, yell                                            rheirhothoi
cry, weep                                                       aroiddw
dance                                                           oswcha
die                                                             choite
drink                                                           ffoirei

                                                   Seite 4
drown (die/kill via immersion)                              sheicut
eat                                                         otashich
feel (perceive with the tactile sense)                      coigig
gesture                                                     duchoi
hold, grasp                                                 eireidd
hunt, pursue (with intent to capture and/or devour)         caerhush
jump, leap                                                  ifaet
kick                                                        sicoi
kill                                                        wffafuc
kiss                                                        ffisash
laugh                                                       rhoith
lie (recline horizontally)                                  rhoreiddu
live (be alive)                                             swtei
run                                                         cado
shave                                                       ifugoi
sit (be in a sitting position)                              thirhw
smile                                                       eidag
sneeze                                                      rhoth
spit                                                        esirhaec
squat                                                       ceich
stand                                                       eiswsh
swallow                                                     ucugoir
swim                                                        uroged
taste (perceive the flavor of)                              arhefeic
throw, toss                                                 ffaedaeg
touch                                                       aeswff
vomit                                                       ffidd
walk                                                        shuch
wrestle                                                     goicich
animal (non-vegetable creature)                             chorer
ant (insect of family Formicidae)                           udei
bear (animal of Ursidae family)                             iruth
bee (member of genus Apis)                                  aedae
bird (egg-laying feathered animal with wings)               theira
butterfly                                                   ffefi
cat (Felis catus)                                           shois
chicken                                                     taecige
cockroach (insect of order Blattaria)                       ddeiddw
cow/bull, cattle (bovine animal of either sex)              reic
deer (animal of family Cervidae)                            cwra
dog (Canis familiaris)                                      chwfad
donkey, ass (Equus asinus)                                  shwcheg
dragon (winged serpent with crested head and large claws)   ffodoicoi
fish                                                        chur
fly (small winged insect)                                   suc
fox (member of genus Vulpes)                                ocogi
frog (web-footed tailless leaping amphibian)                ase
goat (animal of genus Capra)                                ddwffeffi
grasshopper                                                 eshwth
horse (Equus caballus)                                      cwt
insect                                                      aseiter
lion (Felis leo)                                            wtaecho
lizard                                                      cwchi
lobster                                                     affesoi
mammal                                                      offwri

                                                Seite 5
mantis (insect of order Manteodea)                                    idothei
monkey, small primate                                                 chite
mosquito                                                              gifud
mouse                                                                 rhic
pig, swine (omnivorous mammal of family Suidae)                       iffei
rabbit (animal of family Leporidae)                                   catheit
reptile                                                               aeffeg
sheep (Ovis aries)                                                    gwdoigo
snake, serpent (reptile of suborder Serpentes or Ophidia)             cwshaeru
spider, arachnid                                                      saerhoif
squirrel (rodent of family Sciuridae)                                 chorhei
tiger (Felis tigris)                                                  aeswddas
turkey (Meleagris gallopavo)                                          athaethoit
turtle (reptile of order Testudinata)                                 ichei
virus                                                                 ffwrwtw
whale (large marine mammal of order Cetacea)                          age
wolf (Canis lupus)                                                    rhish
worm                                                                  ufoic
apple (tree/fruit of genus Malus)                                     guthaecho
bamboo (plant/stem of genera Bambusa / Arundinaria / Dendrocalamus)   oro
banana (plant/fruit of genus Musa)                                    wcaecis
bean (lima/snap/etc.: plant/seed of genus Phaseolus or similar)       shigeif
cabbage (plant/leaves of sp. Brassica oleracea capitata)              seg
carrot (plant/root of sp. Daucus carota sativus)                      wthaeso
coffee (plant/seeds of sp. Coffea arabica)                            dach
cork (tree/elastic tissue of sp. Quercus suber)                       efeisa
corn, maize (plant/seeds of sp. Zea mays)                             rhoichi
cotton (plant/fibers of genus Gossypium)                              rheithir
cucumber (Cucumis sativus)                                            sosati
date (tree/fruit of sp. Phoenix dactylifera)                          fwror
fig (tree/fruit of genus Ficus)                                       utho
flax (Linum usitatissimum)                                            udde
garlic (herb of sp. Allium sativum)                                   itaeshw
ginger (plant/rhizome of genus Zingiber)                              seithaesu
ginseng (plant/root of genus Panax)                                   esheci
gourd (plant/hard-rinded fruit of genera Lagenaria & Cucurbita)       irhoceirh
grape (plant/fruit of genus Vitis)                                    icotaech
grass (monocotyledonous plant of family Gramineae)                    aeroirei
hemp, marijuana (plant/material of sp. Cannabis sativa)               ichis
kelp (seaweed of orders Laminariales and Fucales)                     eiddeich
lentil (plant/seeds of sp. Lens culinaris)                            eicheddu
lettuce (plant/leaves of genus Lactuca)                               aedw
mandarin, tangerine (tree/fruit of sp. Citrus reticulata)             eirhei
mint (plant of family Labiatae)                                       ichas
mushroom (a complex aerial fleshy fruiting body of a fungus)          urhochu
mustard (plant of sp. Brassica hirta / B. nigra / B. juncea)          tachw
oak (tree of genus Quercus)                                           foif
oat (plant/seed of genus Avena)                                       aeffis
olive (tree/fruit of sp. Olea europaea)                               iffefeth
onion (plant/bulb of sp. Allium sepa)                                 saeraesh
orange (tree/fruit of Citrus sinensis / related spp.)                 shufaerh
pea (plant/seed of sp. Pisum sativum)                                 aeffaeshu
peanut (plant/seed/pod of sp. Arachis hypogaea)                       taddurae
pepper (hot/sweet/bell pepper -- plant/pod of genus Capsicum)         irwdof
pepper (black -- plant/seed of sp. Piper nigrum)                      faegwtei

                                              Seite 6
pine (coniferous tree of genus Pinus)                                   odwdde
plum (certain trees/fruits of genus Prunus)                             aeduchuf
potato (plant/tuber of sp. Solanum tuberosum)                           ecaddit
rice (plant/seed of sp. Oryza sativa)                                   otarhad
rose (plant/flower of genus Rosa)                                       shifaerhoi
safflower (Carthamus tinctorius)                                        oide
sesame (plant/seed of genus Sesamum)                                    shorhu
soya, soybean (plant/seed of sp. Glycine max)                           goithogi
spinach (plant/leaves of sp. Spinacia oleracea)                         suffaeddu
squash, melon (plant/fruit of genus Cucurbita grown for edible fruit)   ddoidd
sunflower (plant/bloom of sp. Helianthus annuus)                        rithuc
tea (plant/leaves of sp. Camellia sinensis)                             segoco
tobacco (plant/leaves of sp. Nicotiana tabacum)                         goidd
tomato (plant/berry of genus Lycopersicon)                              rhoffe
wheat (plant/seed of sp. Triticum aestivum)                             therh
bush, shrub                                                             tofeidei
garden                                                                  oishodd
grain(s), cereal crop(s) and their seed(s)                              thwr
harvest, reap                                                           shiddaeto
plant (a vegetable life-form)                                           ffeirherhe
tree                                                                    aeffaege
bay (small body of water offset from lake or sea)                       ffudd
beach, shore                                                            erhat
cave                                                                    aegu
cliff                                                                   chog
cloud                                                                   iffus
desert                                                                  tur
earth (terra firma contrasted with sea and heaven)                      aetwd
earthquake                                                              ocoifu
eclipse                                                                 teitu
field (unbroken expanse of land)                                        cith
flood, deluge                                                           erhita
fog                                                                     thoifi
forest                                                                  chuddwgoi
hail                                                                    rhec
hill (smaller than a mountain)                                          Aefach
island                                                                  addei
lake                                                                    added
lightning                                                               ogae
moon (natural satellite of a planet)                                    dish
mountain                                                                Ae
nature (that which occurs spontaneously; the non-artificial world)      redwfe
planet                                                                  eirhwf
rain                                                                    isa
rainbow                                                                 ddutirh
river                                                                   eirhoirheif
sea, ocean                                                              aeffurwdd
sky                                                                     shodda
snow                                                                    ddwdaef
star                                                                    seichae
storm                                                                   raech
sun                                                                     esaeffae
swamp, marsh                                                            teiffetu
thunder                                                                 rhesh
tide                                                                    ddaer

                                                   Seite 7
tornado                                                         irhicog
universe, cosmos                                                twsw
valley                                                          ura
volcano                                                         seig
weather                                                         ddefaff
wind                                                            eifi
world                                                           ffoishurh
arrow (sharp-tipped shaft shot from a bow)                      foshwsi
axe                                                             daeff
balloon                                                         oife
bar, rod                                                        thoish
barrel, cask                                                    theirhuddei
basket                                                          wrherh
bed                                                             wraeddeff
bell                                                            ffeidud
blade                                                           ddaerhisu
blanket (large piece of soft material used as a cover)          ogaecei
board                                                           rorhoirh
bomb                                                            ffiffe
bottle                                                          ddeiffe
bow (for arrows)                                                tugae
bowl (deep round dish)                                          atesith
box (rigid rectangular receptacle)                              caesh
brake                                                           geceiffae
brick (hard clay block)                                         ddudd
broom                                                           ddic
brush                                                           wddei
bucket, pail                                                    ffag
bullet                                                          udwshi
button (on a shirt etc.)                                        aegu
cage                                                            oiddeic
can (presealed metal container) {British: tin}                  ffusheigoi
candle                                                          oiroiroi
cannon                                                          eisifwsh
chain (connected series of rings or links)                      oitaes
chair (furniture for one person to sit on)                      charoifa
cigarette                                                       gich
clock                                                           goitath
club, cudgel                                                    raeffw
coin                                                            chudd
comb                                                            ffwtaesa
computer (electronic instruction-obeying information-handler)   wcha
container                                                       oshirw
cord, cable (thicker than wire)                                 chaddoic
cover (thing put onto or extended over something else)          dducaesho
cup (small bowl with handle)                                    ddosae
curtain                                                         rif
dial (circle marked with numbers/symbols)                       addoshor
dish (any shallow concave container)                            cutoithw
doll, effigy                                                    achwgae
dome (anything shaped like an upside-down bowl)                 diddedo
drain (device that removes unwanted liquid)                     itei
drill                                                           aeseirhoi
drum (hollow musical instrument beaten with sticks or hands)    ufoddush
envelope (folded paper covering a letter)                       eiga

                                                  Seite 8
fan (device to create air current)                                oire
fence (outdoor barrier supported by posts)                        ceiddw
file (tool for abrading)                                          rheddi
flag, banner                                                      soirhu
fork (instrument with >=2 prongs for picking up something)        otei
frame (structure supporting or surrounding something)             rhithosh
furniture                                                         aeguri
gear (toothed wheel)                                              fidaeth
guitar (stringed instrument played with the fingers)              orwddef
gun (ballistic weapon)                                            wchigeth
hammer                                                            caf
handle (part of tool by which it is held)                         atei
hinge                                                             rifoirh
hook                                                              egoiddaeff
horn (makes noise when blown)                                     seit
hourglass                                                         tos
jar, jug (big wide-mouthed bottle)                                isish
key (metal device for operating lock)                             aethagesh
knife                                                             fochwtw
knob                                                              ffigw
ladder                                                            utof
lamp                                                              shechw
lens                                                              wrafaes
lever                                                             digog
lock (device for securing doors)                                  irhe
machine (device with moving parts)                                aegoro
match (little fire-stick)                                         cherh
microscope                                                        oitaetod
mirror                                                            ugu
motor, engine                                                     aechori
nail (pointy fastener)                                            cheidech
needle                                                            ageth
net                                                               ori
oven                                                              cwd
package, packet, parcel                                           eiditoi
paddle, oar (stick with broad end)                                idogwrh
pan (broad shallow cooking dish)                                  diffor
patch (a piece used to cover/repair a flaw)                       cheida
pedal                                                             fficot
pen (writing tool that uses ink)                                  dwff
pencil, crayon (writing tool that uses semi-solid substance)      fforae
pillow, cushion                                                   wthofag
pipe (a hard tube for transporting liquid)                        eigefaeg
plate (shallow dish, usually round)                               ror
plow (plough)                                                     aeca
pocket                                                            toff
pole, stick (long bar)                                            osei
post (vertical pole anchored in ground)                           ashoch
pot (deep round vessel)                                           wroic
pulley                                                            eishodo
pump                                                              ocwre
rack (framework of bars for storage)                              aeffe
radio apparatus, wireless set                                     ridesh
rail (usually horizontal bar for restraining/supporting things)   ori
rake                                                              ddaeff

                                                     Seite 9
razor                                                         achoishi
rope                                                          casuthoi
rug, mat                                                      aedorhoch
sack, bag                                                     aetoid
sail                                                          eichithi
saw (tool)                                                    oicws
scale (device to measure weight)                              sifoish
scissors                                                      ceisec
screen, mesh                                                  chwceff
screw (threaded fastener)                                     oireif
sign (board with public notice written on it)                 fiddo
shelf                                                         wshoic
shield (a protective implement)                               cwdor
shovel                                                        dirhwgw
spear, lance                                                  dwth
sponge (real/synthetic corpse of animal of phylum Porifera)   ireiffe
spool, reel (cylinder onto which something is wound)          thoiddei
spoon                                                         ucoidde
spring (metal helix)                                          ddafoi
staple (fastener)                                             irhuddei
strap                                                         oirhaf
string (thicker than thread and thinner than rope)            deifei
stylus                                                        gif
sword                                                         afiso
syringe                                                       suro
table (piece of furniture with flat top)                      icaeth
telephone                                                     shoit
telescope                                                     theicei
television set                                                ega
toilet, water closet                                          rhudduddu
tool, utensil, implement                                      wddaeroi
tongs                                                         edoddi
towel                                                         duddasu
toy, plaything                                                eishei
trap                                                          aefae
tray (shallow rectangular dish)                               tasoicei
umbrella                                                      ceisheith
valve (flow-controller)                                       thurws
weapon                                                        wrhoseith
wheel                                                         efaed
wire (long thread-like piece of metal)                        dduth
wrench {British: spanner}                                     chorhog
apron                                                         aerwsaf
belt                                                          toiffeirei
coat (heavy outer garment with sleeves)                       egeith
collar                                                        saef
eyeglasses                                                    reirerh
garment (item of clothing)                                    sechwddoi
glove                                                         rhegaeth
harness                                                       ffisos
hat, cap                                                      ithei
helmet                                                        othethwd
jacket (a short and/or lightweight coat)                      ffor
necktie                                                       rhuchith
pants, trousers                                               isagaer

                                                 Seite 10
shirt                                                        eidaeth
shorts, trunks (trousers extending no lower than knees)      ther
shoe                                                         fesheith
skirt, kilt, dress (any torso-garment open at the bottom)    otosoit
sock, hose, stocking                                         rafwr
uniform (special garments worn by members of a group)        doith
veil                                                         wrut
building, edifice (structure with walls and roof)            aswdae
attic, garret                                                sois
ceiling                                                      shwth
cellar, basement                                             addwdeiff
chimney                                                      adwddaer
door                                                         ddwche
elevator {British: lift}                                     udedded
fireplace, hearth                                            ddugaeff
floor (bottom of room)                                       eisho
roof                                                         oirhei
room, chamber                                                agoidw
stair(s)                                                     itothe
wall                                                         ddwffetoi
window                                                       eddusad
church (building or institution of public worship)           odducorh
factory                                                      fosh
hospital                                                     wcu
hotel, inn                                                   echichoir
house (a free-standing man-made dwelling-building)           wrhetu
library                                                      iserhei
mill (place where raw materials are processed)               ddeis
prison, jail                                                 ddiraff
school                                                       ogwth
store, shop, boutique                                        sus
tavern, bar, pub                                             eirhaesh
theater                                                      oirwdd
university                                                   ffasaecae
bridge                                                       coitero
farm                                                         taeffo
park (public outdoor area)                                   swgu
market (place where goods are bought/sold/traded)            wgoiffoc
tower                                                        igichw
agency, bureau                                               eirhe
army                                                         chwdo
authority (the right/power to command)                       goichei
campaign (for political office)                              choffuthoi
constitution (charter of an organization)                    oirwch
control                                                      iffisei
court (of law)                                               oithoraerh
crime                                                        raedae
elect (select by voting)                                     eiroi
free (at liberty)                                            rocagu
government                                                   ishosaer
independent                                                  cuswdd
international                                                oisaeffa
jury                                                         arhife
law (a rule enforced by a government)                        udosa
military                                                     eri

                                                  Seite 11
nation, state (political entity)                                eishaffith
obey                                                            asheidi
official (issued with authority)                                cheisirh
organize (bring X's together to perform a task)                 dwrhoi
parliament, congress (legislative body of elected officers)     totata
party (political), sect (religious)                             isasod
permit, allow, let                                              theguthu
police (organization to enforce laws)                           gateth
politics                                                        guddichi
prohibit, forbid, contra-permit                                 thoreich
province (of Canada etc.), prefecture, state (of USA etc.)      sitoto
resign                                                          dirucha
rule, regulation                                                uges
submission, surrender                                           oshae
tax                                                             eseifu
trial (in court)                                                effoirei
unite                                                           iddwdat
vote                                                            eidoithei
war                                                             shacoc
accept (willingly receive)                                      wso
account (record of money received/paid/owed)                    ddothashae
bank (monetary institution)                                     rhwth
bill, invoice (statement of money owed)                         wdefeg
borrow                                                          rheif
business, commerce                                              chagoi
buy, purchase                                                   rwc
cheap, inexpensive                                              aegurar
check (written order directing a bank to pay from an account)   wdatae
company (a business organization), firm                         aefog
contract (agreement-document)                                   wddwr
credit (permission to borrow money)                             durhugi
debt, obligation to pay                                         rhoith
exchange, trade, swap                                           eddaesheg
expensive, costly                                               eiffois
frugal, thrifty                                                 shoffadd
generous, charitable                                            thithwt
get, acquire, gain, obtain                                      roceich
give                                                            tafwro
insurance (protective contractual arrangement)                  tichi
invest                                                          ddoddeid
job, employment                                                 seirherhu
keep, retain, go on having (e.g. "you should keep this book")   ddochidde
lack (be without)                                               shaff
lend                                                            ishesheir
lose (cease having; contra-acquire)                             cocus
merchandise, goods, wares                                       soidd
money                                                           egoi
offer (present for acceptance or rejection)                     aeshaeshw
own (possess according to law or custom)                        thodwcei
pay                                                             eirei
poor, impoverished                                              rhushae
price, cost                                                     shirhu
private (contra-public)                                         coich
prize, award                                                    thaddoi
profit, gain                                                    idda

                                                 Seite 12
provide, supply, furnish                                      egoic
public (available to most or all persons)                     daerh
punish                                                        ddodeitha
receive                                                       ifoif
reject, refuse (contra-accept)                                oddeddi
responsibility, liability, accountability                     thoddir
reward                                                        ufugoig
rich, wealthy                                                 thwrwgo
sell                                                          ffoirhudda
steal (take in a criminal way)                                toirh
store, cache, reserve, reservoir                              chirith
take (in the sense of E-o "preni", G "nehmen", Sp "tomar")    ethash
ticket, coupon                                                choisoi
value (the quality of being useful and/or desirable), worth   irhiceg
angel, fairy (supernatural flying humanoid)                   aesha
bless (wish good upon)                                        ufe
curse, damn (wish evil upon)                                  wgei
ghost (manifestation of dead person's soul)                   ddurws
god, diety                                                    reco
heaven, celestial realm, Valhala etc.                         eifwchu
hell, Hades                                                   ushuff
holy, sacred                                                  aechwsheid
magic, sorcery                                                afoiddoith
pray (communicate with god(s))                                wfaeshae
priest, clergyman                                             oteif
religion                                                      cheitef
revelation, mystical vision                                   ffatu
ritual, rite, ceremony                                        gusw
soul, spirit (believed to outlive the body)                   arhosh
admire                                                        thoff
alert                                                         eigwth
angry                                                         rhuddei
approve (of)                                                  wrhirhae
art (creative craft; productive use of talent)                wdaerh
attention (active perception)                                 aegwff
behavior, conduct                                             rherhoi
believe (accept as true)                                      aechurhae
blame                                                         aega
boring, tedious                                               eirwsoig
calculate, reckon                                             thecw
care, concern (about someone / something)                     ffeifo
caution, prudence, carefulness                                rheic
celebrate, rejoice                                            eisheigof
choose, pick (out), select one of many possibilities          tis
comfort (freedom from pain and/or worry)                      ffadda
compare                                                       wcharec
conscious, aware                                              ddeffwddw
courage, bravery                                              oteigei
dear, precious, cherished                                     wcechei
decide                                                        eithwchei
disappointment                                                ddeiddwsh
distinguish, differentiate, tell one from another             eddeici
doubt                                                         aecut
dream                                                         thaerha
embarrassment                                                 asoigw

                                                  Seite 13
enthusiasm, zeal                                               shir
expect, anticipate (believe that X will come/happen)           eshoigaes
experience (consciously live through an event)                 gwsich
favor, prefer                                                  wtaddws
fear (be afraid of)                                            eishe
feel (experience an emotion/sentiment)                         arash
foolish                                                        fudoi
forget (contra-remember)                                       foichisei
forgive, pardon                                                otu
funny, comical                                                 aeceirhw
grateful, thankful                                             rhaeth
greedy                                                         detheith
guard, monitor, watch over                                     teirhaech
guess, conjecture                                              chid
guide, lead                                                    thuthothoi
guilty, blame-worthy                                           ecw
habit, custom, routine practice                                ori
happy                                                          rhetha
hate                                                           reri
hope                                                           doich
humble, modest                                                 urhu
idea, concept (thought-bundle)                                 shachus
imagine                                                        firhafu
important                                                      oishwr
innocent, contra-guilty                                        ithiddach
insane, crazy, mad                                             ucu
intelligent                                                    ffethaeth
intend, mean to, do deliberately, have as a purpose            eitha
interest (desire to pay attention to something), fascination   sheitoi
invent (plan something which has never been made before)       ethese
jealousy, envy                                                 rhoth
judge (compare something to criteria), form an opinion about   ffaerach
know                                                           shushwf
knowledge                                                      ffedae
learn                                                          cagorhu
like, enjoy (derive pleasure from)                             sotoisei
logic (formalized process of reasoning)                        choiddae
lonely (feeling undesirable solitude)                          afot
love                                                           edaffw
loyal                                                          aeshoddu
mercy                                                          teichwch
mind                                                           shiteish
mystery                                                        iraec
neglect, negligence, apathy                                    odwddw
nice, kind, affable                                            ecoi
notice, observe                                                rheg
opinion                                                        rhaeffi
patience                                                       aeshu
peace (freedom from fighting or turmoil)                       egaf
perceive, detect                                               rwthago
pity, feel compassion toward, feel sorry for                   rhege
plan, design                                                   affei
play (performed by actors on stage), drama                     ddoiffu
pretend, act, feign                                            toff
pride (proudness; self-respect)                                icas

                                                 Seite 14
reason, explanation, justification, rationale             otoi
reasoning, rational thought                               rhoirhoi
recognize                                                 coichwchu
regret                                                    eishog
remember                                                  cecho
respect, venerate, esteem                                 tatwr
revenge, vengeance, retribution, getting even             shwtei
sad, unhappy, melancholy                                  toirhaeth
satisfaction                                              thwddwsei
seek, search (for), look for                              aecarhid
seem, appear to be, give the impression of                eishaffe
serious, earnest, grave                                   sugof
shame                                                     feiroff
study                                                     chedd
stupid                                                    tasaesh
subject, topic of discussion                              eishidosh
suppose, presume                                          athu
surprise, startle                                         oigaefoi
talent, skill, knack                                      theshoi
teach                                                     uddoi
tempt                                                     deth
theory                                                    shoshoif
think                                                     wtaech
trust                                                     iddugae
understand, comprehend                                    ffesirh
want, wish, desire                                        aederh
whim, caprice                                             oiracoi
wise                                                      cacuch
worry, anxiety                                            wcha
address (postal co-ordinates)                             gaed
admit, confess                                            oifocich
advertisement                                             chwru
advice                                                    firhw
alphabet                                                  ffuchaer
announce, proclaim                                        teitudae
answer, reply to a question or argument                   oiraecoch
article, essay (piece of text about one topic)            oirw
ask, inquire                                              eitaeroi
book                                                      ddud
call, summon                                              caeso
chapter (main division of book)                           eguddi
chart, diagram                                            ichae
claim, assertion (statement of unknown accuracy)          aeso
code (cryptographic system)                               seidd
command, order, directive                                 oirhaddei
communication (exchange of information)                   oiffoigorh
consonant (non-vowel)                                     iderh
criticize                                                 soidu
deny (say that X is not true)                             toisheci
describe                                                  gach
dictionary                                                rhois
discuss, talk about                                       thwduto
document                                                  esherhof
emphasize, accentuate, stress                             raero
fact (undisputed datum)                                   goida

                                               Seite 15
fiction                                                      raeco
file (dossier; loose bundle of data)                         affor
grammar (rules and structure of a language)                  ddutafo
history (organized account of past events), chronicle        eithuddwdd
indicate                                                     ffoit
information                                                  eide
insult                                                       wthoitws
invite                                                       etwdd
issue, edition (of periodical etc.)                          shifeita
label                                                        aecoca
language (the verbal communication technique of a people)    oiddei
letter (a message written and mailed)                        wrufu
lie (utter a known falsehood)                                ice
list                                                         swrutha
magazine (periodical publication)                            ushoicaeff
mail (transmit postally)                                     ofaerhae
map (drawing of planet's surface)                            thurhidd
meaning (semantic content of a word)                         athase
message (batch of transmitted information)                   orhadoif
movie, motion picture                                        eichae
name                                                         tefi
news, tidings                                                ffadi
newspaper                                                    otoite
noise (confused/randomized sound/stimuli)                    fath
note, annotation                                             racheth
page (one side of a sheet of paper in a book)                ethoiff
photograph                                                   oiffad
poem                                                         cucheddw
praise, compliment, laud                                     isoiffuff
print (to copy marks by pressing inked objects on paper)     rhaetudd
promise (a claim about one's future actions), pledge         chofeid
protest, objection                                           ddaes
question, query                                              oirho
quote, cite                                                  edas
read                                                         ushei
record (a cache of information)                              icaecheis
request, ask for                                             raesha
say, tell, express in words                                  athaech
secret                                                       cechashei
sentence (of words)                                          aefw
sing                                                         ecar
speak, talk                                                  ucoi
story, report                                                aethus
suggest, propose (offer an idea)                             arhwr
syllable                                                     oteicaef
symbol, sign, token                                          shucho
thank (express gratitude toward)                             sigadde
vocabulary (sum of words available to a person/people)       eishuseith
voice                                                        sufae
vowel                                                        iffaechois
warn                                                         urhath
word                                                         diddei
write                                                        eiswc
game (a rule-governed system of competitive amusement)       gugeirhei
game, match (one particular encounter between competitors)   geifoi

                                               Seite 16
athletics (games involving physical skill), sports         deich
score (the tally of points in a competition)               uroitho
umpire, referee, official                                  dduffoi
ball (spheroidal plaything)                                oidderheth
bat, stick, racket/racquet (any ball-hitting tool)         ucwf
ski                                                        ifucei
baseball                                                   wrwchiff
basketball                                                 rhethwgo
football (association f~), soccer                          ataffeff
football (American/tackle f~)                              eigoi
gymnastics                                                 eiffas
hockey                                                     wffithe
pool, billiards                                            aesedw
tennis                                                     shoid
chess                                                      soro
play, recreate, frolic                                     chasae
same, identical                                            ocharh
similar                                                    gurwsh
different                                                  teifwch
other, another                                             daerhaes
change (become/make different), vary                       oidw
imitate, mimic                                             idos
original, non-imitative                                    isoi
prototype, exemplar, archetype, model (for all Xs)         orhae
copy (a duplicate)                                         addeicw
zero                                                       ddaeg
one                                                        doiddaega
two                                                        eicathu
three                                                      tac
four                                                       ocheiffe
five                                                       ishirheich
six                                                        ferof
seven                                                      wffacw
eight                                                      acugur
nine                                                       fash
ten                                                        foith
hundred                                                    echeicae
thousand                                                   affeif
million                                                    aswshoth
half (1/2)                                                 doif
quantity (amount / number / magnitude)                     ithei
number, numeral (a word or symbol indicating quantity)     faef
count, enumerate                                           ariddith
measure                                                    oraefoif
ratio, rate, proportion                                    chofa
add, append, join so as to cause an increase               wrer
remove, subtract, take away, delete                        docho
increase (become or make greater in quantity)              oishiddo
decrease (become or make lesser in quantity)               ofuf
multiply                                                   fido
divide                                                     aegwsho
total, sum, aggregate                                      ddisei
rest (of ...), remainder, leftovers, remnant               ethe
whole, entire, complete                                    cufeig
all (the whole number or entire sum of)                    ffwsaeddoi

                                                Seite 17
many (a large number of)                                              ceshoiffa
few (a small number of)                                               deidoda
much (a large quantity of)                                            deifafae
more (a larger quantity of)                                           eideidde
most (the largest quantity of)                                        ddoirei
little (a small quantity of)                                          swddurha
less (a smaller quantity of)                                          osisach
least (the smallest quantity of)                                      aefaethoit
part                                                                  daeshi
piece (a part broken/cut/separated from something larger)             wchifeish
section, segment (a part somehow different/separated from others)     ishoi
allocation, allotment, portion (someone's share of X)                 eiteg
group                                                                 oteigei
batch (quantity of things done/produced at one time)                  chaechwchu
bundle, bunch (group of things tied or grouped together)              gadaefu
majority                                                              aseiffei
minority                                                              doice
density                                                               sesorh
dense (of much density), concentrated, thick, intense                 uffef
rarefied, tenuous, diffuse, dilute, sparse, wispy                     aechuchos
full, filled                                                          rareit
empty                                                                 daegaesh
degree (the extent/intensity/scope of an action/condition/relation)   ishofidd
at least, not less than (>=)                                          cwrafi
at most, only, just, merely, not more than (<=)                       chegofe
much, very (to a large degree; with great intensity)                  rhuroi
more (to a larger degree)                                             geiff
most (to the largest degree)                                          aeffeiret
little (to a small degree; with almost no intensity)                  sacef
less (to a smaller degree)                                            thut
least (to the smallest degree)                                        toiff
enough, sufficiently                                                  coichech
almost, nearly                                                        wchaec
too much, excessively                                                 rhaegu
too little, insufficiently                                            wchis
size (degree of largeness or smallness)                               uthat
huge, enormous, gigantic                                              iru
big, large (of much size)                                             sathuddei
small (of little size)                                                thir
tiny, minuscule                                                       ffatws
expand, grow                                                          rwc
shrink, contract                                                      datise
distance (amount of space from X to Y)                                udw
far (at / to a great distance)                                        arwdd
near (at / to a little distance)                                      tisach
present (existing in the indicated place; contra-absent)              ffiddw
absent                                                                sofwch
place, location                                                       aecho
length (distance from one end to the other)                           wthechoch
long (of much length)                                                 eirhesis
short (of little length)                                              agaff
width (degree of wideness or narrowness)                              ffeirhafw
wide, broad (of space between objects)                                ffuchwt
narrow, of little width (of space between objects)                    giraef
thickness (of a solid object, etc.)                                   ffush

                                                 Seite 18
thick, fat (large from one surface to the opposite surface)      eishefu
thin, slender (small from one surface to the opposite surface)   dageith
height (distance from ground / baseline to top)                  ffedoide
high, tall (of much height)                                      sedo
low, short (not tall; of little height)                          efw
depth (distance from ground / baseline down to bottom)           aego
deep, profound (of much depth)                                   icogu
shallow (of little depth)                                        taethwffo
horizontal                                                       aeffoiff
vertical                                                         ifeicae
diagonal, slanted                                                tudaere
sloped, inclined/declined (not horizontal)                       sogaec
angle (the relation of two lines radiating from a point)         duroith
position (location relative to others)                           ethu
region, area (a quantity of space within boundaries)             useid
space, room, void                                                ceithoirh
connection, joint, junction                                      eddode
environment, surroundings, context                               cherheith
front                                                            sacwdd
rear, back part of                                               eisirhat
side, flank, lateral area                                        orhws
middle, center                                                   taeffude
top, peak, summit                                                chutoica
bottom                                                           rhuff
edge                                                             ufaech
inner, internal, interior                                        chishu
outer, exterior, external                                        roidd
limit, boundary                                                  daecwf
find (discover the location of)                                  ife
misplace (lose; become unable to find)                           rhwddatei
direction (orientation of motion)                                ceffoic
up                                                               ddiddaec
down                                                             rorh
north                                                            eichedoi
south                                                            sosh
east                                                             oshec
west                                                             icus
right(-hand)                                                     aetha
left(-hand)                                                      irhei
away (from this or that place)                                   shoifo
back (to previous place / condition)                             ddiddad
inverted, upside-down                                            asatei
backward (in reverse order)                                      aesifid
direct, immediate (with no intermediaries or obstacles)          ddoiddush
serpentine, meandering, convoluted                               addaff
city                                                             thusufae
village                                                          thiffa
rural area, countryside                                          faga
source, origin                                                   ruff
route, path, course                                              eita
destination                                                      oicet
aim (to point/direct X toward Y)                                 rhwco
attract                                                          ffaeff
avoid, evade, keep away from                                     ashaff
barrier, obstacle                                                odwr

                                                  Seite 19
base, node, station (point from which things go or are done)    rhaedd
bring (cause something to come along with one toward a place)   oisheis
capture, seize                                                  rosidoi
carry (move while supporting)                                   faerheith
come, arrive (at indicated place)                               ddaffae
drift, wander                                                   chaegu
drive, impel, propel                                            irag
emit (to send out any form of matter/energy in any manner)      oisheirae
enter, go into                                                  doicush
escape, flee from                                               raef
fly (move through the air)                                      orhe
forward, ahead                                                  ddaethae
gather, collect (bring or come together)                        wdderhw
go (move from starting point to elsewhere)                      ichorae
journey, trip, voyage                                           aethirhi
leave, depart, go away from                                     iddaf
load, burden                                                    ufoidda
meet, encounter, come across                                    affe
miss, fail to hit/reach/see etc.                                ashuceg
move (engage in motion / cause to engage in motion)             wthicush
put, place, translocate                                         dif
reach, extend as far as                                         ode
release (quit keeping/restraining)                              aecaech
remain, stay                                                    cwcoith
repel                                                           esoirhidd
restrain, inhibit, hold back                                    sade
retrieve, fetch (go to X and bring it back)                     oishod
return (go or send back to previous place/condition)            wcae
ride (sit/perch in/on a vehicle/horse/etc. and travel)          offucu
roll (move like a ball/cylinder by turning over and over)       eigoith
send, dispatch, transmit                                        ddoithoif
slide, slip, glide                                              sich
stretch, extend                                                 oichoigad
turn, divert (send in a different direction)                    giddeshae
turn, rotate, revolve                                           achoda
visit                                                           cheiffef
airplane, aircraft                                              goifosoi
bicycle                                                         thaetuddw
boat                                                            eirhw
bus                                                             rhwr
canal, channel, ditch                                           aedoc
car, automobile (wheeled motor vehicle)                         athere
cart, carriage, wagon (wheeled vehicle; not self-propelled)     toth
motorcycle                                                      rhoshaesh
port                                                            gef
railroad                                                        arhacei
road                                                            thoico
rocket                                                          wshoff
ship                                                            ariffas
street                                                          ure
train (of railroad)                                             agae
truck {British: lorry} (motor vehicle for cargo-carrying)       uffufif
vehicle                                                         oresae
age (degree of oldness / youngness)                             def
young (of little age; having existed/lived for a brief time)    rhedw

                                               Seite 20
old (of much age; having existed/lived for a long time)      charh
new, novel, recent (having been known for a brief time)      ecigot
old (of long standing; having been known for a long time)    ochw
permanent, perpetual                                         iffe
constant, invariant, stable                                  ufwchaerh
temporary, transient                                         oitha
interval (quantity of time between events X and Y)           doiffoiri
irregular, sporadic, intermittent                            garurh
regular, periodic (at uniform intervals)                     eidu
rhythm                                                       gado
time (e.g. "do it 3 times"), occasion, instance, iteration   teffws
again, once more, re-                                        wgeth
alternate, take turns (do X then Y then X then Y)            ofathoif
cycle (one complete performance of a periodic process)       ereroi
frequency (degree of oftenness or seldomness)                wrhoi
frequently, often                                            choithoch
seldom, rarely                                               eife
duration (amount of time consumed)                           echoicho
long (of much duration)                                      ofadarh
short, brief (of little duration)                            athaesh
gradual                                                      aedae
sudden, abrupt                                               shaereid
begin, commence, start                                       eiddwr
continue, keep on doing/being                                ofarhi
pause, hesitate, suspend action temporarily                  wragw
end, conclude, finish                                        goith
cease, stop doing, quit                                      caetaech
delay, retard, tarry, postpone                               ere
rush, hurry, hasten                                          wffoirhw
period, era, epoch                                           roirhaet
moment, an instant                                           ffoddoff
always (at all times)                                        eiffatei
ever (at any time)                                           thucheisa
never                                                        esho
time (the dimension/continuum of past-present-future)        oidaef
past (the p~), earlier time                                  thirheigae
present (the present time; the now)                          oshuto
future (the f~)                                              theithaesh
already (prior to the time mentioned)                        teirhae
still, yet (even until the time mentioned)                   rheisha
yesterday                                                    effwsiff
today                                                        twsw
tomorrow                                                     uchae
long ago (in the far past)                                   chet
recently (in the near past)                                  eigoseiff
now (at this time)                                           erif
soon (in the near future)                                    taroi
eventually (in the far future)                               aededdoi
early, premature                                             sidushoi
timely, prompt, on time                                      oicudag
late, tardy                                                  wsoiddor
speed, velocity (degree of fastness or slowness)             thuffu
quickly, rapidly, swiftly (with much speed)                  ffeir
slowly (with little speed)                                   dufae
series (a number of similar things following one another)    userh

                                                  Seite 21
sequence, order (temporal arrangement of events in a series)           ore
last, final (after all others)                                         isheich
prior, preceding, previous, contra-next                                ffog
next (coming immediately after; "tomorrow" = the next day)             oirhudd
season                                                                 oiro
spring (the season)                                                    ufi
summer                                                                 faefuffa
autumn, fall                                                           esifa
winter                                                                 rheitaeg
century                                                                ocisa
year                                                                   othoigoi
month                                                                  aege
week                                                                   oicetae
day (24-hour period)                                                   wruch
date (coordinates of a day given in some timekeeping system)           soid
day (daytime -- as opposed to night), diurnal period                   aeffaefi
night                                                                  theis
morning (dawn to noon)                                                 ddeit
noon                                                                   shogath
afternoon (noon to dusk)                                               oireig
evening (dusk to midnight)                                             shaedaef
midnight                                                               orhei
graveyard shift, middle of the night (midnight to dawn)                taechaedd
hour (60 minutes)                                                      ffaffedd
minute (60 seconds)                                                    tacheig
second (1/60th of a minute)                                            ogat
holiday                                                                aefaffag
sabbath (day of week with religious significance)                      eishae
wait (for), await                                                      thwddwff
air                                                                    firuch
alcohol                                                                efeshaech
ash                                                                    asothis
brass (copper-zinc alloy)                                              feich
carbon                                                                 ffeireic
chalk                                                                  oicoiddag
chemical (substance made by or used in chemistry)                      wffich
clay                                                                   eshoiddodd
cloth, fabric (material made of threads)                               fforirhe
coal                                                                   thaerithoi
copper                                                                 achoi
dirt, earth (tangible), soil                                           shwsheir
dust                                                                   gaddwch
element (substance of irreducible simplicity)                          osegwr
fat (oily/greasy material from animal adipose tissue or plant seeds)   isoset
fuel                                                                   roreichw
glass                                                                  thuroi
gold (the precious metal)                                              arirog
ice                                                                    chocoffi
ink                                                                    teisaeddei
iron                                                                   eiddishw
jade (the tough green gemstone)                                        rutae
jewel, gem                                                             chut
lead (the metal)                                                       aerir
leather (prepared hide)                                                wtoiddu
medicine (substance that makes one healthy)                            chirith

                                                  Seite 22
metal                                                            eichaco
mineral, ore                                                     aesheid
mud                                                              rhwchuth
neon                                                             ogoi
nitrogen                                                         aereishu
oil (a combustible fatty liquid that will not mix with water)    oithodoith
oil (crude oil), petroleum                                       thoigasi
oxygen                                                           echoigei
paint                                                            cacoido
paper                                                            ucwsu
plastic (synthetic/processed moldable material)                  didwdei
poison, toxin                                                    eishaeddaet
potassium                                                        cheddo
quartz                                                           cuco
rock, stone                                                      are
rubber                                                           shochei
salt                                                             oisirhwsh
sand                                                             offucw
silk                                                             sorhi
silver (the metal)                                               echir
soap                                                             fiche
sodium                                                           ochir
steam                                                            eirhaef
steel                                                            choira
sulfur                                                           shotheiso
tar (dark viscous liquid obtained by destructive distillation)   uthoshu
tin (the metal)                                                  ddwsut
water                                                            eithad
wax                                                              chasha
wood (the substance)                                             irwddeir
wool                                                             esaef
beer                                                             wfoich
bitter                                                           diff
bread                                                            rheitich
butter                                                           ffocerh
cheese                                                           choroi
chocolate                                                        oiddiff
flavor, taste                                                    aechuchudd
flour (grain-powder)                                             ddiddefu
food                                                             uddwdu
honey                                                            shusasei
milk                                                             rich
pasta, noodles                                                   ofodd
pizza                                                            oitidic
salad                                                            shaffoith
sandwich                                                         oicorhet
sausage                                                          urhaesh
soup                                                             oireiffuth
sour                                                             cheiddig
spice, seasoning                                                 shoffoith
sugar                                                            cuthe
sweet                                                            ddegaff
vinegar                                                          ashwch
wine                                                             cote
arch                                                             fwc

                                                     Seite 23
band, tape, flat strip                                          udeffa
block (solid flat-surfaced mass of material)                    wcifei
branch (small part going out from main part)                    acheiffoif
bump, protrusion                                                daerifo
card (stiff rectangle of material)                              orhesh
circle                                                          fwcheiddw
coil                                                            cheffo
cone                                                            ruch
crack, fissure                                                  dwthoi
cross (perpendicular intersection of linear items)              ageirhoi
crystal                                                         ffarheig
cube                                                            thorh
curve                                                           fogae
cylinder                                                        ariro
dent, nick, indentation                                         chaffuchae
disk, disc                                                      wdo
drop (of liquid)                                                dud
film (very thin layer)                                          icara
flared (opening up or spreading out from axis)                  ffaec
foam, froth                                                     ffeitwf
form, shape                                                     riff
furrow, rut, groove                                             araeffw
garbage, trash, rubbish                                         icoicoi
gas                                                             aerw
helix (any corkscrew-shaped object)                             iffaecwth
hole                                                            rhoitwdd
jelly (gelatinous semi-solid material), gel                     gifoi
juice (fluid extracted from something)                          oshaefa
layer                                                           caeg
line (series of contiguous points)                              coiffois
liquid                                                          secit
loop, circuit, closed curve                                     wfoirheth
lump, clod, blob, piece of no particular shape                  techo
mark (visible traces left behind)                               thaegwrhe
matter, material, substance                                     wgacur
object (concrete tangible thing)                                oroi
opening, orifice                                                eicasheig
oval, ellipse                                                   derhagw
parallel                                                        addae
paste (any thick soft dough-like material)                      oithecedd
pattern (apparent systematic interrelationship)                 defi
pile, heap, stack of things or of a substance                   gwtei
plane (flat surface)                                            itaedd
plug, seal, stopper                                             aegochi
powder                                                          oithigi
pyramid                                                         thoiduddu
ray                                                             wtarach
rectangle                                                       osw
ring, torus                                                     duteishe
rust, corrosion                                                 efoddi
scratch                                                         ffochagei
sheath                                                          wduch
sheet (thin rectangle of paper/cloth/etc.)                      chaerh
shower, sprinkle                                                rhash
smoke                                                           ffudeffw

                                                     Seite 24
solid (not a gas or liquid)                                    rhoth
sphere                                                         ddagwdu
spike, barb, cleat, thorn                                      urhoirwrh
spiral, whorl                                                  aeddwgaed
square                                                         oter
stripe                                                         ffoifa
surface                                                        wffu
swelling, inflation                                            oigaesuc
tapered (becoming narrower toward an end)                      ffoit
thread, filament                                               cechaffi
triangle                                                       ffichaeffa
wave                                                           wtoff
wedge                                                          idath
wrinkle, crease                                                ututudd
flat, planar                                                   feffwch
level, even (on the same level)                                rocha
smooth                                                         ufeich
rough, coarse, contra-smooth                                   wdeth
straight (not bent)                                            ochaerei
bent                                                           ddadu
pure, unadulterated, uncontaminated                            ceiddeff
clean                                                          ruf
dirty, contra-clean                                            ffasech
open (not shut)                                                cete
closed, shut                                                   oifetha
wet                                                            giddeitho
dry                                                            asaecis
sharp, keen, pointy, acute                                     wgoif
dull, blunt (of little sharpness)                              cecha
soft, malleable, yielding to pressure                          saefi
hard, firm, resistant to pressure                              sheifaer
flexible (easily able to bend)                                 aeric
stiff, rigid                                                   oiddetedd
elastic (able to regain shape/size after deformation)          iddichae
durable, resilient, robust, strong (in this sense)             toigwshe
fragile, delicate                                              duchat
weight (degree of heaviness or lightness)                      taro
heavy (of much weight)                                         shataerh
light (of little weight)                                       rhocoi
solid (contra-hollow)                                          dosuff
hollow                                                         foddaddw
snug (just large enough to contain X), tight (in this sense)   geseff
loose (contra-snug), baggy                                     adda
taut, tight, tense, strained                                   aceffa
loose (contra-taut), slack                                     wduff
viscous, thick (of high viscosity)                             swchu
runny, thin (of little viscosity)                              ffaesicha
absorb                                                         echirho
adhere (hold tightly to / stick to something)                  eraecoit
beat (repeatedly hit), batter                                  oitheiffud
blow (move/cause to move as a current of gas)                  aerhisi
boil                                                           fwsarh
bounce, rebound                                                serae
break (into pieces)                                            chusaro
build (join materials to create), construct                    itusho

                                                    Seite 25
burn                                                        shetig
burst                                                       ifafaef
consume, deplete, expend, exhaust, use up                   iddocho
contain                                                     thorhoidd
crush (press on so as to break or re-shape)                 fis
cut                                                         gaeta
dig                                                         oidudeif
dissolve                                                    chacag
evaporate                                                   swcheti
explode                                                     echoi
float                                                       sheidaer
flow (travel in a current)                                  seiraedae
fold                                                        rheifoidei
freeze                                                      etha
grind                                                       faedoi
hang, suspend, dangle                                       aedi
hit, strike                                                 fwr
melt                                                        thaeshaedd
mix, blend                                                  seiffei
pollute, contaminate                                        ricet
pour (cause to flow)                                        soiddeidoi
preserve, maintain (keep X in good condition)               asaerhus
press (do pressure to; push upon with weight or force)      ddadd
pry {British: prize} (raise/open/move with a lever)         reis
pull (draw something toward oneself)                        sedic
push (press on something in order to move it)               offeiffuch
rot, decay                                                  arhwthe
rub, abrade                                                 achaeddo
sew                                                         oigu
shake                                                       rifaff
shoot (cause to rapidly go forth)                           aeroised
sink                                                        ffeifoch
spill (accidentally emit liquid)                            iffei
spread (begin to cover or cause X to cover more area)       wffocuff
stab, jab                                                   rheishois
stir, agitate                                               shitw
suck                                                        wthoirei
sweep                                                       taerwt
tear, rip                                                   eitw
tie, bind                                                   wrhathaeg
trim, prune (cut off ragged edges)                          aru
wash                                                        oshichadd
weave                                                       shwrhu
wrap                                                        ucwdd
acid(ic)                                                    oisheich
alkaline                                                    doshaca
atom                                                        echodaec
balance, equilibrium                                        goicodde
basis, foundation (part which supports the rest)            oiffae
electricity                                                 ogaeffo
energy                                                      eisesh
fire                                                        ifforhiff
force                                                       affwfeiff
gravity                                                     arwch
magnet                                                      aeti

                                                 Seite 26
molecule                                                    idi
power                                                       chutaeshe
smell, odor, aroma                                          aeforh
strength (ability to exert physical power)                  dwc
stroke, jolt, blow of force                                 oishocath
vacuum                                                      ceidi
vapor, mist                                                 thidethu
polarity (electric, magnetic, etc.)                         dutw
positive                                                    effeiffu
negative                                                    shaeffoic
gentle, mild                                                rheig
violent, harsh                                              gaerh
see                                                         wthic
light (visible electro-magnetic radiation)                  chedw
color                                                       shaech
shadow, shade                                               aerhof
shine (radiate light)                                       aechaeceis
picture, image                                              ffaeteith
bright (with much light present)                            aedaec
dark, dim (with little light present)                       ithw
black                                                       chof
gray {British: grey}                                        aerhagerh
white                                                       ddarheithi
red                                                         radd
orange (having a hue between red and yellow)                egoi
yellow                                                      ufi
green                                                       eirhae
blue                                                        rhwrh
purple                                                      oigeite
brown                                                       faesuse
beautiful                                                   eshud
ugly                                                        deit
ornament, decoration                                        thefur
blemish, blot                                               doso
hide, conceal                                               oiffechae
reveal, disclose                                            choise
examine, inspect                                            cwffudd
show, exhibit, display                                      icoir
sound (audible waves in the air)                            oiddoig
silent                                                      ffudd
quiet, soft, faint (of little sonic intensity)              iffeigoidd
loud (of much sonic intensity)                              athudoi
hear                                                        offoi
music                                                       eirhush
tone, pitch (frequency of sound waves)                      athidoff
whistle                                                     oiffeidoi
temperature (relative amount of heat present)               thoffa
heat, warmth                                                rhafw
cold, chilly, frigid                                        raffois
cool                                                        oshae
warm                                                        eddeifo
hot                                                         iroff
bake (cook or harden by means of dry heat)                  thwshi
cook (prepare by applying heat)                             ffidacei
happen, occur                                               ffoir

                                                 Seite 27
accident (unintentional and unexpected event)            geig
miracle                                                  seiddeidd
disaster, catastrophe                                    sifae
act, deed                                                erhoshodd
activity, bustle, ado                                    uruffaef
result, consequence                                      edudd
agree                                                    aeshiffae
fight, combat                                            wteff
protect, defend                                          shaegerh
attack                                                   thifw
good                                                     wfiffa
bad                                                      chashad
category, classification                                 reseif
kind, sort, type, variety (of...)                        ceiroit
certain, sure                                            ddeith
probable (likely to happen/be)                           eiddw
cooperate, collaborate                                   seshish
compete, strive, vie                                     fwddorhi
help, assist, aid                                        wtefi
interfere, hinder                                        oidurh
succeed                                                  chaecwdo
fail                                                     ffoffoi
simple                                                   irhaedd
complex                                                  ateshag
condition, state, status                                 wriffa
create, make (bring into existence)                      rheig
destroy (contra-create; cause to cease existing)         oishad
safety, security                                         fudd
danger (situation in which harm is probable)             rhufo
easy                                                     ddachoidde
difficult, hard                                          cudifu
true                                                     daerucw
false, untrue                                            ffeirhoch
famous                                                   ddeff
obscure, unheard of                                      eshefeich
injure, damage, harm                                     effo
repair, fix                                              usoitho
flaw, defect, imperfection                               chufu
native (naturally belonging to a given realm)            rhid
chief, main, primary, principal                          ddotodu
auxiliary                                                tirh
normal, ordinary, usual                                  iturhei
strange, weird, unusual, peculiar                        ffaecheishw
trouble, difficulty                                      oiruddo
real, actual                                             thaerhw
trick, chicanery                                         rathotoi
right, correct                                           tosheisha
wrong, incorrect                                         wdu
reside, dwell, live                                      dath
camp, bivouac, temporary shelter                         ffocaesh
nest, den, lair (an animal's self-made house)            sudoidd
represent (act as a substitute for)                      sathada
substitute, surrogate (temporary replacement)            othos
replacement (permanent substitute/substitution)          irae
common, general (shared by all members of a group)       ffad

                                              Seite 28
specific, special, particular                                 thufush
ability, capacity (to do something)                           caetae
artificial (deliberately made by humans)                      ogara
automatic                                                     ffochugae
chance, randomicity, luck                                     ofei
civilization                                                  fithoi
clear, plain (easy to see/understand)                         addeithei
compromise                                                    chatharhw
consist of, be composed of                                    oiroddi
depend on, rely on                                            ofaegig
deserve, merit, be worthy of                                  urhoif
detail                                                        erochic
equal                                                         ddaffaefw
evil                                                          afforho
exact, precise                                                caeceish
example, sample                                               dot
exercise, practice (effort made to improve skills/health)     sogaeffw
experiment                                                    ichochar
fertile                                                       ces
harmony (pleasing combination of stimuli)                     wdeidae
just, fair, equitable                                         odae
match (a thing suitably associated with another)              goiffw
method, manner, way (of doing), technique                     satwffi
mutual, reciprocal                                            shaeff
naked, nude, exposed (without the usual cover)                ichefa
necessary, needed, required                                   cheth
need, require                                                 feirhoic
possible (able to happen or be done)                          iceidi
prevent (keep from happening)                                 aeturhoish
process, procedure                                            orha
program                                                       dutheigi
progress, advancement                                         eiffi
project, undertaking, venture                                 ota
proof, evidence                                               wcoidd
quality, trait, attribute, characteristic                     ari
ready, prepared for a task / event                            theceish
relationship, association                                     sorho
right (a right to do/be ...)                                  aethae
role (an individual's function)                               oshe
save, rescue                                                  ceichoire
species                                                       ofaffoiff
suitable, proper, fit(ting), appropriate                      dwddef
system                                                        uteshae
task, chore, job, assignment                                  urhusig
technology                                                    addoi
tendency, propensity, inclination                             etid
try, attempt, endeavor                                        wshi
use, utilize                                                  ifwgei
vogue, trend, fad, fashion                                    raed
waste, misuse                                                 aeshwd
wild, feral, untamed                                          ddus
work, effort, labor, toil                                     tochoish
riot                                                          taeshwtei
science                                                       tofwcu
serve (provide service to)                                    shwshae

                                                   Seite 29
set (complete group of similar items)              shaechaes
strike (work stoppage as protest)                  ddoitucw
support                                            wtuchi
test, check                                        uceff
torture, torment                                   ifferh

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