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									Writing Your Own Meaningful Wedding Vows

When you start talking weddings the most frequently asked question is probably
something to do with the type of dress the bride is planning to wear. All of your
girlfriends ask if you have chosen your dress yet, what style of dress you're looking for,
how you're going to wear your hair, and so on.

 Everyone asks to see the ring and the question the type of wedding band that you will
choose. The groom-to-be is completely overlooked in this type of conversation,
although his money minded friends might proffer advice about the importance of getting
a pre-nuptial agreement signed. Comments about the cost of raising and educating
your future offspring also abound.

 Where and when you will say "I do" to each other is alto high on the list of things most
frequently asked when you announce your engagement and intent to marry in the near
or not so near future. There is much discourse about the size of the wedding and the
venue, and inevitably the bride and groom have to face the fact that they cannot please

 Many of the choices a couple make when planning their wedding will inevitably be
dependent upon their financial situation. Another factor will relate to how important it is
to them to make their wedding day truly memorable, unique and special.

One thing that few people ask is whether you plan to write your own wedding vows.
The nearest one usually gets to this line of enquiry relates to the matter of inclusion or
otherwise of that word "obey"; this is usually said more as a joking comment than asked
as a serious question.

 Surely though the most important aspect of your wedding and the most unique to you
as a couple is your intent and commitment to each other. What does getting married
mean to you? What do you want to say to each other as an individual as opposed to
simply repeating generic terms that you haven't really even thought about?

 Writing your own wedding vows doesn't cost any money. It is something that every
couple can do. It is the most special and significant way of sealing your commitment to
each other.

 In publicly stating your own specifically chosen wedding vows to each other it means
so much more than just repeating a few standard terms. Ultimately, it does the same
job in that you end up married, but to write your own vows adds immeasurably to the
meaningfulness of your own commitment.

 There are inevitably certain legal articles of marriage that will need to be included in
your ceremony. Your chosen vows may indeed end up very similar to those of another
persons, but to take the time to write your vows together is a beautiful way in which you
can bond with each other more closely and clarify your true and heartfelt commitment to
each other.

This is after all what a marriage means. Your vows to each other are what a wedding is
all about.

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