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Wedding Ideas - Wedding Proposal Ideas


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									Wedding Ideas - Wedding Proposal Ideas

Everyone is looking for wedding ideas but imagine you are finally going to propose to
the girl of your dreams so you will want to make the occasion special and do something
that will be memorable. You can get the best ideas from the person you love and the
things they love to do most. If they are into films, you could take them to a movie and
then pop the big question right in the theater or if you want something private, you could
just cook a nice dinner and pop the question at a warm cozy time.

Taking your loved one away for a nice vacation is a good way to make that proposal as
well. If you want romantic destinations then Paris, Prague, or Venice are nice romantic
destinations that can help you get the job done well. Why not take the climb up to Eiffel
tower and ask the question or book a Gondola in Venice and pop that question just at
the right time?

If you are into food then you can use a related approach for such an occasion. Book a
restaurant that is known for its good food and great service. You could add a nice twist
by making the chef hide the ring in the desert plate or you could ask the chef to write a
note right on the edge of the plate in chocolate.

Many people are not that comfortable with great shows of public affection and if you are
that kind of a person you could make that occasion private and be comfortable with it.
You could prepare a dinner for your loved one and turn on the music. This could create
the perfect ambiance for you to get in the mood.

There are also some other ways of proposing that might be funny. You could simply
hide the proposal in a fortune cookie and give it to your loved. Or maybe if you are
traveling by a plane and you could ask the captain to make the announcement over the
loud speaker. Moreover, you could persuade the local cinema to play your proposal as
an advertisement before the movie. Another interesting idea would be to write a song
and ask the local radio station to play it for you. All these techniques would add a nice
bit of fun to your proposals. Another way to add fun to your proposal would be to start a
little treasure hunt in which clues would follow one after the other. The ending revelation
of course would be the marriage proposal. After that, you can indulge all the wedding
planning ideas since you have gotten through the original hurdle.

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