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Wedding floral preservation


									Wedding floral preservation

First What is "freeze dried floral preservation" is all about?

 The bouquet is distinguished, is supported by a digital photograph, every flower
dehydrated, treated with a special solution and then frozen and stored until the freeze
dry equipment ready for the next cycle. Once the flowers are loaded, they will remain in
the chamber for 12 to 14 days. The whole process takes 8 to 12 weeks. Quite simply,
the freeze-drying preservation process, flowers, fruits and vegetables is taking a very
deep freeze, 20 degrees below zero plus. Will be frozen once a vacuum is created,
which are all of the water in the form of steam from the main chamber in a separate
chamber. This process is repeated to remove 99% of moisture

Second If this method preserves the shape and color of the original flower?

Yes, this is the only method that nature in form and color of the flower holds. Recently
Goodhousekeeping and NBC Dateline rated freeze-drying the best preservation method
available today.

Third If the bride market, much of the floral preservation company?

 It's safe. A wedding is a very special time in a women's life, and we understand how
important it is that everything be perfect. We help them to that special time and
re-capture the memories every time they see their freeze-dried flower arrangements

4th Do people have other reasons to preserve flowers and events?

 The person has participated in some form of floral preservation since the beginning of
time. Today we use computer-controlled equipment to maintain the best results to
achieve, but the reasons people want to have to keep flowers are not changed. Saving
"memory" is of special eventssomething we have done for ages and special events are
often marked by the presence of flowers, weddings, anniversary's, births, even death is
remembered with flowers. Its just natural that people want to preserve their special
memories with preserved flowers. We give them the opportunity to work with our
product. Freeze-dried flowers are also an excellent alternative to artificial flowers so we
will also offer a home decor and gift line later this fall.

 5th How you chose to go for the size or type of container that will look right with the
size and style of bouquet?

 The rule of thumb is the kind of bouquet-style. A hand-tied round or teardrop-shaped
bouquet looks best on the square shadow box shape. Work for a small bouquet of
12x12 is for medium to large for the 16x16 and 20x20, the large to very large. If budget
is an important consideration, we can draw some flowers from the bouquet and create a
wonderful 9x9 Shadow Box. Cascading bouquets for the rectangular shapes work best
for small 17x 20 and 22x26 for large bouquets. We can also on the size of a bouquet of
flowers to keep the shape, but to allow us to put it in a smaller display. Most styles
display work in a dome. We recommend that a reservation made at least three weeks
before the wedding date and held with a deposit $ 100. No decision will be made on the
container at this time.

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