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Cover letter (DOC download)


									April 8, 2012

Subject:       Loan scholarship Application Forms Package

Here is the package containing information on MESARG Educational Trust, an Application form and a
Loan Repayment Agreement. You will need to print these documents.

We want to bring to your notice that this is only a loan scholarship. The intent is to supplement your
funds, only as needed, so that you can attend to your studies without any distractions. When your
studies are complete and you are financially able, you should pay back this interest-free loan as soon
as possible so that more students like you can get funds at the time of their need

Please fill out the Application and the Agreement fully and attach

1.   your most recent passport size photograph (in the space provided)
2.   your current resume (biographical sketch).
3.   a copy of your admission letter that indicates
          The field of study
          The degree objective
          The date on which your studies are scheduled to start

If you have copies of any recommendation letters or any other material to support your application,
please include it here. Please make sure that you SIGN the documents and return these to the
address below.

Our selection committee will then carefully review only the completed application along with any
supporting material provided. The trust will accept the committee’s selection as final.

If you are selected, we will contact you immediately. You will need to advise us of your address in US
where the check should be sent. You should receive the check in the amount of the loan scholarship in
about two weeks after you confirm your arrival at this address.

You can help the process by sending the completed forms and any available accompanying materials
in softcopy format to the e-Mail address above. But until we get the original forms complete with all
the information, photograph and your signature, we cannot issue you the check.


Mary Ellen Sierra
MESARG Educational Trust

         Information on the Educational Trust
         Loan Scholarship Application Form
         Loan Repayment Agreement Form

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                                                                                       -Albert Einstein

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